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Gears of War 3: Ice-T part of the crew – Twitter

A while ago a rumor began circulating which suggested that rapper Ice-T may have something to do with Gears of War 3, well we can now confirm that this rumor was in fact true.

This was revealed by MajorNelson on his Twitter page, his tweet was posted an hour ago and read “Just introduced Ice-T as part of the Gears Of War 3 cast” followed by a link to this twitpic.

Full details regarding Ice-T’s character are currently unknown, however we can at least confirm that he will be the voice of a character by the name of Griffin.

This is not the first rapper to be featuring in Gears of War 3, apparently rapper/hip-hop star Drake will be the voice of Jace Stratton, a completely new soldier to Gears, however was mentioned in the last game.



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