Nintendo E3 Keynote Live: New 3DS, Zelda Wii Release Dates coming?

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2010

We are just a few hours away from Nintendo’s big E3 keynote conference. Microsoft has had their turn, now it is up to Nintendo to deliver some goodies to millions of gamers around the world. Are you ready?

It is fair to say that most eyes will be on the new Nintendo 3DS handheld, along with solid details on the highly anticipated new Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii. If we are really lucky, we’ll get release dates for both products at the end of their keynote.

Who knows though, Nintendo might be planning some other surprises that no-one knows about yet. I’m definitely looking forward to the Zelda part of the show though – what about you?

The 3DS will be nice, but I dont think it will rival the Sony PSP2 – I’m throwing that out there. Don’t forget you can tune into Nintendo’s E3 keynote later on, check out our links here for a live video stream.

What are your expectations of Nintendo’s E3 keynote?

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