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Nintendo Wii Goldeneye Remake: First-Ever Screenshots

So far we have seen some great new games revealed at E3 2010, however I must say one of my favorite revelations is that a Goldeneye remake will soon be arrive on the Nintendo Wii.

Earlier today we posted a trailer video for the remake of the Nintendo 64 classic, now we have some screens for you to drool over, well maybe not drool over but at least get excited about.

As the Goldeneye remake is a Wii exclusive the visuals do not look great, however I do not think this is important as Goldeneye was all about gameplay, this solid gameplay pretty much set the standard for follow-up games of the same genre.

You can see all of the screens here, we have embedded our favorite at the end of this post, I can’t help thinking that a HD makeover and an Xbox Live / PSN release would have perhaps been better, this somewhat contradicts my earlier statements, but why can’t we have great graphics with the same great gameplay?

Source: GamerZines



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