HTC Desire: U.S Release Date in August

By Alan Ng - Jun 17, 2010

We have some great news for HTC fans in the U.S now, as the company has just confirmed that the popular HTC Desire handset will be making its way to you sometime in August.

As reported from BGR, HTC confirmed the news on their website. While we definitely know that the Android 2.1 handset will be coming, we still don’t know what carriers the device will land on.

It seems as if HTC are being mysteriously quiet on the carrier on choice – or it could even be multiple carriers too. Speculation is pointing to US Cellular, while T-Mobile and AT&T have also been mentioned.

Are you looking forward to the release of the Desire in the U.S? What carrier do you want it to land on? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Bill

    Ntelo's blow Att away and has it so cool

  • Khalil

    I hate to burst bubbles but this phone is known as the G2 in america and in other countries it is called the desire z I wanted it just as much as you guys did sorry

  • Alltel_Survivor

    It's "rumored" to become available by the holiday season for those of us still hanging in with Alltel.



  • skiman

    Its coming to US Cellualr

  • U.S. Cellular needs this phone SO God-damned badly. All you AT&T and T-Mobile users are complaining about your small selection of Android phones. Ha. At least you have them. We have ONE mega-shitty Samsung Android device.

    But, I guess I shouldn't be complaining, since it's been confirmed that it's coming to USCC. Haha. We win. Go us. USCC rocks. Best coverage ever, awesome customer support, and overall a pretty bad-ass company. Now we'll have a bad-ass phone and maybe people will finally realize that the big four aren't so fabulous.

    Oh, and I'm totally getting this thing like the day it comes out. My worse-than-shit LG UX-260 (Which is Sprint's Rumor) is deteriorating as we speak. It no longer charges, the keyboard rarely works, and it shuts itself off randomly all the time. So glad that we're finally getting some Android phones 🙂

  • anonymous

    Verizon would be the ideal choice. There are so many unhappy people at ATT. A good phone is all the motivation I would need to make the switch I've been wanting to do all along.

  • Heather

    US Cellular needs to the HTC Desire for those of us who are perfectly happy with US Cellular's service but would like to have an iPhone but have no 'Desire" to change services!

  • Elbow

    The Desire is a much needed phone for AT&T users. Besides the iPhone, AT&T has really lacked quality phones and this would be a fantastic addition, especially if they lose their exclusivity through Apple!

  • AT&T Customer

    AT&T should get the Desire because I'm an AT&T customer who does NOT want the Iphone. I'm a Droid fan and the Aria is cool, but i really want the Desire.

  • Kevin

    Personally, I would love to have this phone with no brand, I heard you can buy it now! It's unlocked and It can work with all U.S carrier's 3g networks and international networks at once.. You can get the rooted or the Telstra Rom booted. It's a little pricey for the US 3g versions. But for all of you that didn't get the phone on your service try this site.

  • Angie

    HTC Desire to AT&T please. AT&T needs more android phones!

  • Cee

    US Cellular has confirmed they are going to release the HTC Desire in August

  • Purchased a brand new Desire about a month ago as a company cellphone however am very disappointed , firstly i would have about 900 contacts on my previous XDA and was able to view by business or personal, not so on Desire only by individual which is of no use particularly with no search option either. Android 2.2 is intended to have search facility however not different view option launch date seems to differ each time . Battery pretty good approx 18 hrs medium usage. Wireless bluetooth poor, paired with parrott car kit ok for day or so however won’t connect even by unpairing and pairing new, same problem with bluetooth headset……..any ideas

  • thomman

    A good quality Android phone is needed for AT & T. So I dont have to switch to verizon . Please.

  • Wil

    HTC Desire needs to released with a big carrier rather than US Cellular. US Cellular is nowhere located in the North East.

    • Ryan

      USCC is the largest carrier besides Verizon in New England. I am from Maine and they have the best signal and coverage area for talk and 3g. They have crappy customer service though. Verizon for the win!

  • Max

    My family just switched plans from sprint to AT&T, My phone information is currently stored on a dummy card, because I'm sure as hell not going to get an Iphone. I would spend 1000 dollars to get the desire now and I will wait till Christmas without a phone just to have this one. (I know I could buy it now but currently 3G doesn't work on those phones so there is no point)

  • JBrooks

    US Cellular needs this phone more then any other carrier. Best plans that include minutes nationwide but don't have an exclusive phone to help bring in customers. This may help with the arguement that they always get the hand-me-down phones from the top four. Us cell needs to crack into the top 4 their customer service is supperior to all others.

  • Melonee

    HTC desire needs to come to AT&T…………………

    • Chris

      It really does, that or the Desire HD. at&t has Absolutly No phones; besides a Shotty iPhone 4 that fails entirely without a case. at&t Needs more Android.

  • Alexis

    Imma keep my fingers crossed for T-Mobile, that would be fantastic if it went to that carrier!!!

  • Mike

    USCC and Desire -early July. Working out last few bugs now.

    • Dennis

      Not supposed to get release until AUG now

  • Douglas Hoyos

    I agree Tmobile USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dandapani

    Need this phone on T-Mobile USA ASAP PDQ!!!

  • RPK

    T-mobile is my hope & guess! We need some more HTC phones on our service plans.

  • Bradley

    Uh, actually the Desire has been CONFIRMED on USCC, they are product testing, have the listing, and the works, its not speculation.

  • tyson

    Us cell all the way

  • Greg

    If it comes to AT&T it will be my next phone.

  • Jake

    I agree with Ryan. The iPhone is not what I am looking for. This, however, is. I hope it lands on AT&T's network.

  • Ryan

    Please release it on AT&T. We need a high powered android phone for people that don't care for the iPhone.