External Battery for MacBook Air: New and improved

By Gary Johnson - Jun 17, 2010

Owners of the MacBook Air laptop can now get a new and improved external battery for their device. The new version of the Apple Juicz can now be charged with the MagSafe power adapter that is provided with the MacBook Air.

Developed by QuickerTek the battery is the first and only one to have two female USB ports. And as it uses the charger that comes with the MacBook Air, users will not need an extra AC power adapter to carry around them.

The battery is a high capacity 9400 mAh, which can be recharged over 2000 times, and comes with a one year parts and labor warranty. The device has some advanced features such as; circuitry for fail-safe protection, and a fuel gauge indicator that tells how much power is left in the battery. There are also temperature control and charge/discharge rates monitoring.

The new third generation Apple Juicz External Battery for the MacBook Air is $399.95, and available from the QuickerTek website and resellers like Tekserve.

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  • Wayne Williams

    QuickerTek will rip you off. Google QuickerTek reviews before you buy anything from them. Complaints are prolific. I purchased the Quickertek wireless usb transceiver (part #27xvr-usb) which is totally worthless. It first connected then disconnected. It became extremely hot and their software caused my computer to crash. When I demanded a refund, they relied on the “terms of sale” accompanying the shipment which only provides “store credit”. My attorney advises that they may be in violation of the Magnusen – Moss Warranty Act (Federal Lemon Law) and I’m going after these charlatans.