Xbox 360 Slim Specs: Noise Levels and Kinect Power Supply

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2010

Following on from our report yesterday which informed you about specs for Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 slim console, we now have a few more details to add to that – and it is good news.

As reported from Eurogamer, they confirm that the new Xbox 360 model contains a custom Kinect port. This means that Microsoft’s motion device will not require a separate power source to operate – instead it will just run through the new console.

However, those of you planning to use Kinect on the current Xbox 360 console will have to plug it in separately – so that is one disadvantage of using the older model it seems.

The good news is that Eurogamer state that noise levels during operation of the new console were ‘very very quiet’. It is no secret that the Xbox 360 sounds like a fridge after continued usage – so it will be fantastic if the new console performs as silently as Eurogamer claim.

Hopefully, we’ll bring you some analysis soon to confirm it properly. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • guest

    I am also concerned with the added power consumption on a pretty much standard and flawed design. Please redesign the dam thing.
    I have sent out my 2 xbox consoles a total of roughly 14 times. You can forgive me if I am short a few trips. I turn my head and I can see the 3 most recent return boxes behind me.
    Fix what you have before you release more accessories. I had hoped that they would re-design the console before another large scale product launch like the Kinect.

    Dont get me wrong. I think this is a great direction and releasing it on top of flawed design is great marketing and great for retail. Go buy a new and "improved" Kinect ready 360 and all you get is an old design revamped for this year.

    I am sorry for being bitter but I have lived though foreign speaking customer service for hours and have received NOTHING as much as a sorry for the 14 times I have sent back one of my consoles. I was promised time and time again a supervisor would call me back to resolve my console issues.

    All I can say is here we go all over again.

    Cheer all and Ill see you on a Kinect game.


  • prasath

    I bought this model last week from US, unfortunately i blew up the power supply adapter. it is coming with new type socket model. can anyone tell me where i can buy new adapter for this model?

  • Ninny Jones

    Just pre ordered mine for £200, a bargain I say………

  • This console should put back Microsoft on the glory days. The real improvement that I can see with this is its connectivity with KINECT and an expandable storage capacity. Although, I believe its price @ 299 USD is very sweet! And its backward compatible as well. Xbox 360 Slim Complete details

    • debone

      backward compatible??? you are a dumbass. Its still a 360.

      • obviously, you didn't read the spec sheet.. did you?

        • dartheson

          I read the spec sheet and i agree with debone. It's still a 360 just like the elite, pro, and arcade before it therefore this would be lateral compatibility not backwards compatibility since it is only an update to the same generation console line. Also having this thing run off the console's power and not its own source is a con in my book. If they didn't ditch the X-clamps that hold the heat sinks to the CPU and GPU in favor of a design that actually works without creating pressure points that tear the solder joints and warp the circuit board then all they have done with this thing is rehash an already faulty system and added more energy consumption in effect creating a higher likely hood of over heating and thus RROD errors….. so yes, you are a dumbass.

        • sword4ish

          right on dude as far as i can tell the machine itself is none other than a sleeker version of DEATH to the xbox tragic design, even with the 45nm cpu/gpu tech i'd give it 6 months and there will be people pissin and moaning of other faults that i'm sure will arise.
          and wot beats the shit out of me is, if ur gonna release a new breed of 360 then at least give it the tech it deserves and throw in a god damn blue ray player, at least that way we can say well at least they tried,
          by the way i am a huge 360 fan just pi**ed off that i'v went through 3.

        • FANBOYS are crying

          LOL @ the fanboy

          Yer and I bet your PS3 phat didn't get the YLOD right ?, LOL
          I will give the slim just over a year before YLOD is back.
          When they released the PS3 slim they took things away and now even Linux has gone

          The 360 S now has 5 USB ports 2 front 3 rear the PS3 has 2 lousy front ports only (BAD DESIGN)

          THe 360 S now has touch sensitive buttons including ON/OFF the PS3 has push buttons and you can only turn it off if you unplug it, it has to be on or in standby but you can't turn it off (BAD DESIGN).

          THe 360 S now has the fastest console wireless "N" built in , the PS3 has the slow dated unusable for streaming wireless and if you want wireless N I belive $ony do a usb adaptor for (wait for it) £65 YES £65 HA HA.

          Xbox 360 S is backward compatable they took that away on the PS3.
          Xbox 360 has a gloss finish they took that away on the PS3.

          YOu can now buy the superior spec xbox 360 S with a game and a deicated branded blu ray player for the same price as the 250gb PS3.

          Xbox 360 S is the clear all round winner as world wide sales are now proving

        • Being a preacher is one thing, although being a statistician is another. Kindly, read the specs sheet again. The paper is color white.

      • jack2344

        yeh but dose it come withe it all ready installed or do you need x box live