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Verizon iPhone 4: Jealous with AT&T pre-orders?

As you are probably well aware, the world is currently in the midst of iPhone 4 fever. Pre-orders have begun for both UK customers and U.S customers on AT&T. For those of you on Verizon, are you starting to feel slightly jealous?

This week, we have been keeping AT&T owners up to date with pre-order status for the iPhone 4. As you know, pre-orders began yesterday on both Apple’s site and AT&T’s website.

However, due to overwhelming demand for the device, Apple shut down the store, followed by AT&T soon after. To wrap up events completely, we can now confirm that the device is sold out on both websites.

We wonder what Verizon owners make of all of this. Are you disappointed that you couldn’t join in all of the fun and excitement on pre-order day, or are you more concerned about the upcoming release of the Motorola Droid X and Droid 2?

It looks pretty unlikely that Apple will bring the iPhone to Verizon this year, so how many of you have switched over to AT&T? – As a Verizon subscriber, are you jealous of AT&T owners or not?


  • AC

    I guess I’m the only AT&T lover here. That’s cool. Everyone has opinions. I for one would like to see iPhone go to verizon because it would be the best thing to happen to the AT&T network. Facts are facts. AT&Ts customers are over 50% smart phone users with most of that being iPhone. Verizon is somewhere around 25%. How awesome would their network be when they have a huge number of people jump ship from at&t and clog up network capacity? Network capacity is not some infinite magical thing thing that verizon has unlimited access to. There will be some sort of issue adding all those data users to it’s network. Maybe they can handle it. Let’s wait and see. It’s fact iPhone users use 10 times more data than other smart phones. So what do you think will happen to AT&Ts network when a ton of iPhone users jump ship? I for one will wait to see how that amount of traffic affects their network before switch. I’m not bashing either one. There are places AT&T works best and places verizon works best. Get what’s right for you but think about my points before you switch.

  • Joe

    AT&T PHONE service here sucks the bone, so I absolutely couldn't care less.

  • Wade

    I am moving over from AT&T to Verizon to get the Droid X as it is a way better phone. Especially when Android 2.2 comes out. There will be no looking back at that point. Andoroid will continue to blow away iPhone into the future. Looking forward to it.

  • SJ3Nole98

    I am on AT&T and I absolutely love the iPhone. I have no coverage issues and no dropped calls here. Actually AT&T is rated the best carrier coverage area where I live. I guess it depends on where you live on who has the best coverage, because where I lived before AT&T was the worst. I preordered my iPhone4 and can't wait to get it! Woohoo!

  • Droidius V

    Not jealous at all. If iPhone was available on Verizon when the Droid came out, I would still have purchased the Droid. And the Droid X looks amazing.

  • scorpioqueen

    Android is quickly closing the gap with Apple. In about another year Apple will just be a niche market device. VZW has better coverage and a wider selection of Android devices. To switch to an inferior carrier for a phone that looks good w/o service is just plain stupid. It is like buying a lux car that is always in the shop. I have fully embraced the android plaform and have no desire to get an I phone at this point.

  • iNotaFanboy

    I tell you what I am jealous of…

    Snapping up the first generation Droid and using up my new in 2 discount. I wish I had a Droid with a Snapdragon processor. A 8 mega pixel camera would be nice too.

  • iNotaTool

    AT&T's coverage is crap and I have never had an issue with Verizon. I can't stand Apple or HandJobs and I'd never give a penny to that autocratic corporation. I'll keep my Droid and all the freedoms that come with it, especially as a programmer.

    For those who are on Verizon and want the iPhone, just remember the iPhone hasn't come to Verizon because of AppleJob, it is not Verizon's fault.

  • jimbo1mcm

    I'll give Verizon 3 more months to do something about announcing an Iphone. When they do, they will get more customers jumping from ATT then they could ever imagine. The surveys that show how many will jump are way, way too low.

  • 8is2ns

    Had AT&T for few years in greater L.A. area.. I must say.. it was the worst service imaginable. I felt like my phone was a waiting time bomb with every call.. It got so bad that I had to apologize before I start any conversation "You may be cut off so.." Though the iPhone is amazing and aesthetically pleasing.. ANY phone.. even the iPhone, coupled with AT&Ts service is just useless and just a piece for plastic for show. Big Red is where it's at. We'll see about a V iPhone when the new LTE comes out.. but for now i'm happy with the option of a Droid X.

  • mike m

    I’m a Verizon customer and I am not switching to a phone that you have to jump from hot spot to use the features and crashed on debut.

  • Lawrence

    I think manufacturers will keep releasing better and better Android phones. I plan getting either a Droid X or Droid 2 when they come out. I seriously hope Verizon never gets the iphone. I don't want everyone from ATT jumping ship for better service and screwing things up on Verizon. ATT can keep the iphone forever.

  • Nicholas

    I am on Verizon and would love the iPhone. I have used several Droid phones and find them absolutely horrible. Where I live in Kansas AT&T doesn't have any coverage so Verizon is the only choice. I wonder if Apple employees and Verizon employees will ever get the balls to complain to Steve Jobs and get the iPhone on Verizon. If not, just come out and say it.

  • Lawrence M

    I am a current Verizon customer. I had AT&T years ago and will never go back. I would like the option of having an iPhone, but refuse to switch over for one. In the meantime I will be happy with Android, and am very excited to learn more about the upcoming Droid releases to hold me over.

    I agree that it would be great to have the iPhone available on Verizon, but having dealt with AT&T I cannot be jealous of any phone they offer when I know what kind of service they provide.

  • Sonny

    i have a iphone 3gS and a nexus one w/android 2.2 for work and one personal and i actually like the nexus one better than the iphone 3gS and my contract is up with att and i think im gonna get the EVO 4g instead of iphone 4 im gonna wait for both phone are out so i really can compare them dont get me wrong the iphone 3gS is nice phone but google is just getting better and better everyday and the EVO 4g is one sprint which is CDMA network and everyone that lives in America know any network uses CDMA like Sprint or Verizon is better than a network that uses GSM like AT&T or T-mobile sucks. i live in boston so it matters where you live but nexus one w/2.2 Android blows iphone 3gs away so i suggest stop being in a rush to get a phone right away without it being on the shelves wait for the reviews of the phones you want or even go and play with all the phones until you really like it and i worked for at&T and they really are a rip off compared to sprint what i think you cant go wrong with sprints EVO 4G if you want your phone to be really fast EVO 4G wins over iphone 4 you want a good camera EVO 4g win has 8mp compared to 5mp on iphone 4 and front camera on the EVO 4g has 1.3mp compared to vga on iphone4 and there plent more ……….. but it matters what you like everyone is different but as a phone tech i pick the EVO 4G over any phone 4 any day sorry iphone fans but you know apple will come out with iphone 4GS when AT&T comes out with there 4G network because the iphone 4 only works with 3G and the HTC EVO 4G is already on 4G network which is growing every day

  • jason

    AT&T has horrible coverage here, I would never consider switching from Verizon to AT&T for the iphone. I love the iphone but AT&T sucks. (Orange County, CA)

  • JWarrick

    Verizon now has a respectable line up of phones. I myself bought the Droid and am very happy with it. Would I buy an iPhone if it were available on Verizon? You bet but not because the Droid is bad. I just love Apple products (in spite of Apple). Will I jump ship to get one? NO! I despise ATT and love Verizon so no go.

    I think most of the people who would jumb ship for the iPhone have, they're just cannibalizing the same customers wanted new updated iPhones now. They will have to strick a deal with Verizon at some point if they truly want to expand their user base. I can and will patiently wait for that day and if it never comes, well there will be no iPhone in my future. A phone is only as good as its service.

  • Tom

    Very jealous! I've been holding off on buying a smartphone until the iPhone comes to Verizon but I can't last much longer.

  • Daniel

    I do not wan't a droid i am a verizon customer please jobs iphone to verizon !!!!!

  • Linda

    I am also a Verizon customer who will never switch to AT&T. I was on AT&T for years in a major metropolitan area and had calls dropped on a daily basis all over the city – sometimes many in a day. Have only had 3 dropped calls in the last five years on Verizon. I prefer the iPhone over the Incredible, because it syncs more seamlessly with Outlook and also it is easier to see if you have calls or messages than on the Incredible. I have an iPad and love it and love Apple products. I also have an iTouch so all my apps would work on the iPhone. I would love to see an iPhone on Verizon 4G but would get CDMA version as well. But someone needs to let us know what is planned – stop keeping us in the dark. If nothing is even announced in the next 3 months I will get whatever Verizon Droid is the best at that point. Then it will be another 2 years before I get a new phone. If they announce a Verizon 4G iPhone for next spring I would wait – I think 4G will be better.

  • Stacie

    I had verizon for years and switch to ATT for the iphone. Hated the coverage and went back to verizon for the incredible. ABSOLUTLY INCREDIBLE PHONE, but I still ended up back with ATT because there is nothing that works more smoothly and with less steps then the iPhone.

    Verizon…. You are the BEST out there, so get your thumbs out of your bumm and get us the iphone as I will come back to you and drop ATT even though I have a $325 disconnect fee if I do.

  • Wes

    I'm not jealous of AT&T, their service sucks here. Don't care for the oversized Droid X & EVO; phones don't need to be that big. Would rather the Iphone come to Verizon. Until then, Android is doing a fine job catching up.

  • vallen

    I'm a Verizon customer and won't be switching. Steve Jobs has until the end of the year to announce a Verizon IPhone. After that, I'm purchasing an adroid phone and will not consider Apple again.

    • Boris Crosby

      I agree with Vallen. I am a ATT customer who wants to switch to Verizon. If there is not a Verizon version of the phone by the end of the year I will switch to verizon and get a Droid as well.


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