Xbox 360 Slim: Hard Drive Data Transfer Guide

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2010

For those of you who have already decided to pick up Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 console, we have found a very useful guide for you, which shows you how to easily transfer your data from one console to another.

The guide comes to us courtesy of Kotaku, who have provided a few options in which gamers can choose from in transfering all of your game saves and other media.

Firstly, it is important for you to know that the hard drive featured inside the old model is ‘not’ compatible with the newer model, so the first option is to start backing up all of your data on a USB flash drive – you’ll probably need a large one to save hassle transferring bit-by-bit.

If that doesn’t impress you, then the second option is to use the Xbox 360 data transfer cable, which will set you back $19. This will connect both consoles up and you can transfer files straight from your old one to the slimmer one.

Have you found a better solution to transfer data? Leave us a comment below.

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  • please help… i bought new xbox 360 (slim) and wanted to transfer my saves from my old xbox 360 (elite) so i bought a transfer cable from ebay and it recognizes it as a ‘usb’ and i need to delete everything to configure it .. please help 🙁 

  • TightChameleon

    Is it possible to use the transfer cable with a memory card?

  • Julian

    the gamertag is subscribed, not the console. Although a console can be banned, but thats not your case, so don't get confused. 😛

  • Cherie

    ok i need help, we just bought a new xbox 360 we have the transfer cable to transfer our hard drive, but we are worried the we wont be able to get on our xbox live that we have the 3 month subscription to. Will it transfer to the new console? I am putting it off because i dont want to mess anything up for him an his playing black ops online

    • Jeromi

      xbox live profiles can be recovered online. you don't need to use any form of transferring to do it. i recover my profile to a friend's xbox all the time when we play halo, then re-recover it when i get home. that being said, you should still be able to transfer his profile as well.

  • jacob

    so i got my new box and the cables to transfer….supposedly not supposed to to take from my new xbox and put it on my old drive…but it totally did…then the more i looked at it it uses my old hard drive as the destination transfer….talked to peeps and they tell me it is impossible for this to happen but it totally old harddrive now has all my kinect settings and everything on it and it wont recognize my new harddrive as a destination to transfer from my old hard drive..makes no sense to me nebody else have these problems?

  • Michael

    I already transferred all my data from my hard drive to my 360 slim, I also had a memory card with extra data on it. Can I use the transfer cable again to transfer the memory of the card to the 360 without deleting the data it already has?

    • Tony

      How did you do it? I don't get any pop ups or anything god damnit. It recognizes my hard drive as a "usb storage unit" and i can only delete everything on the hdd and transfer data from the slim to the hdd.

  • lee

    I have the xbox 360 slim and i have the transfer cable to an old 120 gb hdd. but how do i get my xbox to automaticly save data to this old hdd?

  • kolbykai

    I connected the hard drive to my new console with the data cable but it doesn’t recognize that it is there. Do I need to change some settings? Please help

  • bladerunner 69

    yes you can use you old xbox hard drive. just take it apart and take out the 2.5 sata drive. then take the little door off the bottom of your new slim xbox 360. carefully slide the hard drive onto the sata connection and then click in. turn on xbox and look on dashboard and you can see your hard drive. so microsoft ca’nt rip you off with a new slim hard drive.

  • The guywhoFARTEDpoop

    how do i transfer memory from a hard drive from a broken consle

  • Brent

    Call 1-800-4MYXBOX and bitch, they'll send you a data transfer kit for free. You have to wait a couple days, but you save $20.

  • this guy

    they should have just made the original hard drive compatible with the new xbox, damn douchebags

  • kjswfgtweg

    will there still be data on the original hard drive or will it be erased

  • questionman

    is it possible to transfer stuff back to your hard drive with the transfer cable?from the slim to the hard drive?

  • James Bullen

    If I have had red rings on my xbox 360 how do I transfer the data from my hard drive to my new xbox slim?

    because with the red rings I cannot do anything except look at a warning screen telling me the error is E74

    • Chris

      goto you tube and find videos by xboxsarerepairable. He will repair your xbox the right way for 25 bucks all you have todo is pay for shipping both ways . He did mine and its been working great! hope this helps

    • your old xbox has nothing to do with transferring the data to the new xbox. you just need the hard drive.

  • xboxslim

    If I wanted to transfer my 250gb hard drive to a new xbox 360 slim, thats also 250gb, could I do it?

  • Keyon

    I bought the new xbox 360, but I am not sure if I am keeping it. If I transfer all my data to the new xbox, will the data transfer cable work in the opposite direction and output all the data back to my old xbox harddrive if needed???

  • Helllo

    what if your old xbox had the red ring of death?

    • That should just effect the xbox itself and not the hard drive.

      • Person

        i want an new xbox too bc of this, the problem is the old one has to work to transfer data to the flash drive 🙁

  • Ramises

    Has anyone considered getting a 3.5" USB drive enclosure and taking apart the old HDD casing and transfering the old HDD into the USB enclosure?

  • bRad

    yeah the dildo sold you one without the software. did that to me too. gotta go here:
    click download. transfer ur data to external hdd or computer. then transfer to new xbox s. i wish i could punch that fag in the balls who sells the kit without the software.

    • Naruto

      Are you an incompetent / impotent homophobe?

    • guad

      hi bRad
      seems i don't possess the original microsoft kit, but the one from datel…i've managed to connect the old harddrive with the computer, now i can copy the data of it on usb
      should i configure the usb first in xbox slim to use it as xbox storage, then copy data from old hdd on it and it should work?
      many thanks for your answer

  • Dude

    I'm trying to transfer my data from my old fat drive to the new slim drive. I watched a video on youtube but when I plug the cable into the new slim it does recognize it like the video showed. Anyone know what to do?

  • malificar

    issue: old 360 RROD'd, got slim xbox and transfer cable, plugged old hdd into xtransfer cable and was all ready to start my transfer- except the way the cable is set up, the SOURCE hdd (the old one with all my info on it) needs to be connected to the console, and the DESTINATION hdd needs to be connected to the xfer cable. long story short, it's going the wrong way on a one-way road. somehow I'm supposed to plug my OLD hdd into my NEW system (incompatible) and my NEW hdd into the xfer cable (incompatible). help?!?!

    • rob

      you plug your old hdd into the transfer cable then the usb from the transfer cable into new xbox console…

      • Joel

        if you dont have microsofts oem cable, it only pulls up as a usb.

  • McBeastest

    if u use, u can transfer all ur things bought from the marketplace. not all of ur game saves so u need to transfer data to get all game saves or u can restart every game that u have

  • Jen

    You just need your old hard drive and the new console, not two consoles. You can buy the transfer cable online, it's the same one that was sold back when people migrated from the Pro to the Elite.

  • CA$H

    if you transfer your data to the new xbox 360 from an old one can you still log into your old xbox live if so how

  • drw

    so will the transfer cable also make my games on demand and dlc go on to the new one?

  • Ethan

    Is it possible to transfer the data to my pc, then onto the new console? Gamestop has an offer for trading in your old 360 console to get store credit for a new one, but I dont want to have to redownload all of my data.

    • Tony

      Yes, I need help with this too, anyone got a fix?

    • Joel

      yes the kit is online on ebay. comes with a run disk and a program you run to only backup data to a pc

  • Katie Rose

    Where can i get one of these memory transfer kits from? and do i need two consoles or just the hard drive and new console to transfer my saves?

    • james bullen

      you can get one from ebay or amazon are my recommended sights
      I am not sure about your other questions sorry.

  • Katie Rose

    Omg i dont even know if my posts are being seen but i cant see them at all. Right ill try that again shall i. Where do i get a memory transfer kit from? And do i need two consoles or just the hard drive and new console to transfer my saves? Lets hope it works this time…

  • You can transfer your content by recovering your gamertag that you purchased the downloads from and then going to Setting ->Account Management->Download History and re-download everything onto your brand new Xbox 360. Like magic. Almost.

    • Seth

      Thats a good thought but what about game memory? That is the flaw in your solution.

    • Jomochan

      That recovers your games, but not your saves data. You have to transfer that.

  • Erik

    yes since it just connects directly with your old hard drive and the other end is a usb port, and the new one has i think three usb ports. choose one haha. and they said that its not called an xbox 360 slim its just a new xbox 360. thats what microsoft said dont shoot the messanger.

    • Josh

      They actually have 5 usb ports, I thought that was a pretty ballsy move lol.

      • Kieran

        it doesnt matter if you call them USB ports or not, they are just controller ports as they are usb, this is the main reason, Four controller ports and one usb port.
        Think about it…

    • Jim

      I need to ask, I just bought the transfer cable, and I have the Xbox 360 Slim and Elite. Do I need some disc to transfer my stuff?

  • George

    Will the memory transfer kit be compatible with new xbox 360?

    • kidrocckk

      its not really a “KIT” its just an adapter with a usb and the other side to connect to the OLD model xbox hard drive. the usb goes to into the SLIM model then u would go to system settings then memory select memory unit and push Y