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Nintendo E3 Keynote Live: New 3DS, Zelda Wii Release Dates coming?

We are just a few hours away from Nintendo’s big E3 keynote conference. Microsoft has had their turn, now it is up to Nintendo to deliver some goodies to millions of gamers around the world. Are you ready?

It is fair to say that most eyes will be on the new Nintendo 3DS handheld, along with solid details on the highly anticipated new Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii. If we are really lucky, we’ll get release dates for both products at the end of their keynote.

Who knows though, Nintendo might be planning some other surprises that no-one knows about yet. I’m definitely looking forward to the Zelda part of the show though – what about you?

The 3DS will be nice, but I dont think it will rival the Sony PSP2 – I’m throwing that out there. Don’t forget you can tune into Nintendo’s E3 keynote later on, check out our links here for a live video stream.

What are your expectations of Nintendo’s E3 keynote?


  • 9 zelda games

    psp2? awful idea! drifter i tottally agree nintendo holds the crown for best consoles games and ideas! nintendo will probably have mind controlled games next! lol.

  • I must say this console really got my hopes up. Although, the 3d screen wasn't that much of a 'stunner' hopefully, it will be improved on its official launch.Everything about 3DS explained

  • BigD

    "bizzy" you posted just to talk about spelling.. WOW.. dude you need a life..

    Anyway cant wait for the new 3DS!

  • The PSP2 is a lie. Sony neglected the PSP for 5 years, released the PSPgo, and has continued to neglect it. It's clear that Sony has no intention to continue supporting any handheld systems. Yes, it's true game developers may be able to keep it going for a period of time, but we saw how well that lasted. Walk through any game store, you'll be lucky if there's even 25 games on the shelf. Also, the PSP and DS are developed for different markets. The PSP has been promoted and sold as a hardcore handheld with games like Splinter Cell, Gran Turismo, and Socom. The DS has been promoted as a cross-generation console with games ranging from Call of Duty and Metroid to Cooking Mama and Kirby. It's the wide variety of games and the low-priced entry market that makes the DS successful, and as long as Sony sells their console for a high price and limited game selection they cannot compete with Nintendo's reign on handhelds.

    Obviously the writer just wanted to make a controversial post in an effort to increase his readers.

  • Sproot

    It's like Fanboy vs. Fanboy.

    Chances are it's going to be 3D (DS) vs. HD (PSP)

  • Mr. Roboto

    Wow, "rival" the PSP2? The Nintendo DS utterly crushed the PSP, the 3DS is getting tons of hype and good press before it even comes out. What does the PSP2 have? Nothing. I agree, Sony should just cut their losses and get out of the handheld business at the risk of continuing to be embarrassed by Nintendo.

  • Bizzy

    Your comment is so riddled with spelling and grammar errors that it's practically not even readable. Maybe you should go back to school.

    • Guest

      Bizzy, just maybe the poor guy or girl is a youngster and is in process of learning proper grammar. Using the term readable instead of illegible makes readers viewing your post wonder about your age and education as well. Instead of acting as a cyber bully try posting something meaningful that relates to the article. Have fun and enjoy life!

  • the psp2 what there aint even know details on a psp2 i think Sony should just give up on the psp uggh i mean the ps2 hand held, its a good idea but executed wrong. The psp will never ever take Nintendo's hand held crown its just to complex if i want something like that ill go get an i pad which is way better then a psp lol NINTENDO AND SONY WILL RULE THIS SHOW I LOVE THEM BOTH BUT NINTENDO MORE because they are the true innovators in the game and that's a fact .They are the best game makers in the world one man and his posse the lord of gaming (MR MIYAMOTO) NUFF SAID lol


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