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Sony PS3 Soundbar: Specs and Price

One of our writers, Alan Ng, was a little disappointed with the Sony PS 3 keynote, but there was something that caught my eye – the Sony Surround Sound System. This soundbar matches the PlayStation 3 in its design, and offers a greater sound experience while playing games for just $199 or €199 – we are not certain how much the device will be in the UK.

Richard Lawler from Engadget received a press release with all the details, during the E3 2010 press conference we were told that the resale date for the PS3 soundbar will be sometime in the fall – so kids could be opening them up on Christmas morning. What better way to improve the sound of your PS3?

A number of gamers have their PlayStation 3 consoles connected to an ultra thin LED TV – yes they offer superb image quality, but the sound is shockingly bad. Sony hopes that this will be a reason for PS3 users to purchase its new all-in-one Surround Sound System.

Do not expect huge booming sounds from this device – Sony has only designed it to help improve the experience of the PS3. For those looking for something that will shake the house down – then you may need to consider an alternative.



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