Xbox 360 Slim Problems: Scratches Discs when Moved

By Alan Ng - Jun 16, 2010

The Xbox 360 Slim console hasn’t even been released yet, but we are already hearing about one potentially major issue with the console. A video put up after Microsoft’s E3 keynote event shows what happens when you move the console with a disc inside.

The video was taken by Destructoid, who managed to get some close-up time with the new console right after Microsoft’s keynote.

Destructoid tested the new console out with a fresh copy of Alan Wake. For some reason, one of their team moved the console, presumably to get a quick look at something on the back. What happened next is pretty obvious by watching the video below.

Moving the new Xbox 360 while a disc was inside completely destroyed it and who knows what damage it did to the internal components of the device. Just listen to the sound the disc makes when it happens.

Microsoft were quickly on the scene and stated ‘Yeah, you can’t do that’. Apparently, there is a sticker on the front of the console, which warns users of this exact problem – I guess Destructoid didn’t see it.

So for those of you planning to pick up a new console, you’ve been warned. Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts on it.

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  • Zero Says Hi

    messes up disk even if its off.. guess i gotta take out the game when i move it ( btw no i dident turn it off and move it… moved it 8 hrs later and it scratched the disk

  • Keith

    I have an Xbox 360 Elite with a Thompson DVD player, The more you play it the more the discs get eaten up!
    some of them have multiple rings guaged in them. When you line up the rings they match the DVD door and I do not move the game while playing it. They must put the cheapest DVD players in them and they wind up eating up expensive game discs. (2) black ops and (2) call of duty four and (1) assassins creed. I play on Live alot and the thing glitches like mad! Any of the microsoft enthusiasts want to buy it? I thought not!

  • joe

    it happened to me with my NCAA 11 (brand new) and i didn’t even move the console… i put it in and then it says disc read error and my disc is all messed up.. there went 60$

  • Jamieeeeeeee x

    Common Sense, that is just plain dumb, my old arcade does that! hell, my cd player does that! morons.

  • J-SUNN666

    I threw my Xbox 360 across the room and then took a crap on it. Still works fine.

  • kimeypants

    ive just bought the xbox360 with kinect ,ive been extra carefull with it as i was aware of the issues regarding the disc scratching,after the 2nd day of playing kinect adventures the disc is now un-playable,the console was positioned where i thought there would be no vibration so why has it scrathed the disc?

  • SniffyTugBoat

    Man, my 360 has never ever done that when I picked it up, even when it was in play. Mind you, I wouldn't even realize that my Xbox was on let alone spinning a disk, dumbass move on my part. This is a very simple thing to avoid, just don't move it. And if you do, make sure it's off.

  • yo!mama

    any way ppl Microsoft is leaching off us (money) not only the consul its the game( disc ) once your xbox 360 or slim scratches your game you have to buy one again or rent…..still i like to play xbox or any consuls

  • Mike

    Lol I love you ps3 with your super hard to scratch blu-ray discs.. life is good now that i traded my xbox 360 for you.

  • Mike

    Yeah and have you ever noticed that PS3 discs are much harder to scratch than the xbox 360 discs? I swear every ps3 disc I have has no scratches you know why? Cause their blu-ray discs..

  • mistascrach

    That’s old news..the other 360’s did the same big deal just don’t move the 360 wen ur playin games.simple as that.

  • Special Ed

    Oh no! This is a huge problem.. how the hell am i supposed to go for a run with my xbox on now!? thanks a lot Microsoft for your fail system…

    Oh and by the way, you're a fucking dumb ass

  • DJPJ

    my notebook does not have this problem, but the disk SNAPS into place, the xbox uses a magnet to secure the disk the spinning motor, which if moved while in motion is bad news

  • Maverick87

    I want to know one thing only I hate microsoft for a few reason but what i want to knoe have they sorted out the Red ring of death OR any of the red rings?
    Ive just started to get problems with mine after almost 3 years and its the arcade 360
    I keep getting the 3 red rings and and freezes I hate!!!!

  • Daniel360

    only the xbox does this, Ps3 doesnt have this problem wii ect

  • Ross

    The old one did that…and I didn't even have to move it. The Force Unleashed had an identical scratch running round the disc and that was with the console just sitting there unmoved.

  • devin heath

    my brothers game modernwarfare got that same scrach when my mom moved the console when vacoming

  • Ale

    this happened to meh…. yes, im an idiot.
    can i repair the disc?

  • matt

    ive had my 360 for 3 years still has not had ne problems with it

  • Kyle

    Wow…what made me facepalm after watching this isn’t that he moved it, it’s how carelessly he moved it, I mean i’ve moved my 360 while it was playing but i used both hands and did it very slowly. He just used one hand and changed it from laying Horizontal to vertical. Not trying to call him an idiot but that was a pretty stupid move.

  • s00gf0o0

    Just save every game into your hard drive that takes aprox about 5-10 mins and when you play it, the disk wont spin around and you can move it as much as you want and the disk wont get damaged. If you dont have a big hard drive just dont move it while a game is running and dont put the xbox cables somewhere a person can trip and damage your game.

    Hope this helped ;D

  • Jules

    I can't believe the people who discount this as being a problem. I presume they have all never accidentally moved or knocked anything in the past. And so you're going to have to tell all your friends to be oh so careful, one knock and the disk is scratched! How come MS create such crummy hardware, when a bargain basement CD or DVD player doesn't even do this? By the way I do not own a PS3 or XBOX360.

  • It really doesn't matter. I doubt anyone will ever move the game while it's playing. Almost every disc using device from the get go scratched discs. Moving the needle on a record scratched it, moving a CD player around scratched and made the disc skip, hell even the first PS1 had issues with that. Just don't move it.

  • User error… I thought this was common sense that you simply DO NOT move and ESPECIALLY do not tilt objects with discs rotating inside – do the same to a portable harddrive, CD drive, even a DVD player and see what happends..Whats going on in the disc drive of the xbox – and in any other disc drive is a GYROSCOPE.. You simply cannot avoid this fenomenon, even if you put rubber pads in the drive..Of course these would protect the disc but SO would leaving the xbox alone while its turned on – honestly, I see no reason for moving the xbox while its on

    Its just such a shame microsoft then gets blamed for being dumb, because they do NOT think like morons but instead think "rubber pads arent necessary – WHY would ANYONE move/tilt an xbox while its on??"

    This is just yet another example of how stupid some people are, i bet its the same people who try to dry their dogs in the microwave oven and then afterwards sue the company because the poor animal died.

    Oh btw:

  • chris

    yo some brand new games come with rings. always check them before you blame your console. when you first open the case, resist your excitement to play, first check the disc under bright light. i got a new copy of border lands and i always check discs before i use them, and sure enough it had a bad ring that went all the way around the disc. i must say though, im tied of yelling at clumsy stupid people for going around my xbox when its on.

  • axel

    that happened on the old x box

  • todd

    I cant believe that this wasnt fixed when they desined the new machine good luck playing through a surround sound or anything else that makes the slightest vibration couse if its half as bad as the older model then why bother…

  • LightninLew

    you are all saying you have no reason to move the console when it is on, so this will never happen. but i have had 3 xbox 360s over the last 5 years and they have all ringed at least one disc, i have never picked them up whilst playing, all you need to do is to walk past it, drop something, throw a brick at it. it only takes a small vibration for it to growl and scream then the disc is broken for ever, you cannot fix the disc either, the scratches go really deep.
    also you are blaming the guy who picked it up? he moved it slowly and carefully, any other console/cd/dvd player would be fine. because microsoft dont want to spend less than 10p on each of the consoles to fix this problem, that is why i hate them. if it wasnt for the fact all my friends have xbox 360s i would have replaced it with a ps3 a long time ago.

  • blusleeper

    That must be the dumbest thing I have ever seen done during a product review. What a waste.

  • michael

    What an absolute Dick ! He doesn’t just move it he kinda shakes it plus the original one also does this. My ex girlfriend moved mine once while polishing same thing happened this guy did this on purpose. What a loser

    • LightninLew

      no he didn't, you are seeing what you want to see. you just want someone to blame. he picked it up to look at it, it made a huge growl, someone shouted at him, he slowly put it down again. do that with a ps3, wii, dvd player, what happens, nothing. microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world, this problem costs 16p/25c per console to avoid, but in five years they do nothing. and xbox 360s have always had over heating issues and as far as i know this new slim one still does, to say microsoft is worth about £160 million they aren't very good at fixing their problems.

  • Owen

    thats why i bought a ps3

  • Greg

    Hey so yesterday I decided to do a console test of my own on the PS3. Well I dropped if from the top of my stair case and it broke it two pieces. I guess its a bad system.

  • Jon

    Just picked up a slim turned it on and it won’t pick up the controller after 10 minutes of playing. I’ve tried 2 different controllers and wired and wireless wtf

  • barkın

    Why would I move it while it’s open?

  • Jason

    People can complain all they want about the 360 scratching a disc while being moved around, but there is no good reason to move, well as was said, rotate, while a disc is playing. It's a plain lack of common sense. It's dumb to complain about because it can be solved pretty easily…don't move or rotate a system while a disc is in it, period. It's like at my work when someone brings something back and they say it isn't working…i plug it up/test the product, and the majority of the time it does work. Two words…User Error.

  • xBoxVirgx

    Hmm, just read a Wiki on Xbox issues, and there seems to be way more validity to these complaints:

  • xBoxVirgx

    I'm not an exclusive fanboy of any of these types of products. But, based on what we just saw in the video, the guy significantly tilts the Xbox up by one end, then, jostles the Xbox while in that extreme angle, while the disc is in motion! Question would a similar disc be damaged if say, someone were to do that with a laptop, using a similar 'technique'? Of course, there are those that say here that Xbox disc damages occurred on older units, without the assistance of a mischievous juggler. Look, I'm new to the Xbox, just got one (gift). My question is this would my PS2s, and a one year old Wii do the same damage to a disc if handled in a similar manner? BTW, still haven't taken me new Xbox out for a spin (restocking fees be what they are). Chime in fellas.

  • Kiteo

    WHY would you EVEN move a console while you ar eplaying the game is beyond me, it is just common sense to not touch things while they are being used. That's like trying to use a laptop while having a bath, just asking for problems. Especially when there is a big sticker on the front of the console that tells you NOT TO do it.

  • CaptianObvious

    The old console did this…
    amd you can mod the old xbox 360's to fix it. Why the fuck wouldn't they fix this shit?

  • oblivion328

    Seriously, Microsoft? You should know that you have to idiot-proof everything these days.

  • low

    They updated the original story shortly after it was posted; the console wasn’t just moved, it was rotated, while the game was booting.

  • Steve Jobs

    I love Xbox 360 and HATE PS3, but no, the 360 should NOT do this. I know it spins the discs fast, like, 52x is it? But seriously, it shouldn't DESTROY the discs. It should have some sort of protection against it!

  • chuy

    agarra la xbox 360 pensando que era una ps3 XD, pero no aun tiene muchas fallas y no puedo creer que no sean discos bluray : / pero lo admito esta chingon el diceno pero porque negro caramelo la primera ps3 no me gustaba porque se rallan muy facil y si pones la mano encima se marcan asi lo k digan y lo que saque la xbo360 la comania sony va 5 pasos adelante xD y falta wii slim xD

  • ppSucks

    Microsoft once again showing they will skip a few cents if it saves them money, even if it comes at the expense of their customers.

    They also didn't fix RROD… unless you think getting rid of the red LED and instead flashing green fixed the problem…. yeah, Microsoft… that's not a fix.

    It also releases heat at a scalding rate.

    There hasn't been a modern disc player with this issue since laptops were invented. I know the DVD technology is not as polished as Blu-Ray, but this is a problem that was fixed many years ago.

    Ask yourself why you are paying and supporting this junk?

    Guess which consoles don't have this problem… all the rest…

    A sticker doesn't fix the problem Microsoft. You ran out of morons to by your shitty hardware, no more idiots left out there…. I hope.

  • chrisR

    so if you get this new xbox theres no point getting kenetic cause moving it will be inevitable when you jump,dance,kick,run,move around…….should the parents be calm while their kid asks them for it constantly or should they get it then let the xbox scratch the disk and then they ask for a new game constantly….

  • Claudia

    Advice to MS, if you're going to release an improved console, please make sure you fix all the issues that you have with your older consoles. If the PS3 console can be moved without damaging the disc inside, why can't the 360 do that?

    • gamer

      It may happen way easier to the xbox, but sony doesn't recommend doing this if I remember correctly.

  • JerrryD

    What people are missing is that Natal is a product that requires you to jump around, are people such all that jumping doesnt = console vibrations and disc scratching… me thinks they should have solved this for that very reason

    • Folezicle

      I have to say you raise a good point, the only one i have seen which makes me think microsoft should of invested a bit into the disc drive, otherwise fixing this would be a waste of money

      • JaykOli

        Not if you're Xbox is on a sturdy surface, but I see what you mean. I do think that this is a big problem, but one that can be avoided fairly easily.

    • serioooously

      me thinks that would only be an issue if you live in a poorly built mobile home.

  • KevinB

    Actually the best solution to 360 scratched disks/RROD and other MS related problems is simply – DON'T BUY ONE. 360 Slim? Seriously? It's taken you this long to release an "improved" console? Is this in response to the PS3 Slim or is it just a coincidence? Knowing MS and their lack of any original ideas I would say the former.

    • Chris

      Here we go again, another unhappy fanboy of Sony

    • LukeH

      Im guessing that you havnt seen the ps3 dildo that they tried to make to match kinect…hmm…complete failure.

      • smashingonline

        i lol'd when i saw this

    • JaykOli

      "Slim" was a nickname coined by the Xbox and PS3 communities. It's not MS's fault. One more thing, how many original ideas has Sony had? The answer is not many.

    • gamer

      Keep in mind I have both consoles and will not trash talk either one and only state facts. But "MS and their lack of original ideas"? Sony did copy the gamerscore system from xbox. Call it a trophy, button, or ribbon, it's still the same thing. Still a good idea for them to have incorporated it into the PS3, but not original. And keep in mind the new xbox has new features, while sony has stripped features. I still have my original PS3 and hope it never breaks cause they don't make them that way anymore.

  • Anonymous

    he did not know that was going to happen?!
    its called gyroscopic motion you ratard…

    and why is he laughing about it?
    i would have punched him in the face

  • botox

    ahhahaha just proves how much better he ps3 is! fucking Americans, they're the laughing stock when it comes to cars, and now clearly when it comes to gaming consoles, and even desktop PC's…I pity the morons who bought an xbox…twice the sales of the ps3, but quadruple the RROD returns…OUCH…take a hint you morons, Japanese are the leading industry, in pretty much, EVERYTHING.

    • bob

      says the retard whos name is botox

    • anti-botox

      In everything except for education. Your grammar is terrible. Take your American hate speech somewhere else.

    • JaykOli

      Nice point Bob. Botox, I was just thinking the same thing about European cars. Anti-Botox had a nice point as well, your grammer is aweful and your obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer. One more thing, you're stereotyping.

    • Spenny Monster

      How are the japanese the leading industry? Name one thing the japanese have invented. Errrrr…. nothing. The only thing they are good at it is taking and copying other nations great inventions. So just because a Toyota is more reliable than a Ford does't mean i'd buy the jap alternative. What im tryin to say is, what is more entertaining to drive? The dull Toyota or something that Fords chassis engineers have tweaked with? The same goes for the consoles, yeah 360 has its problems but its got a far superior online service. And just to clear things up, i've had a 360 (yes multiple ones, but that has'nt bothered me) for as long they launched and not one of them has scratched my discs. Before you call me a fanboy i have an 80gb ps3 and well… it just catches dust and plays a blu ray movie once in awhile

    • iamthegreatest

      alright wally wang america is the superior nation and always has been and always will be to everyone else. lets see you bomb pearl harbor, we nuke 2 of your cities. germans rise up we kick their ass. they try again we kick their ass again. the ragheads try 2 terrorize iraq…. well lets just say they should have sat the fuck down when they had the chance. so go criticize america and talk about how ps3s are better somewhere else.

    • jack mehoff

      two words. Hiroshima. Nagasaki.

  • He really didn't move the system that drastically!!! That was insane!!!! If I get one, I'll stick with the old model…

  • Ice

    So… if something is in the way, or you have to move a dressor, or the stand that your game is on, change a wire in the back, turn your 360, lift it up slightly for a moment to re-adjust a hard to reach wire, or what ever the case may be that you have to move the system suddenly in a instant moment of lack of thought… You have to worry about damaging $60 in property???

    What if you're playing with a charge cable in and "God Forbid" someone trips on it??? Scaryness…

    • damonH

      That's why there's a break away in the cable.

  • vespa5

    I've had 4 360s in only 4 years. 3 of them fried due to the RRoD. 2 of them were because of the same old disc damaging problem while the console was NOT moved. My console ruined a couple of $60+ games while it was horizontal and completely still. There's nothing in this console that locks the disc in to prevent from something like this in the 360 (old and new) from ruining the console. So the theory of "why would you move the console while the disc is loading" concept is nice, but my current console ruined a couple of discs while it was completely stable and still. Fail.

    • gamer

      That sucks that you had disks scratched. However the disk does lock otherwise there would be no way for it to spin without something locking onto it. I think the problem is vibration causing the disk to wobble and rub on something maybe?

    • gears4life

      you know that's 5 consoles total right?

  • Jof

    Hahaha I have a PS3 and it still works and had it since launch, the xbox 360 broke 3 times on me 1. Red light 2. red ring of death 3 Scratches disc without moving it. , seriously people face the facts, this is the most destructive console ever created. @David, haha I find it hard to believe you haven't met anyone that has moved it with disc inside. In the old manuel Microsoft doesn't tell anyone about not moving it while disc is inside. There are lot of people who make silly mistakes and I'm not a fanboy of any console, to me they all have a section in the manuel that deals with a technical problem. Xbox 360 has over 50% of failure rates, compared to the others so going with results is better. @B.T well you know what, what if you place the disc in incorrectly and close the tray??

    • bgates

      you obviously are a fanboy so stop it! every console has problems its true esp when 1st released but this like most things is being blown out of proportion by idiots like you who find it easy to criticise but do not have the brains to help solve problems. so go back to playing with your baby rattle and leave the consoles to us grown ups!

    • gamer

      Yes the xbox has a higher failure than the ps3, but there are no official failure rate % released, so your number is not a fact, just a guess.

  • Jared

    The PS3 doesn't have that problem lol. I've picked up moved, flipped, and rotated my PS3 WHILE playing and never once has it come out with a single scratch.

    Another example of Microsoft half asses their product.

    • gamer

      I'm pretty sure sony recommends you don't do that.

    • iamthegreatest45

      ya, dumbass thats because if you notice every time you put a game into the ps3 it pulls it into the system where it runs and keeps it there allowing you to move it and it will be in the same place you put it in. The xbox however requires you put the game onto a tray and runs it there so when you put on your retard cap and move it while its spinning it will scratch and slide around. all in all #1 dont pick up any system while its running. #2 ps3s suck ass. and #3 which company is more successful?

  • David

    hahaahahaha your an idiot ….hey i don't know one person that picks up there xbox 360 while its running…… If you picked up the old one it would do that to you. stop trying to find problems with this new 360 and go play you ps3.

  • B. T.

    Jof stop being a hater. You cant compare a DVD player and xbox theyre practically different things. I agree the new one is just like the old one though. The only thing i like is built in wifi. and why would people have to move the xbox if you can control everything from your WIRELESS controller?

  • low

    Here we go again Alan NG with this fanboy crap. Dont move the dam thing while ur playin it. i dont know about you but i have no reason to move my xbox 360, ps3 or wii while the disk is spinning use ur brain.

  • ant1012

    Install the game to hard drive or just don't move the console while playing, it's pretty simple lol

    • justin smokes

      thnk u…at least one person has sense retards

    • smashingonline

      it happend to me but the movers moved it and it wasnt even on, i turn my xbox on in north carolina and my fave games just been eaten

  • Jof

    So its the same old piece of junk, seriously who cares if it has a sleek new design, it's still the same console, instead Microsoft thought they could just dig dirt over the technical problems and not care. And if you pick up a DVD player with a DVD in it, nothing happens, I've tried it myself. So these bastards don't admit that they have made a defective console. In DVD players, there is a mechanism that secures the disc in place, but the xbox 360 doesn't have that. Also, in order to cover for the damage they continuously do, they put a sign up telling you not to move it. Xbox 360 equals 360o scratches, its where it gets its fantastic name. I've had the old 360 since launch, you really don't even have to move the stupid thing and it scratches the disc, even if it was not moved and placed vertically.

    • JBDragon

      The DVD drive in the 360 is a 12x speed drive. When it's running it's spinning quite FAST. Have you ever held a axle of a wheel and spun the wheel fast and then try moving it side to side? It tried to resist you. That DVD disc is spinning really FAST, when you bump or quickly move the 360, that disc is trying to stay in place while the rest is moving. The Disc Flexes/Warps and ends up hitting the top or bottom of the DVD drive case where the Disc ends up getting scratched. A normal DVD player playing at 1x speed won't do this. Sony's Blu-Ray player is only a 2x speed drive. Speed up Sony's drive to 12x and see what happens!!! The 360 on the other hand can load up games much faster then the PS3, which is why to help with the slow PS3 drive, part of the games is installed onto the hard Drive.

      I've had a 360 since Dec 2005, and I've had ZERO scratched disc's.

    • ppSucks

      Fail JBDragon

      The PS3 loads must faster than the 360… you might want to try it sometime.

      It doesn't scratch because of the speed, it scratches because Microsoft didn't spend 2 cents on disc guards… it's the only drive in the last 7 years to have this problem, at any speed.

      Stop supporting broken hardware. Request quality in your products.

      • Doctorwho1

        Jof and ppSucks:

        How's it like to have a PS3 jammed up your asses. Seriously, your loyalties to a piece of plastic consumer technology is beyond pathetic. Grow up. The PS3 does NOT load faster than the 360 — I don't know where you're getting that. Blu-ray speed is incredibly slow on the PS3; the 360 streams games; the PS3 requires long installs to avoid the loads.

        Ultimately, both systems have their flaws; just shut up and play the games. This report is simply stupid. Who moves their console around while playing, especially like that? Now if we had a RRoD issue, that would be another matter entirely, but since Jasper, MS seems to have resolved that problem — thank goodness.

        The console war is a marketing gimmick and it wants to recruit you as its unpaid employee. Don't be suckers like Jof and ppSucks.

      • gamer

        I own both consoles and love them the same, but the xbox does load games a little faster.

      • iamthegreatest45

        your on crack i've had a ps3 for 3 years and I can tell you now the PlayStation 3 does NOT load faster than the 360 and it is constantly asking you to update, advance, and check your settings for everything you do. and "request quality in your products"? your stupid the ps3 loads for updates every other time you play it, freezes often when games have been played for 3 hrs+, and its online connections cant hold for shit. so take your quality product and shove it up your ass.

  • Why would you want to move it whilst it's on anyway?

  • ryan

    Pretty sure any Disc based system will have this problem. you just don't do that.

    • Booerns

      the Wii doesn't, and my pc doesn't

      • shock132

        and my ps3 doesn't

        • lowlife

          nor does my mac

  • KTJ

    The current console has the same problem. Nothing new.

  • Rob

    Um does anyone notice that the dude just kinda plops it back down pretty good. Im pretty sure with any comp or console if u pick it up and slam it its gonna Efff something up. U cant let a few retards spark some stupid rumors like this i think we should pick them up and slam them then ask how they feel.

    • Prime

      First of all, the guy didnt slam it, he just moved it and it wasnt even a strong move.
      Second, XBOX 1, PS1, PS2, PS3 and every Computer on earth never did that in these conditions, i mean, by moving it like he did.
      Third, you dude are too much exagerating…

  • Darren

    that aint news at ALL! And its obvious. its not a problam either, it’s called being stipid for even thinking about picking up any thing with a disk in it!

    • lowlife

      really, like a lap top. hmmmm

  • UltimaK

    Ugh…Yeah and? The old version did the same shit. What's the problem?

  • David

    who moves the console around with a game spinning around inside dumbasses

    • David Lover hahaha

      hahahaha funny comments but true

      • Surfer

        Erm… Someone wanting to change the position of the Xbox.
        Various reasons could include moving a piano so the Xbox needs to moved out of the path of the piano. Others might say "what does it look like on it's side?" and reposition it. (One of its 'supposed' features!)
        An Elephant escaping from a zoo, and as it heads towards your house you need to move the Xbox in an emergency.

        I'm sure I could think of thousands of other scenarios where it may be reasonable to move an Xbox whilst active.

  • Really guy? I mean… REALLY? Was it like his first day EVER working in the gaming industry?

  • Kevin

    Ummmm every xbox 360 before this has had the same problem, here's a thought don't move it while there's a disc playing, common sense people. Quit using petty excuses to make it look bad and use your brains.

    • KYLE


  • Ben

    Psycho it is easy to avoid but problem is with fanboys they will use any information they can get hold of to slag the other console. They think stuff like this is like a system killer lol 🙂 o dunno how this is ground breaking news anyway the old 360's do it slso…..

    • Corey

      Thats Exactly What I Thought.

      • Doug

        Bens right "The xbox is better than the ps3","No ps3 is better than the xbox"FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!How about you get a grip,BE a true gamer and buy both…..Then again knowing some of you NUMBskulls you will prob be fighting with the consoles in the bath tub and using the rubber ducky as the referee!!



    • Gdude

      In my mac with a superdrive if i pick it up and move it around while the disk is in use nothing really happens, i just wished microsoft at least got a superdrive instead of using the old early 2000 disk drives T.T

  • Psych0matt

    Why would you pick it up while playing in the first place? Seriously, that seems like something easy to avoid.

    • Surfer

      You should be able pick it up while playing in the first place, whether you need to or not. Laptops can be moved around with discs in the drive. I even moved my dvd player while a film was playing once… no problem. The drive on the new 360 is flimsy and cheap. Saying, for example: "why move the console while a game is playing dumb-ass'" is not a valid argument.

      Microsoft should not have released this piece of crap until a decent drive was put in the machine. If you ask me, it's a deliberate ploy to extort more money from the masses, i.e. replacement games. Microsoft should really be recalling this product, as in my opinion, it has been sold unfinished with a clear fault.