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Pre-Order iPhone 4: Page / File not found, Apple Store Down

The new iPhone 4 has now been available to pre-order for about an hour and already there is a host of problems, which Daniel Chubb recently discussed as the Apple Store was down. I managed to get so far with my order and get the item in basket only to get the message Page / File not found.

The rest of the message on the page said that for security and privacy reasons my session had timed out. I was then instructed to click a link below to return to the Apple Store – which means that the iPhone 4 pre-order fun was to begin all over again.

We thought that we would have a go at ordering the fourth-generation iPhone on the phone, so went ahead and called up Apple. After waiting on the phone for a while we then got through to a sales person. Seems like they have the same issues as us, this is because they use the same website and logins as us to order a product.

We were told that although the Apple Store looks up, in reality it is not. So we are back to square one, still trying to pre-order the iPhone 4 – we just hope that Apple fixes the issue soon.

Have you had the same error message? Have you managed to pre-order yours yet?



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