E3 2010: Kinect Star Wars Gameplay Video and Release Info

By Jamie Pert - Jun 16, 2010

Roughly 12 hours ago the Kinect press conference took place at E3 2010, for me this was was the highlight of the expo so far, one of the things which made this a highlight was seeing how Kinect will be used in a future Star Wars game.

This Star Wars game is currently untitled, therefore a lot of sites are dubbing it “Kinect Star Wars”, you can see a video showing the gameplay at the end of this post, however to see it’s Konect potential you needed to tune in to the Kinect press conference.

Luckily CVG have managed to find a short video showing how Kinect is used in this upcoming game, you can see this video here. As you had probably guessed the Kinect will allow you to swing your lightsaber frantically at all oncoming enemies.

CVG’s video is brief but shows you just how Kinect is going to change gaming forever, one thing which is evident is that Star Wars Kid is going to kick some ass at this game, remember him?

Source: GameTrailers

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  • Digger

    This looked awful. I hate the fact that they think because they throw in lightsabers, Darth, and Star Wars music, that I am suppose to drool and say oh wow… Star Wars!!!. The game play looked boring. and AI of the storm troopers was non-existent. It looked like you block the laser pulses no mater what you do. wave the light saber and it is blocked. Lucus Arts and Microsoft are so lame, The Kinect is a great technology but they are doing nothing with it. To bad, anything good done with the Kinect will be a Hack.

  • nick

    i cant wait for kinect and this game to finally release!!

  • nojedi

    looks really really …. bad
    i am dissapointed

  • steven

    lucas arts is so stupid. This looks more like a baseball bat hitting the stormtroopers, rather than a Lightsaber which cuts through people. Lucas arts always wants to make kid games…sooo dumb.