Sony PS3 Move Shooting Attachment Photos

By Peter Chubb - Jun 16, 2010

Sony did not have a lot to offer during their E3 2010 keynote, but there was a couple of announcements worth mentioning – the first was that PS3 soundbar we discussed this morning and the other is this PlayStation 3 Move shooting attachment.

Paul Miller from Engadget was not that bothered about the new device – that was until he saw some photos of it. He explains that the trigger locks the analog “T” trigger of the controller, offering a superb shooting experience. The main buttons of the PS3 Move controller is still visible from the top of the gun attachment.

The device does not have a futuristic look – instead opting to look like something from the old Flash Gordon Series. Miller reckons that it is like a 1950’s ray gun – we would have to agree. It certainly looks funky when the ball on the end begins to light up.

For a closer look at the PlayStation Move shooting attachment, visit the gallery that Engadget has come up with for us.

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  • Bimmerguy

    Looks like I'm shooting ping pong balls! Is that really the best they could do? Really?

  • Andrew

    Whats with all the freaking "motion" things coming out? Dont know about you but when i play my games, i like to kick back and bum out. Also, it seems just like the Wii, but with multi-colored balls… Idk, seems like a real downer to me.

    • Nick

      The sony move i believe is uncomparable with the wii. the sony move's motion sensing technology is far more advanced then the wii.

      i agree with you about just sitting and playing tho honestly. im probably not buying any of the new motion devices. (i own both 360 and ps3). i like to just play MW2 online with friends…sitting down.. haha.