Deadly ‘Star Wars Lightsabre’ sold in UK: Burning Capabilities

By Peter Chubb - Jun 17, 2010

For any Star Wars fan the ultimate piece of memorabilia would be to own a working lightsaber – so the news that the UK will start to sell a device like this Jedi weapon will be great news for them. However, this has caused a lot of controversy as the Spyder III Pro Arctic has huge health implications.

This latest gadget is said to be one thousands times more powerful than the sun is on our skin – giving it the title as the most dangerous laser device yet. The most powerful wicked laser produces a 405nm beam, the lightsaber device produces 445nm blue 1W beam – that’s 4 thousands times more powerful.

Petra Vesela from TopNews United States reports that the gadget has got high burning capabilities – much more than any wicked laser on the market. This has got the attention of Trading Standards; they have serious concerns and warns against purchasing it.

The Spyder III Pro Arctic cots £135, Star Wars fans have already started to pre-order them – we just hope that they will be responsible with them. Do you think that this kind of Lightsaber should be banned?

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  • The article exaggerates the laser's power in several ways.
    1) It won't set skin ablaze, but it will burn you in the sense that you will say "ouch!"
    2) It is 4000 times *brighter* (not more powerful) than the 405 nm laser, which is
    also NOT the next most powerful laser that they sell. This one is only 5 times more
    powerful than the next most powerful one they sell. It's brighter mostly because of
    the color, not the power.

  • bilbo

    How are people going to be responsible with it? What reasons other than burning people are you going to buy an expensive and overly powerful laser sword thing? Ridiculous

  • Banned

    No question about it. either that or it should only be sold to people in official star wars fan clubs. Or kids will get hold of them and cause mayhem.