PlayStation Plus: Official Sony Website Now Live

By Jamie Pert - Jun 16, 2010

If you are interested in the new PlayStation Plus service you may have already read our previous article regarding PlayStation Plus prices, details and release date, however if you are still unsure about the service you should check out Sony’s official PlayStation Plus website.

There is not much on this site that we didn’t already know, however I would recommend bookmarking it as I would not be surprised if Sony expand this site before the official launch of PlayStation Plus.

Many gamers are concerned that PlayStation Plus gamers will get all of the priority treatment whilst standard PSN gamers miss out, and by the looks of it this is a viable concern, Plus subscribers will get full game trails which will let you try a full game before you buy, along with exclusive offers, early demos, automatic downloads, priority beta invitation and much more.

Since the PS3 was release it has always boasted it’s free online capabilities, obviously the capabilities are still there, however seriously restricted unless you pay, I suppose PS3 gamers can’t use Xbox Live subscriptions costs against Xbox 360 gamers any more.

How do you feel about PlayStation Plus?

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