Sony PS3 E3 2010: Uncharted 3, Last Guardian, Team ICO Leaked

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2010

This seems to happen every year to Sony doesn’t it? We are hearing numerous reports that some huge Sony PS3 exclusives have been revealed hours before the company’s scheduled keynote conference at E3 2010.

The information has come from Amazon France would you believe, as they have prematurely listed pre-order details for Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian, Quantic Dream’s Horizon and Team ICO Collection on their website. Wow.

Surely they know Sony’s conference isn’t due to start until 12pm PT, so why would they do this? To be honest, it doesn’t look as if these details are fake – which means that a major part of Sony’s keynote has probably just been leaked again.

Of course it is fantastic news that Uncharted 3 is on the way – and so soon too, who would of expected it? Then we have another title on the way from the makers of Heavy Rain, and then Last Guardian and Team ICO Collection – some major exclusives for Sony.

Are you disappointed or excited? We would of preferred to see them announced at E3. Let us know your reaction to the news.


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  • Dude

    Nothing about the Last Guardian? That's the only game I even care about!

  • greg

    Well saw the keynote, and nothing about Last Guardian was mentioned at all… bad news?

  • ghiles

    Initialy i was the first to reveal this info, next time do not forget the original info link: