Microsoft Office 2010 Released: Is It Worth Upgrading? – Try Alternatives

Microsoft Office 2010 has finally hit shelves, but with plenty of other options out there – online and offline experiences such as Google Docs and, is it really worth spending anything from $129.99 upwards on an office package that really hasn’t had much of a facelift at all.

First and foremost, we will say that Microsoft Office is one of the most popular business and home applications ever to see the light of day. But since it’s release many years ago, and the evolution from Office ’97 upwards, we have not seen much of a change.

What us consumers really want to know is, tell me exactly what advantage I am getting from MS Office 2010 if I already have a fully licensed and working version of Office 2007? Even better, I could also go as to say as ‘what is the point in buying an office suite when I can get everything I can from‘? Which is free.

Of course, is not the only other alternative as we also have Google Docs and Zoho, which are online based workspaces. But it still remains that is the biggest competitor to any Office suite Microsoft throw at us. We highly recommend you check this out before you buy, as it might just have everything you need minus the big hole in your pocket where your money once was.

You could also delve into Office Web Apps, Microsoft’s own free online version of Office.

If I put the shoe on the other foot for one minute, and you are an MS Office user, you should find no way to convert to any of the alternatives we have discussed here. But it’s food for thought isn’t it?

Will you be upgrading to Office 2010? Can you find any benefits? Have you tried any of the other office suits on the market? We want to know what you are using and why.

Source: PC World


  • Paul

    Can't agree with you more Jamie,

    "Of course, is not the only other alternative as we also have Google Docs and Zoho, which are online based workspaces."

    It is like getting a FREE COMPUTER by using one of these alternatives because of the money you can save. This is because a boxed version of Office 2010 Professional is around $499!!

  • James

    If you're a home user, write a few docs, do a bit of email there's been very little incentive ever to upgrade from one version of office to the next. I've tried others, and they are great if you don't care about being able to share with peers in a business world that, for good or bad, thrives on MS Office.
    If, however, you have a power-need in a particular area, then it can be more than worth the leap.
    For example, moving from 2003 to 2007 literally saved me hours of work, because they lifted the limit of 65535 rows in an Excel spreadsheet. All of a sudden you could use pivot tables with hundreds of thousands of rows in them, which I use extensively.
    Now, the big Excel leap that a select few like me will use a lot, is the ability to pivot from multiple data sources. If you live in a BI world, and like crunching massive amounts of data in Excel, this is a really big enhancement.


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