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Wii Party ‘Mini’-Review: Something to skip this Holiday?

Just moments ago, Nintendo announced their next bridge title for their Wii console. Following on from Wii Fit, Nintendo unveiled Wii Party – a new collection of mini-games for users to participate in.

While you may be excited to hear that more party games are on the way to the console, Nintendo revealed that you’ll have to wait until this holiday period to try it out. Hearing more details on yet more mini-games for the Wii definitely didn’t excite us that much, compared to the likes of the new Zelda game, Donkey Kong and Metroid M.

What we did get though, is a brand new trailer for the game, view it in our previous report here – where you’ll also be able to find a few more details on the game.

Are you a bit bored of the same material from Nintendo? We have a feeling that some of you may decide to give Wii Party a miss.

Do you agree or not?


  • Ella

    I haven't got wii party but by reading quite a lot of reviews it has made me really want to get it for christmas.


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