Playstation Plus: Price, Release Date and Details

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2010

Just as expected, Sony revealed their subscription plans for Playstation Network to the world. It will be known as not PSN+ as previously rumored, but ‘Playstation Plus’ instead.

Sony announced that subcribers to the new service will actually get ‘hundreds of dollars’ worth of content. They added that PS Plus is ‘your play’ and allows you to ‘elevate your game’.

Here is the important pricing details. It will cost you $18 for three months, or $50 for a year’s subscription. As a bonus incentive, those of you who do subscibe will get three months for free.

Playstation Plus users will get early access to betas, early demos, and DLC right before anyone else. As for release date, it will be available at the end of the month – how many of you are willing to give this a tryout?

I think it is pretty reasonable for $18. Let us know your thoughts on this. More coming soon.

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  • Actually, if you want it to be more exact it will be November 4, 2010. All questions about Kinect answered

  • PS+++++++

    This is a steal $50 for full game trials and free games plus guaranteed access to betas no more applying. Not to mention discounts and no more waiting for new download patches because it automatically downloads them for you at a time of your choice. There are only pluses; if anything sony will lose money. Still like that they are keeping free online play (sucks for xbox owners)

    • jackaxe4444

      yea, but how often dyou think said betas come out? and th patches thing isnt really concerning to most of us, as we dont mind spending an extra 5 mins updating. pointless crap th only good part id say is the discounts games and apparently the BBC coming back to Canada

  • Cyborg093

    Wow. People are acting a bit retarded on this. And i can see why they would take games away. They give you a lot of stuff. So if you join get stuff and quit on them its just wtf?. And if they don't make money how are they going to better their games and ect. Im going to get it just cause i feel like being one of many people helping out Sony, im fine with that cause they aren't going to let me down on a future system. Oh, and also think of it as SONY getting paid for all those people game shearing and screwing other people over.

  • Wheat

    Are you guys retarded, look what you get for $50.00 for Xbox live. Nothing.

  • I'm on it. It sounds like they are doing it right, which was my main concern. I'm looking forward to more details on it. I was under the impression that the three months free was for trial version that anyone could try, though. Either way, I'm getting it.

  • SonicChaos

    Not even close to worth it. It’s a glorified discount card really. Sure you get early access, but I’m not gonna pay money for a couple weeks of advance playtime. Also all the “freebies” get locked if you ever cancel it, so you can’t play them again until you resubscribe.

    • Shiven

      i agree with these points wholeheartedly.

      The question i have though, is if it isn't picked up by the masses, what will sony offer to entice them? dedicated gaming servers akin to LIVE would make me pay that $50.

      But all in all, the rewards at the moment seem ridiculously tiny for the investment. if it were 20% off everything in the psn store – i'd consider it then, as i do make a fair few purchases.

      Freebies… well at 2 "free" psn games a month up to AU$16 in value, i'd seriously consider buying it (most games on the australian store range from $8~$16), or $3.00 PSONE games is another possible candidate for getting my attention. Fact is, everything on the store is overpriced as it is.

      The dragon age: origins expansion pack which i'll never buy is a devastatingly obvious example of this. sixty goddamn dollars. Sure EA.

  • SonicChaos

    Not worth it. You egt early access and some freebies, but the free games get locked if you cancel and are unavailable to play unless you resubscribe.