Portal 2 Release date: PS3 version will be better than Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2010

In perhaps the most surprising reveal of Sony’s E3 keynote speech, Valve boss Gabe Newell walked on stage and announced that Portal 2, will also be coming to the Playstation 3 console.

This means of course, that the title won’t be exclusive on the Xbox 360 as previously thought – but theres more. Newell revealed that through added content exclusive to the Playstation 3, it will make Portal 2 on the PS3, the most superior version out of all three platforms – his words not ours.

Here is the moment he dropped a bombshell on Microsoft’s doorstep: “As such, we are delighted to announce Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3 and believe the Steamworks support included will make it the best console version of the game.”

Did he really need to say it in that way, which he knew would provoke a reaction from gamers? Let us know your thoughts on this. Portal 2 will release on PS3 sometime in 2011.

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  • Guest

    While everybody is in the mosh pit, the big corporations reap the benefits 🙂

  • PieGuy

    lol thanks valve way to fuel the flipping console war more than it already is

  • Hopeful Xbox Player

    I pre-ordered my version of Portal 2 for the X-box 360 today. While I'm upset when I hear that the 'best' version is going to be on the PS3 I guess I'm just going to have to accept that, mostly because I can't afford to go out and buy a new gaming console. Judging by the amazing quality of the game 'demo' known as Portal 1 I'm expecting huge things from the sequel. Hopefully everything will work out and all gamers can be pleased.

  • MrLaptopMan

    i agree, portal in 3D would be awesome.

  • MrLaptopMan

    i agree, portal in 3D would be awesome.

    it would be epic by the purest definition!

  • larryy

    Actually, the way the announcement was worded, it's not clear that the PS3 version will be "better" in any way except the inclusion of Steam. I'm more interested in poly counts, texture sizes, frame rates, maps, levels, responsiveness, and the like–how it looks and how it plays. Wish there was some useful information on that, so I could place a pre-order. Instead it looks like I'm going to have to wait until it's released and unbiased reviews of the 360 and PS3 versions are posted on the web. (Fanboys for any brand are a waste of space.) I'm having the same problem deciding what to do about Rage. Ah well. They'll still get my money eventually, I guess. Just wish I could get it on the release date, but that's not going to happen at this rate.

    • mikeet9

      The way this seems, and I'm no expert, but it seems this is likely to be ported to the 360 from PS3 which is very likely to cause minor gliches and annoyances. I remember playing Call Of Duty 4 and seeing those screenshots of the game on 360 to drool at. I got Lego batman for PS3 for my little cousin and since it was ported from 360 it had a game breaking glitch leaving us stuck in a room for weeks. Basically, all I'm saying is you're right, the differences he's speaking of are minor, except perhaps cross platform gaming.

      When I buy something, I'm reluctant to get the first wave because the bugs are usually not completely worked out. There's a higher propensity for bugs in a ported version so I for one am going PS3 on this one. My PC is poop and wouldn't run it so PS3 it is for me. Too bad it's not going to be in 3D. That would be sick. This is one of the few games I think would be directly improved by 3D graphics.

  • Andrew

    I’ll probably get it for PC, since I don’t own a PS3 or an Xbox, and I like to screw around with the developer’s console once I’ve beaten the game. From the looks of the trailer, though, my computer is going to have a hell of a time with it. I’ve been considering buying a PS3 in any case, and this might decide it.

  • codyt321

    I'm so fucking sick of added content on PS3 versions. I couldn't care less about Xbox vs. PS3 flamewar, but I'm so tired of being screwed out of other characters, more maps, and more game modes. I wouldn't even mind it that much if some games had content exclusive to PS3 and other content exclusive to Xbox, but it seems that PS3 all but has a monopoly on exclusive content. Luckily by the time this game comes out my roommate will have a PS3 and I'll be able to play the "superior" version, but the whole concept is bullshit.

    • soulsabr

      I believe that the M$ "My way or the highway" mentality has quite a bit to do with the PS3 getting lots of exclusivity. I've even read some reports where free add-ons were axed by M$ since they wouldn't be getting paid for it; ergo, it would have been free but now you must pay some M$ defined minimum price. Just saying.

  • Smudge

    Spoken like a true fanboy yourself there Reed. Didn't see anything in the previous posts to suggest and 360 fanboyism, just Portal fans upset that they would be told they're getting an inferior product pre-release.

    When it comes to cross platform releases like this, people will inevitably be gutted if they're excited about something and are basically told they can't have the full product, we can't all afford to have multiple consoles just in case the PS3/360 version of a particular game is superior.

  • Tacoloft

    The Orange Box was/is still far superior on the 360 console compaired to the PS3 version. As far as Portal 2 goes, I will get the version that offers the best experience – if that means the PS3 then I'm fine with that. I hopped on the chance to download Portal for the PC (for free) and have played that to the last level just recently and it still is a fun experience playing on the PC. I however am a couch potato and perfer my consoles for long gaming sessions.

  • Lol, I knew the Xbox 360 fanboys would come out of the woodworks, because not only idid they lose one of their only defenses against PS3, but also in a way that makes them realize their own stupidity.
    It doenst even matter anyways because I'm getting it for the PC due to the new Source SDK which is sure to follow its release

  • JPort

    Is Steam the reason the PS3 version of Portal 2 will be "the most superior version"? Most Xbox players couldn't give two shits about Steam, XB Live is its own Steam, so who cares?

    But if Valve is going to hobble the Xbox version of Portal 2 or make the game lesser than other versions somehow, Gabe should be ashamed of himself. Why punish the gaming community because you have a beef with Microsoft? If you don't want to deal with MS, don't release the game on an MS platform and be done with it. Making a lesser game is insulting and stupid.

    • Lapras

      You're thinking about it the wrong way. They aren't making the Xbox version a "lesser" game, or worse, they are just implementing things in the PS3 version that they can't in that version. Just because they are making a better version, doesn't mean they are intentionally shitting on Xbox users – MS is doing that for them.

      • ???

        Your username is LAPRAS? Seriously?

        • Andrew

          wtf is a lapras

  • havs

    best console version, so not best of ALL 3… i'm sure he would always say that the pc version is best…

    steam stuff can't be done on 360 so being able to have your ps3 game add to your steam achievements and the such is pretty sweet..

    mainly he was making the point that 360's online is strictly limited to they ms does things while ps3's online allows for cross-platform play(unreal tournament 3 is the only one i think) and other features when developers want to use them, like steam..

    • low

      I'm pretty sure uno and Shadowrun are xbox 360 cross-platform games but your right pc would hands down have the best version.

  • low

    You couldn't wait to start the flame war huh Alan NG.