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AT&T iPhone 4 Pre-order Problems: Privacy Breach

We recently reported to you about the iPhone 4 Pre-order problems, things did not go to plan and as a result the Apple Store went down a number of times. However, things were much worse than that due to an AT&T privacy breach. It has been reported that this was caused by a major fraud update.

Vladislav Savov from Engadget learned from Gizmodo that this fraud update went wrong – as a result AT&T users privacy information was exposed. There have been a few cases where identities were sent to Gizmodo readers by mistake. This is the second time that AT&T has had a security breach – the most recent was with the iPad just last week.

The problem occurred when a user tried to sign into their account to order the new Apple iPhone 4; even though they entered the correct details they were signed into another users account. This is a major security breach; as they would then gain access to the users private information – such as bills, phone calls, addresses and much more.

AT&T were contacted about the issue and tried to replicate it, but failed to do so. Although this was just an isolated case, the carrier needs to do more to make certain that this does not happen again.



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