PS3 Firmware Update v3.40: Release Date and Hidden Feature

By Alan Ng - Jun 16, 2010

We have some exciting news for PS3 owners, as it has been revealed that Sony are planning to release another Firmware Update for the PS3, it will be available next week to download.

As reported from TheGamerAccess, it looks as if the new Firmware Update, v.3.40 will be needed for those of you planning to subscribe to Playstation Plus – the company’s new pricing platform. According to Sony’s PS Plus press release, the new firmware update will be available on June 22nd – next Tuesday.

Furthermore, various Sony websites in different countries revealed that the company are planning to introduce cross-gaming chat as one of the premium features of Playstation Plus. The details must of been put up in error, as they were quickly removed soon after.

Luckily, we have the juicy details for you here: “Cross-game Voice Chat: invite your friends to chat online no matter what game you’re all playing, even if they aren’t members of PlayStation Plus.”

There is even a screenshot here if you need proof – although we are not sure why this is the only text in English.

What are your thoughts on this? If the information is correct, it seems a little strange that Sony didn’t announce it at their keynote don’t you think? I mean come on, cross-game voice chat is HUGE.

We’ll bring you more details as we get it.

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  • Jack

    Wow yeah lets make a service tht every1 has been asking for since launch and charge people for it!?
    its the perfect plan….assholes

  • hill

    it wont

  • weeurey

    whos planning on getting this LOL

  • bob

    sign up today for playstation plus range now and get premium and exclusive features, including an annual minimum of £ 200, PSN feature exclusively for members and even

  • alexx

    that should be a great new edition to the ps3 updates (Y)