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iPhone 4 Accessories: Bumper Case Shortages

If you have pre-ordered your iPhone 4 you may have also purchased the iPhone 4 bumper accessory, this rubber and plastic case sits snuggly around the outer-edge of your iPhone 4, and should help protect your smartphone from damage.

IntoMobile are reporting that the bumper case sales have been extremely high, so much so that ship dates on some color cases are being pushed back by weeks, even as far away as July 16th.

It could be that Apple have given these distant shipping dates to cover their back, therefore don’t be surprised if these are brought forward in the coming days.

The shortage of bumper cases signifies that iPhone 4 pre-orders have been massive, not only this but it seems as if consumers are keen to keep their iPhone 4 in pristine condition with an iPhone 4 bumper, I don’t blame them.

Have you pre-ordered your iPhone 4? If so, did you buy a bumper case?

Source: IntoMobile


  • luluphoenix

    Pre-ordered my iPhone 4 on the 15th at 4:30am, unfortunately didnt think about the bumper until a few days later when the color I REALLY wanted isnt going to be available until mid July. I ordered a Black (avail. June 24th) and a Pink, which will ship later… Originally my pink bumpers shipping date WAS July 2nd, but because of an ordering error on apples part I had to re-order, and the date was moved up.

  • Sean

    I wish they would release non-pastel versions of these colors. They would look much better on the black iPhone 4.

  • Interesting that you can only see what they look like on the phone that is not for sale, don't think some of those colors will look anywhere near as nice on the black iphone.


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