Sony E3 Keynote: Final Fantasy VII Remake – Last Minute Prediction!

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2010

We’re sure many of you are well aware that there is only a few hours to go until Sony kick off their E3 keynote conference in Los Angeles. After Microsoft’s pretty impressive event, the ball now switches to Sony. What are they planning to announce?

We have found a useful article for you to check out, which provides some big predictions that will happen during the event. It comes to us courtesy of GamingEverything and is definitely a good read if you are a PS3 owner.

Therir first big prediction is the announcement of Grand Theft Auto 5 being an exclusive on the PS3. While this would be great for PS3 owners, I don’t see it happening with the way Microsoft and Rockstar partnered on GTA IV for DLC.

Next up is Final Fantasy Versus XIII & Final Fantasy XIV. Details on both games are pretty non-existant at the moment – especially Versus XIII. We’ve had a few teasers of the MMO game, but Sony’s keynote is likely to provide solid details on both. GamingEverything think that both titles will remain PS3 exclusives, but again – I dont think it will happen.

Other predictions include the announcements of Kingdom Hearts 3, Resistance 3 and more PS2/3D titles. I agree with them on these points, these are probably likely to happen – but they are not really anything exciting are they?

My Prediction

This may or may not happen, but I’m going to put it through your mind anyway. I’m going for the Final Fantasy VII remake. This infamous little gem has been debated for years it seems now, and despite Square-Enix admitting doubts over the potential development time for the title – both they and Sony know that the majority of PS3 owners want this so bad. At the moment, I can’t think of any rumors for Sony’s keynote that make me go ‘WOW’ – but a Final Fantasy VII remake definitely would.

Then again, Square might be saving that kind of reveal for the Tokyo Game Show in September, but we can all hope. Let us know your thoughts on the predictions mentioned above, and the likelihood of a FF7 remake happening.

Only a few hours to go now guys – are you ready?

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  • cloudstrife184

    SE get your lil a$$'s and make it already lol… more $ for you and more entertainment for us simple…..and yes my spelling is bad..

  • Tedius Zanarukando

    I would love to see a remake of Final Fantasy VII, but I can go without it. Therefore, it is optional to me. and I would rather have a Final Fantasy X remake, as it is more feasible. I would be more satisfied with Final Fantasy XV for PS3 in 1080p.

  • tag

    i herd a rumor that is going to happen and their alway's hope it could be required space of 16gb huge.

    • havefaith

      would you mind telling me where you heard that rumor from? i'd like to know the source of that rumor 🙂 im hoping for SE to remake ffvii!

      • tag

        I heard it's about 6-7 disc long i think it will come like bundle package about 4-5 cases in a one box price would be $250 to me i hope not i heard from their price whopping $600 in china in US is $250 and also february would be the month and i heard some bad news it might be exclusive ps3 and look up on falsate called Final Fantasy 7/13.

      • Www Lone

        Or perhap’s it could be bigger then 16gb huge their talking about serius project look i cannot tell you im so sorry it’s highly top secret project
        i just wrote in compilation FF7 dude if i where you i would of wrote some update’s for the game it’s still a chance to do this.

  • Guisifú

    SE please give us the remake of Final Fantasy VII at TGS in September 2010! Please do not disappoint …

  • Guisifú

    SE please give us the remake of Final Fantasy VII at TGS in September 2010! Please don't disappoint … Cant wait……..

  • jok3r0314

    cant wait!!!! its deffinetly gonna be Final Fantasy VII ( Complete ) it has to be

  • Hopeful

    Praying for a FF7 remake! The people who argue they don't want to see a remake because they love the game the way it was made in 1997 simply don't have to play it. There are many of us who want to re-live the magic with modern day graphics (or even close to), not to mention the huge fan base of gamers who can't get into a game with very dated graphics. There is a new market to be explored with a modern day FF7 remake (not a reinterpretation). I also worry about the voice overs and the potential for SE to damage the game through the removal of content or mutation of content. A remake would be a remake with OPTIONAL new side quests that do not deter from the original story. That is my take. Also, imagine if they got Nobuo Uematsu back to re-do the original score with modern audio tools. 🙂

  • GaGa


  • jjpacemedia

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake, And nothing else!

  • i won't to see kingdom heats 3 at the tokyo game show

  • antonio gonzalez

    i won't to see kingdom hearts 3 at the tokyo game show

  • rkhs

    the amount of hints/clues/spoilers that could indefinitely suggest an ff7 remake is numerous if this beast of a game was remade i think i would have an heart attack or live for the day that i could play this nonstop till i fall asleep playing it like i did on ff13 lol SQUARE ENIX GET YOUR a*s* into gear and remake the game that single handedly revolutionized the rpg genre and make many peoples dreams come true!!!!!

  • pieface

    nomura said they have something to announce in 2010 that will shock many people
    this has got to be the FFVII remake!
    even though e3 has passed and they havent mentioned the shocking news i think they will announce this shocking news at the TGS this september 16/17th – 19th 2010.
    have faith people! we all know its gonna be a FFVII remake!

  • GodOfWars

    Are they dumb? Do they smoke crack? Do they not realize how much money they would make off a remake of Final Fantasy VII? Are they that retarded?

  • Rufos

    I don't see any remake alredy and is the last day of E3!!

  • Johnny

    Not sure bout GTA5 being exclusive.
    V13 and 14 will def be shown a lot I'm sure.
    Resistance 3 has a huge chance too I think.
    FF7 Remake would be the biggest surprise, its been long enough, it may just happen.