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Sony E3 2010: Is PS3 3D gaming the future?

Sony has been able to draw on its 3D experience from the movie world when bringing the technology to its PS3 games console – something that the company hyped upped during its E3 2010 keynote. They thought it was the ideal time to show off some of its upcoming 3-D games, which is thought to be the hottest update to the PlayStation 3 yet. We do wonder – is PS3 3D gaming the future?

Ben Fritz from LA Times said in his article that Sony handed out 3D glasses to those who attended their Keynote speech so that they could show to them a demonstration of Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, Tron: Evolution and other PS3 titles all in 3-D.

Sony is taking a huge gamble with this technology but hopes that the future of the PS3 games console will be 3D – this will certainly be helped along the range of Sony LED 3D TVs that they now have on sale. It is this mix of the two that could get the PlayStation 3 out of third place and increase sales in the games console market.

Neither Microsoft nor Nintendo have any plans to offer 3D gaming, maybe because they do not have another arm to its business like Sony does to draw from.



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