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Xbox 360 Father’s Day bundle at Walmart

Father’s Day is this Sunday and for those who do not know what gift to buy, then Walmart may have the solution – an Xbox 360 Arcade for just $99. This sale sees the already reduced console go from $199 to $149 and now below $100 thanks to a $50 Walmart eGift card.

The Xbox 360 bundle also comes with two games – Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Viva Piñata, 256MB of memory and two controllers. All that you need is a hard drive and you are sorted. If your dad does not have a games console then this could certainly make him smile – and give your mother some well-deserved peace.

If you would like this item in time for Father’s Day, then you had best head over to Wal-mart and get ordering now. The online store currently has enough in stock, but we all know how quick these deals sell out.

However, there are some who do not want to be too hasty and would rather wait and get their father a new Xbox 360 Slim for Christmas instead.



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