Pre-Order iPhone 4: Page / File not found, Apple Store Down

By Peter Chubb - Jun 15, 2010

The new iPhone 4 has now been available to pre-order for about an hour and already there is a host of problems, which Daniel Chubb recently discussed as the Apple Store was down. I managed to get so far with my order and get the item in basket only to get the message Page / File not found.

The rest of the message on the page said that for security and privacy reasons my session had timed out. I was then instructed to click a link below to return to the Apple Store – which means that the iPhone 4 pre-order fun was to begin all over again.

We thought that we would have a go at ordering the fourth-generation iPhone on the phone, so went ahead and called up Apple. After waiting on the phone for a while we then got through to a sales person. Seems like they have the same issues as us, this is because they use the same website and logins as us to order a product.

We were told that although the Apple Store looks up, in reality it is not. So we are back to square one, still trying to pre-order the iPhone 4 – we just hope that Apple fixes the issue soon.

Have you had the same error message? Have you managed to pre-order yours yet?

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  • David F.

    So groggy … been trying since 4:30 am and no luck. Got to the basket screen twice only for the session to "time out." I've kept trying every 10 mins or so, but can't get past the stage where it verifies eligibilikty with AT&T. On the phone for 1:47 now waiting for a Apple Store.

    Oh well, the price of being an early adopter. Have a great day everyone!!

  • David F.

    So groggy … been trying since 4:30 am and no luck. Got to the basket screen twice only for the session to "time out." I've kept trying every 10 mins or so, but I can't event get past the page where I enter my tel no, zip and last four of ssn. On the phone now for 1:27 and counting.

    Oh well, the price of being an early adopter. Have a great day everyone!

  • Candice

    I am so frustrated. Trying to pre-order this for a gift for Father's Day and having all of the same trouble. Shouldn't a technologically savvy store be able to handle this pre-order system? If it is because so many people are trying to get in, should they not have thought of this? This is ridiculous and makes me not want the stupid thing. But since it is a gift, I will keep trying…

  • Plap

    My order on reaching submit card details and verify order timed out with a dead web page!

    They have now taken my money but I have no order number.

    I've already been onto them and the bank who confirmed the money had gone via Apple.

    I now have to wait and see what happens via Apple and check my nbank again in 24hours.


  • jim white

    Have tried for two hours. First time got session timed out each time. Then error and blank page- now "we'll be back".

  • They want a rush on the phones. Thats why the website is not working for pre-order. Its all publicity. I just hope the website is no indication of how the phone will work.


  • Toca

    This happened to me. I just ordered it on AT&T however the site charged me the $18 activation fee and $40 a month for data. After a 15 min call an AT&T rep couldn’t figure out why I was charged the $18 and why the data was $40 and not $30 but noted my account. I’ll deal with it later if it’s a problem but it was much easier ordering on the AT&T site.

  • Just pre ordered mine through ATT.

  • justin

    now the site is down again. hopefully they are fixin this mess!!

  • Don

    Same for me – I'm in Belgium on business right now so I am even 9 hours ahead of the west coast and have been trying since 9am my time (midnight west coast) and cannot get the order through. Now (12:23 beglium time/0623 Eastern) the store is showing as down.

  • Mark

    I was able to pre-order mine over at the AT&T Premiere Business Portal. Already received my email from AT&T awaiting the shipping to arrive on the 24th. Was a very smooth process as an existing Enterprise Customer.
    Good luck to you all, as I just saw that the Apple Store is down again

  • Lindsay

    Same problem here and now the site is down AGAIN!

  • Ordered from the AT&T site – no problem at all. Apple kept crashing!

  • I tried non-stop for two hour and was eventually able to place two orders (one on my account, one on my wife's), but only after getting session timeouts or errors pages probably hundreds of times. However, when they went through I got the email and everything so it appears the orders were booked.

  • Ben

    I had been trying since 12:30am and nothing. Same as everyone else, just waiting for AT&T to verify and then when they did and I added it to the card, the Ooops! page. What a waste of 2-1/2 hours.

  • Kris

    how are u guys getting the att site to work? i get to the "Add to cart" page and the iphone 4 is not in there? (after starting with the pre-order iphone 4 now button on home page)

  • Robert

    I've tried for 2 hours… now i keep getting to "Add to Cart".. the OOPS

  • Annoyed

    ive been trying since 4am/ea and neither att or apple have come through for me. Att has the preorder button, but when i try to upgrade my account only the 3Gs are listed after clicking the preoder button for the iphone 4… very frustrating and am on the phone with att to see if they can do anything… fingers crossed, but i doubt it.

  • Ali

    I had the same problem, got all the way to the end then got the “session timed out” message! Damn you apple, you tease!

  • Steve

    I had plenty of problems on Apple's site….same issues as what everyone else is mentioning. Had two tabs open, Apple and At&t, trying both for over an hour. FINALLY, At&t put the option to pre-order the phone up, and I went through the process with no problems…got order confirmation and everything!

  • gimmegimme

    Same here. Stuck on "please wait while we process your request" screen for 20 minutes now.

    • Rockstarr

      After 2hrs of trying i finally got to the end and now have an order number !..anyone else manage to get through ?