Scans & Radiation Threat: A Look at the Daily Risks

It is no secret that power lines, cell phones and microwaves have been linked to radiation, however we have recently heard that the real threats come from overuse of medical scanners.

A recent article posted on msnbc has looked at the risks associated with medical scanners, apparently Americans are at the highest risk from medical radiation as half of the advanced radiation-based medical procedures take place in America.

Too much exposure to radiation is directly linked to cancer, a radiologist called Dr. Steven Birnbaum says that if you have had more than 10 CT scans the risk of cancer is high, he believes that Americans are overtested and overtreated.

Birnbaum believes that CT scan usage has soared lately, he says a lot of the time ultrasound, MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging could be used instead, these methods do not post any radiation risk.

Are you a radiologist? If so, do you agree with Dr. Steven Birnbaum?

Source: msnbc



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