E3 2010: Forza 4 & Kinect Gameplay Preview

By Jamie Pert - Jun 16, 2010

“Welcome to the future of racing.” The words from Turn 10 Studios creative director Dan Greenwalt, as he ended his presentation for Forza 4, using Microsoft Kinect to entice gamers that Microsoft’s latest gadget would be the way to go for all future racing simulation games.

The game itself showcased two modes. One, is racing mode, the other, was being able to get inside the chosen car, looking around and pressing all those wonderful buttons that you never thought you’d be able to press inside a sports car. The E3 video shows this mode, and looks utterly breathtaking, although it could get kind of boring over time.

This does not shy away from the graphics, which are superb. You never thought you would even touch a Ferrari in your life-time, but you come very close from getting almost the same experience from your living room.

One thing that might let gamers, and racing simulation fans down is that you don’t need to worry about braking or acceleration, but only the steering. The aim of the mode shown, was to pass as many cars as possible in a row before you run out of time.

Overall I think it looks beautiful, but I’m kind of let down by the gameplay aspect of the game. Check out the footage from E3 below, and let us know your views.

Source: Game Trailers / IGN

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