Fathers Day 2010: Gadget Gift Ideas

Fathers Day is just days away and there could not be a better time to get him a gift he deserves. You cold go ahead and get him some of the hottest gadgets at the moment – such as a new Sony PS3 Slim or even an Xbox 360 Arcade bundle for just $99 from Walmart, which we discussed in a recent post.

However, if you love your father as much as you do then why not get him his card on the day, Sunday, June 20, 2010. Then you could tell him that you have a special gift coming for him. So what could you get him? Well you could go over the top and pre-order a new iPhone 4 for him – although you will have to wait until July 2 as all pre-order sales have been met.

If your dad is into his gaming then why not let him wait that little bit longer for the new Xbox 360 Slim. This new games console from Microsoft is smaller, quieter and faster than the original model and even comes with built-in wireless.

If that does not appeal to you, then how about the HTC EVO 4G or Droid Incredible? Yes both will cost several hundred dollars – but surely your father is worth it? These are just a handful of gadgets that I am certain that your dad will like, if you have any other ideas then please let our readers know.



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