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Sony E3 Keynote: Final Fantasy VII Remake – Last Minute Prediction!

We’re sure many of you are well aware that there is only a few hours to go until Sony kick off their E3 keynote conference in Los Angeles. After Microsoft’s pretty impressive event, the ball now switches to Sony. What are they planning to announce?

We have found a useful article for you to check out, which provides some big predictions that will happen during the event. It comes to us courtesy of GamingEverything and is definitely a good read if you are a PS3 owner.

Therir first big prediction is the announcement of Grand Theft Auto 5 being an exclusive on the PS3. While this would be great for PS3 owners, I don’t see it happening with the way Microsoft and Rockstar partnered on GTA IV for DLC.

Next up is Final Fantasy Versus XIII & Final Fantasy XIV. Details on both games are pretty non-existant at the moment – especially Versus XIII. We’ve had a few teasers of the MMO game, but Sony’s keynote is likely to provide solid details on both. GamingEverything think that both titles will remain PS3 exclusives, but again – I dont think it will happen.

Other predictions include the announcements of Kingdom Hearts 3, Resistance 3 and more PS2/3D titles. I agree with them on these points, these are probably likely to happen – but they are not really anything exciting are they?

My Prediction

This may or may not happen, but I’m going to put it through your mind anyway. I’m going for the Final Fantasy VII remake. This infamous little gem has been debated for years it seems now, and despite Square-Enix admitting doubts over the potential development time for the title – both they and Sony know that the majority of PS3 owners want this so bad. At the moment, I can’t think of any rumors for Sony’s keynote that make me go ‘WOW’ – but a Final Fantasy VII remake definitely would.

Then again, Square might be saving that kind of reveal for the Tokyo Game Show in September, but we can all hope. Let us know your thoughts on the predictions mentioned above, and the likelihood of a FF7 remake happening.

Only a few hours to go now guys – are you ready?



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