New Morning After Pill ‘ellaOne’: Should it be Endorsed in the U.S.?

Earlier today we spoke about the controversial morning-after pill called ellaOne, apparently the FDA are currently investigating whether or not to endorse the pill in the U.S.

We thought that we would ask for your opinions on the matter, obviously pro-life groups will strongly appose the availability of this pill in the U.S. as they feel it is a from of abortion, but if other morning after pills are allowed in U.S. citizens, why shouldn’t ellaOne?

Currently one morning after pill called Plan B is approved for prescription in the U.S, however ellaOne can be used up to five days after unprotected sex, which is two days more than when Plan B is effective.

My question is do these extra two days make a lot of difference in your opinion? If Plan B is endorsed by the FDA why shouldn’t ellaOne? We would love to hear your comments.



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