Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect vs. PS3’s Playstation Move

By Peter Chubb - Jun 16, 2010

When Nintendo released the Wii and then the Wii Fit it had that market all to itself – but we knew that once Sony and Microsoft saw its potential, they would offer up their own version of this new way to control games. 2010 will be the year that motion control gaming will truly take-off with the announcements of Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360 and Move for the PS3.

Both these systems will make the Nintendo Wii look outdated – but it has to take some of the credit for the evolution of the controller. The Kinect and Move offer full body and controller tracking, but both look and react differently. The former has full body control, whereas the latter has a simpler approach.

Matt Burns from Crunch Gear said that when you look closer at how both of them control a game you could see that both are a rip-off to the Nintendo Wii. However, as more games come out both systems will evolve into much more than they are now.

Burns tries to make it simple for us by explaining that the PlayStation 3 Move is all about the game itself, but the Kinect goes much further and could be onto something huge in the gaming market.

Now that we are well into E3 2010 we are certain that you have learned all you need to know about both systems – the question is what one of the two is the better system?

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  • Badshah

    xbox kinect is better cos we r the controller and we don't have to worry about charging the controller or carrying it as small children or gusets can bteak ur controller if it fals from their hands but with xbox 360 kinect u dot have 2 worry about anything and ps3 is nothing but just crap

  • Coollink83

    Who Eva says x box is better that are just stupid xbox have to copy ps ideas all the kinect is is an over priced rip off of ps2s eye toy hello xbox it's already been done and as for online play all xbox wants to do is charge u for it just so they can pay some lazy teat to sit there listing in on your chat to make sure u don't use bad language so in other words if u acidentley come out with a bad word u get band for a month well spry but that just fucked up

  • Suliat

    As far as I am concerned, the only way you get healthy and you are creative is playing outside with other mates not stuck as a lonely ranger with a gear-stick or control pad in one hand and pretending that you've conquered the enemy in an imaginative 3D graphic environment. It creates a lonely world. Yes! I'm proud to be old-fashioned and sane too.

    • Boymysterio619

      It’s an old mindset that gamers are loners.  In today’s generation, gamers are intellectual and have creative minds.  People like you simply pretends to be an outgoer to hide your stupidiness…

  • murillo

    and what better ps3 or xbox kinect

  • I have the KINECT and also WII but I like the KINECT better and my famiies like it my 2 years old nephew was trying too play it when the WII was on he thought it was KINECT…

  • Insightful

    To be honest I have the Kinect, and to say "you can't move on Kinect" is rubbish, you can move around as much as you like. Is your PS3 voice command? no. Does the "move" copy the wii almost perfectly, yes, the only difference they put on the controller is coloured balls on the end of the controllers. If I put a glowstick on a wii remote that doesn't suddenly make it better..

    No-one that commented seems to realise that "gaming with no controllers" means NO CONTROLLERS not a "wand", nothing.

  • inquirer

    Most of these posts are unbased opinions. Many people mentioned buying both. I want to hear from them. People that own both and have played both are going to offer the best insight to a prospective buyer

  • Rac

    obviously move rocks !!!!! Sony consoles have better gaming than Microsoft

    • Blah

      How can you say that when 90% of the games on PS3 came out on the 360 before the PS3

    • Tomw5

      well thats rubbish…xbox doesnt have fraudsters after everyones details and xbox dont burn their lasers out like ps3 s …so in about …75% of the worlds opinion …xbox is better…Anyone who reads this please leave a comment xbox or ps..Thankyou …

  • wtf

    both of them suck, they shouldnt have made these shit, gamepad is still the best. and besides, nintendo has already bled the motion sensing audience dry.

  • whatever

    so everybody agrees that wii definitely sucks? I guess the PS3 is more accurate (correct me if i'm wrong) since it uses a camera and controls (if it doesn't use a camera that it's just a rip-off of the wii); and the kinect is more oriented towards getting u in games like sports or fighting, however i think that some people feel more comfortable with controls since they're still not ready for that level of playing.
    In other words: WII= bad, outdated,clunky. PS3= more precise movements, but needs controls. Xbox: a new experience that some people won't be able to handle.
    I personally would buy the kinect since i'm sick of controls and i want to see how well this technology holds up (plus i might learn new fighting moves 😀 )

    • Coollink83

      You say the move is a rip off of the wii but the kinect is a rip of of the ps2 eye toy it's old news from something that is years old I wouldn't bye the xbox if it was the only concale on the Market after my ps2 got nicked I brought a old xbox I had need for speed underground 2 for it and my m8 had the same game on the ps2 and the graphics were aloud of rubbish compeerd to my M8s on the ps2 so anyone who says x box is better is talking out there rear end

  • jason registe

    kinect rocks because sony is the dumbest idea if i buyed a ps3 i'd kill my self

    • coollink83

      you are perfetec the kinect has been ripped off from ps2's eye toy xbox has to copy sony's iders to keep going

  • marsmannie

    why should u buy a console if u wont to move whit it? :p just go outside imo :p

    gaming is not what it used to be 🙂 ==> chilling in your sofa and just flipping the analoge stick 😀

    now its jumong aroult and others 😮 .. dont see the point 🙂

  • dimzy

    it's simpel guys: xbox 360 kinect looks better, it plays much fresher, and it's a whole new concept and experience!! i saw the world premier of kinect, the whole show with cirque du soleil and it whas amazing really great and i enjoyed it!! go kinect!!!! PS3 SUCKS and the move shit looks like a dildo with a collored ball on it 🙂

  • Bob

    How about this? The Sony ZBox Console. It will have a Kinect type camera and Move type controllers.
    The game software will determine what hardware is required. We can have the best of two worlds then old guys like me can sit down when we get tired.

  • geoffro

    ps move is not going to win, nobody know anything. the scope of the kinect is huge you morons are thinking purely of the gaming market. there are thousands of companies who have stepped forward and said this is the software we've been waiting for now we will make games/software. They're talking of putting it in hospitals to access X-rays without pressing buttons so surgeons dont need to keep cleansing their hands pressing buttons, the only decent looking game on ps move was the fight and that turned out to be garbage, the ps move is not bad, but its not good, and the kinect may have its flaws but the scope is enormous, i have both consoles because im a true game fan, and not a cheapskate, stop swallowing sony semen and accept that microsoft have taken us another step towards the future of gaming, this means it opens the market for someone to better the kinect, and i cant wait for that, bollocks to over priced motion controls

  • Baxter

    All in all i'm a Sony man and am 100% behind the move however in the end the Kinect is going to be towards broader audience. Kind of like when wii, PS3 and 360 were all fairly new, PS3 and Xbox were geared towards techies and hardcore gamers whereas wii was for families and casual gamers. I have a feeling the kinect will be the latter.

  • justacritic

    The moves lag time when it comes to shooters will be far too annoying to even considering using. There is already lag times on standard hi-def tv's usually around 5ms, which is far too noticeable to the hardcore players. Until you get use to it, it's a pain. When the wii attemtped shooters, the lag time was evident, and it just didn't work. The 1:1 they refer to is only how accurate it tracks your movements. That has nothing to do with the response time and how fast the system is processing your movements. With shooters such as killzone or socom, I can gauruntee the response time will not be much better than the wii, if any difference at all. More accurate yes, processed faster…hopefully, but in the end it will be too much to consider using for shooters. However, if there is no perceptible lag with a fast-paced, twitch shooter when it comes to the move, I will definately be purchasing a ps3 and the move.

  • ryan

    I think the moves gonna win on shooter games.Like C.O.D but the kinects will probaly win on boxing games or physical exersing games becuase it doesnt have a contoller. im looking foward to both but i like shooter more so I'll probaly go with ps3 for hardcore gaming and kinect for fitness.

  • Marsalis

    Kinect is shit. Microsoft can't win because you can't even move on Kinect. Controller free gaming? I think not!

    • dave

      your obviously very thick

    • Blah

      You must be very thick, you can move on the Kinect, that's why you don't need a controller!

  • Mv

    Ps3 is shit, I am getting kinect!!! Ps3 store and interface is like century old design! I usually play sports games only and the graphics and gameplay on my elite are so much better than PS3!!

    The only downside to xbox360 is live gold membership!

    • Ayumach

      if Ps3 is **** and you are buying Kinect then the question is answered as who is **** as inspite of Kinect being a failure and showing sweet time lag for movments u buy that..intelligent dude

  • Dan

    Robert, you're retarded. Apple is based in California.
    But that is still not the point. Move will win this competition. It has more games for a wider audience. One big reason I won't get Kinect is because you can't make precise games (Tumble on PSN comes to mind) or shooters (which is a big deal to hardcore gamers like myself). And there is no physical feedback for Kinect. The Move controllers have rumble and the ball can change colors to signify a change in the game.
    Sony for life!

    • youratard

      lol, hardcore gamers will not use the move for shooters, the lag will be no better than the wii was on the shooter. and if you play a ps3 you are definately not a hardcore gamer, nor ever were. Ps3 is not for the hardcore competitive, audience all they offer is platformers.

  • Michael

    Why not get both?
    Although I must say, I'm really kinda dissapointed with Kinectimals and The PS3's Eyepet thing. And like Dave said, both of them have + and -'s
    I bought an Xbox 360 for amazing online games like Halo Reach, and a PS3 has stunning titles as well like God of War. Get both and put an end to flamer gamer war.

    P.S. I seem to only play an hour of games every other day..*sigh* Which one should I play? Who cares.

  • Robert Robinson

    OK, first of all i would like to say that about 80% of you people posting comments need to go back to ENGLISH class because you cant even type in complete sentences. How do you expect anyone to respect your opinion when you cant even spell????????? Now to get to the point, Sony has had the upper hand on the gaming industry since 1995. I OWN every gaming console and hand held ever made. I believe it safe to say Sony's gonna knock it out the park once again! Best games, Best graphic's, Best Creators. And finally i think if we all look at technology period it's easy to see (pardon my french) the foreigners kick our ass every time. Just look around you the best Cars are foreign, Computers, MP3 Players,(Honda, Apple, Sony) etc. You cant deny the truth if you want the best, and are willing spend the most, you're going to end up with someting foreign. Sorry Bill (Gates) but you'l NEVER get another dime of mine. And if you idiots are smart you'l hop on the band waggon. <HomeschoolKid06>


      HHHOOOLLLLDDDDD UP THERE R DOULBLE!!!!!!!!!!! You are correct about the past however as of now SONY really doesnt have the crown anymore, MS the Manny Pacquiao of the console world…way past the proving grounds brother. The proccessing power edge of the PS3 is so slight, its not even worth mentioning, not to mention, pound for pound the 360, has more title that actually look better because of game developemint. Every true gamer knows when it comes to pushing out games the 360's got them beat because they're simply easier to develope for…besides, Bill Gates OWNS YOU SON!!!!!!! He's inside EVERY piece of worthy electronics you have…including your PS3!!!!!

    • adam

      sony has not got the best games or best graphics. you are just one of these loyal sony people who wont even try out anything else. you are aware the 360 graphics card is better than the ps3's? so it just depends on the creator and what they can do. all that ps3 has is uncharted. GT5…. nothing on forza. and kinect… well thats a whole new level, just exactly what have ps3 done with move? made it a bit more technical than the wii? and its a fact that MS have the best online service. us people that are not tight dont mind paying for a service when you get quality from it. you talk about paying for quality? well thats exactly what we are doing for xbox live.. if any SONY fan says PS online is better than xbox live serisoulsy, they need to get over their loyal sony ties. any game you can get on either console plays better on xbox and the online is much better.

    • Mickmog

      I hate poor English too – so I've corrected yours for you!

      OK, first of all I would like to say that about 80% of you people posting comments need to go back to ENGLISH class because you can’t even type in complete sentences. How do you expect anyone to respect your opinion when you can’t even spell????????? Now to get to the point, Sony has had the upper hand on the gaming industry since 1995. I OWN every gaming console and hand held ever made. I believe it safe to say Sony's gonna knock it out the park once again! Best games, Best graphics, Best Creators. And finally I think if we all look at technology period it's easy to see (pardon my French) the foreigners kick our ass every time. Just look around you the best Cars are foreign, Computers, MP3 Players,(Honda, Apple, Sony) etc. You can’t deny the truth if you want the best, and are willing spend the most, you're going to end up with something foreign. Sorry Bill (Gates) but you’ll NEVER get another dime of mine. And if you idiots are smart you’ll hop on the band wagon

  • shivan

    ps move is just a shit people dont know what is microsoft. sony cant even sell there lappys without them ms main aim is to go for future generation and ps move for wii pls support for kinect this can really show an unexpectable to expectable sony is always not value for money if ur remotes fails u have to buy new but in kinect u have to buy only games.

    only blu ray dost works u should have imagination not only remotes or sensor holder

    • Ayumach

      hey shivan..what about xbox being one of the most unreliable products of this decade…one needs to buy a new xbox every 2/3 years if he buys otherwise ppl just switch..

      check sales of ps3 vs xbox 360 on vgchartz for last 6 months and you will know where xbox is headed..i think microsoft with steve at the helm and business driving products and not technology behind thought as on board processor was dumped on Kinect so we get a lag for every movement we thts wht thy charge us for $150

  • Facts-man

    I go for move all the way. One, the new Xbox with Kinect won't have blu ray, which put's the move ahead with graphics, one reason people hate the wii, bad graphics. And you can't play games like Call of Duty without buttons or it would be too complicated.Plus , microsoft copied Wii by copying the Miis, the Mii's had huge heads just like Kinect has it.
    Plus the ps3 has more precision, just check yourself at learn about it and compare it to Kinect. I've tried the move myself and it seems really good.
    Sony For Life……….

  • Dave

    who cares buy them both and have the best of both worlds, they both have + and- Had a 360 sold it to get a PS3, might now get a 360 again. I still rate the first Xbox with the modded hard drive, but then again the ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Vic20 were all good in their day as well. lol

    • XboxSux

      You sir, are the reason the gaming market is in the state it's in. Expensive poor quality games. Why? devs have to make the game on 2 consoles instead of one. Raises costs. By saying" just buy both and have the best of both worlds" you encourage people that it is okay to spend $600 + addon$ to enjoy the full console game market. If you would encourage people to stick to the original console master, Sony, and not buy xbox we would all be making a statement that we don't appreciate Bill Gates forcing himself into game market and getting greedy. This would eventually ruin the xbox and we'd be back to good old times. One console and all the devs making games for it.

      Ah the good old days w/o Failsoft in the picture.

  • the move may have shooters down but not all people are pasionate about shooters so i think kinect will be bettr but im not pre ordering it till sumone tests it out or i do myself

    • Hardcore Gamer

      Move has much more potential than Kinect. 360 is all about shooters but doesn't have a button! Also it laggs behind the Move.

      There are a lot more possabilities with the Move and the Kinect is overpriced.

      • YOUR MOM

        the whole point of kinect was to have controller free gaming not be amazing to play shooters with

    • I have tried kinnect, its mind blowing, its like having a pet in your house, when you walk in the room, it recognizes you and the face(camera) goes up, you wave at it, it logs you in…
      if you go too close to it, it goes down(sad face)….trust me…its like a pet in the house…it is freakishly smart and so i would rather cover it with a towel when i dont want "someone" to watch..

      I have seen adults(21-41) go crazy infront of the camera….they literally treat this as a pet…its freaking awesome….its a hit..

      i am going and standing in line to night to buy a 2nd one..i have already preordered one.

  • lulxboxfanboys

    Move definately is going to win this. Simply because it has a device in your hand. The ball on the end adds for a tremendously more accurate experience than kinect. PS move is 1:1 ratio and is somewhere in the area of only being 1 PIXEL off. If you watch some videos from natal you can see there is lag inbetween what your person does and what you do. Since theres no peripheral i think it will be just like the eyetoy. and the ps3 already has a microphone on its PSeye and I can already video chat with my friends.

    Going back to the PSmove, the controller is going to be the deciding factor, because I can play Killzone 3 and Socom 4 using move. Try playing a first person shooter using move. You can't. Also, the price. I don't know if Microsoft has stated how much kinect is but, knowing M$ its going to be overpriced. ($100 wifi adapter ftw. $120 dollars for a hd drive and $200 for an HD DVD addon that died out). The PSmove isn't really a system at all. You already have the camera. Now you just need the controller. Theres going to be a starter bundle for $99 in which it includes: the PSeye, the controller and a game.

    PSmove definately has my vote.

  • rod serling

    fuck xbox and playstation wii rocks

  • Griffon

    Kinect rules and the xbox can tell who is talking so i'm sure there is a setting where only the person whom is logged in will receive the right to pause. And who the hell talks during a movie anyways thats annoying as hell unless its a comedy movie.

    • dtempest58

      I guise you have never watched a movie with any one else. Its rude an aggravating but still happens also I think all of them are going to make wii look out dated. Only when you put x360 an ps3 will you see witch is better. The 360 has good software an a good web-came. The ps3 however has 2 advanced remotes plus a web cam an amazing software. Both will do good just the 360 want be as precise as the ps3.

    • rod sirling

      xbox is ripping off wii that is cheap

      • Shaun Legg

        ps3 is ripping even more, i mean controllers like the wii. how is it any different. at least the kinect doesnt need and controllers

        • Meowmix

          lol yeah….xbox rips off the PS3 camera technology….and PS3 rips off the motion control technology…..oh…I forgot…in the past microsoft rips off also the core technology from PS3….lol

        • mike

          and you cant sit down after work a right lot to play the new Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360 and there will not be a lot of games out for it for the wey it work's ? with the Playstation 3 move you can sit down or stand up and will have more games out for the it works and with what it can do !!! Go on to, Xbox 360 vs ps3 round 12

        • why dont you all go on you tube and put down Xbox 360 vs Ps3 round 12

          to se the every reason why its the winner, start from Xbox 360 vs Ps3 round 1 to round 12

  • Why!?!


    all those arguments defending the wii in the trash.. 🙁

  • High

    @low, your dumb. Anyone can say xbox pause and it will, not just the user. it listens to any voice, so your girlfriend/kid sister/wife/whatever can walk in and say 'xbox stop' or 'xbox pause' and it will stop you.

    as well, how hard is it to hit a button one time to pause it? oh no! I have to use my finger to pause something like EVERY OTHER GADGET IN THE WORLD..

    seriously, if thats your only grip, your really dumb.

    • W.K

      Dude youe screwed!Both can't be compared until they're released…..then people can test em by themselves!!

  • low

    Kinect is def the winner here xbox pause and it paused how do you beat that,playstation pause playstation pause plaaaystation pause!!!! see it dont work.

    • West

      Because it is so hard to hit a button, and what if there is talking during a movie? Will kinect get its signals crossed? Time will tell.

      • Nate

        the fact is who wants to HIT A BUTTON??? DONT YOU GUYS GET IT. PS3 RIP OFF OF Wii!!!!

        • Dudeski

          Ya and every cell phone with an acelerometer ripped off apple……….

          Move is enhanced Nintendo technology. It's what Nintendo should have made Wii to be.

          Honestly I put my trust in a button rather than movements because i know when I press that button the fucking thing I want to do is going to happen.

          Hows that for precision?

          Move is better I think than Kinect IMO.

        • dc295

          u do realize that they didnt rip off apple. freaking steve jobs just stopped the production of the majority of the technology that was put in the portable apple productions so only apple could produce it. some of the tech got through though thats all. apple didnt necessarily start anything they just stopped it like a bunch of pansies. actually that was all steve jobs.

        • Hardcore Gamer

          Do you know what your talking about? 360 is mostly about shooter games. How do you shoot without a button?

          LOL, I guess you can play kids game on the 360 but good luck having high quality games on the lagging Kinect. A lot of people were disapointed with the Kinect at E3 and I don't think that's going to change.

          PS3 may have stolen the idea from Wii but Sony is the one to perfect it.

    • Bee-Otch

      Wow! You're a real piece of shit you know that? Who the fuck would ever complain about hitting a button.

    • jose3

      all who poeple say its better because you dont have a contarlar thats the only thing they got

    • tray

      umm watever that means but if u go to microsoft website it will say that the graphics are wii clones and that the playstation move has the best graphics