Nintendo 3DS Specs: No Release Date or Price, but 3D Movies

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2010

Nintendo spent a healthy portion of their E3 keynote conference showing off their brand new 3DS handheld console. They revealed some solid specs for the device, but failed to give any news on a release date or pricing.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new 3DS, is that it contains a analogue stick just above the D-Pad. It will feature 3.5-inch screens, but only the bottom will be touch supported.

It comes with integrated WiFi support, and motion-sensing controls thanks to a built-in gyroscope. 3D will work via a slider on the side of the device, and Nintendo state that users will be able to ‘maximize’ or remove 3D all together.

Interestingly, the device features two camera lenses and you’ll be able to shoot ‘3D’ images according to Nintendo – look forward to an example of this soon.

Perhaps the biggest announcement of all though, is that the 3DS will be able to play ‘Hollywood’ movies in 3D. Nintendo confirmed that they have partnered with big name studios such as Disney, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks to bring 3D movies to the 3DS handheld. Very nice.

As the title suggests though – the company didn’t reveal a release date or pricing. Perhaps they are saving that for the Tokyo Game Show in September. We’ll bring you pictures and videos soon.

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