New iPhone 4 Pre-Order Problems

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 15, 2010

For all Apple fans and bloggers reporting new Apple product news, it’s been a fun few hours. Waiting and refreshing Apple’s “Store Down” page, looking for the store to come back up again, and then when it did you see new products.

The “New to the store” section showed a new iPhone 4, Mac mini, Apple iPhone 4 Bumpers, and new iPhone 4 dock. While looking at the details on these new products you may have had a few problems, we noticed pages with broken links that could not help but annoy us.

Finally you made your selection, to be met with page time outs and pre-order pages not there. One tip here Apple buyers just relax, the pages will come up soon and problems are to be expected with the amount of demand.

At the time of writing we are trying to push an order through but page load times are taking well over a minute, and the pages that were missing are now starting to appear. What problems have you had with your new iPhone 4 or Mac Mini order?

Have you managed to place an order for one of Apple’s new products? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Both sites are still down for me, it's 10:45 AM Eastern, I feel like the people saying they were successful are lying to frustrate those who are routinely checking every 15 minutes or so.

  • kim

    I've tried all day and never was able to complete the order, Now, finally was allowed to reserve one at a nearby store – 30 minutes.
    Not sure if it's really reserved as my number and zipcode are all the info they have.

  • Tpny Blue

    I actually said last week – this is all planned. Tonight, Steve Jobs will be interviewed and issue a heartfelt apology and say "We had no idea there would be such a huge demand for the new IPhone. We are totally blown away." Its a well orchestrated media hype (at our expense and frustration no less) to push up the stock price and get everyone to write about what a runaway hit the IPhone is. I am sure the websites are running at a quarter to half capacity ON PURPOSE. These people aren't stupid, they are manipulating us for PR purposes.

  • Ryan

    Reserved mine at radioshack….plus getting over 200 bucks for my old one 🙂

  • Not a happy customer

    I have the same problem ..this morning at 7:02 AM PST it my request went all the way through and it showed me my plan and asked me to place the order and after a min it said that my request has timed out. After that its been over one hour and 40 mins and it fails to verify my upgrade from att.
    I logged into att account and everything works fine. This sucks

  • Rusty

    Go to an AT&T store, I was having all kinds of problems. Went down to the store and was back in 30 minutes with my preorder.

  • Richi

    So I reserved mine finally!! after spending 2 hours at the apple store using their computers, giving up and going home and trying.

    I did the in store pick up on the 24th but I did not get a confirmation# or anything. Just a note that said " see you at the store. Bring a valid government issued ID"

    Is that it? No confirmation # or email?

  • Eric

    I haven’t gotten anywhere. I’ve been trying to pre order my iPhone since 7:30 A.M. (Central Time) and have got nothing but time outs and errors. It’s quite ridiculous.

  • Andy

    i spent 3 and a half hours only to get stuck on an att premier page. ridiculously pissed off right now.

  • jon

    I was on hold, on the phone, for 55 minutes… after attempting to even get in for an hour. So, after 1 hour and 55 minutes I get to an Apple operator. She says, “we can’t place any iPhone preorders because our systems are down. Please try back in an hour or two”. Are you kidding me???!!! Meanwhile, I’m on and I can’t get past the page where they check with AT&T for my availability to upgrade. Did they not see this coming and prepare for the volume?! Argh!

  • Billie

    AT&T won't even answer their phones now due to "technical difficulty"….wow

  • lujack

    Still on hold!!! 1hr

  • I cant stop laughing this is so funny tryin to pre order my 32gb white jk they only have black and the store is busy its amazing how all of us and 20million others are doing the same. I don't blame At&t or Apple, I blame you for buying my phone.

  • John

    Tried twice to get my order thru att. Timedout both times. Now i go back to try again and all Iphones are gone. What a crock of S(*&t.

  • joe

    Could not get to work, but had no problem with AT&T…pre-order complete!

  • Newyork

    Anyone whos contracts end in 2010 having a problem with getting the right pricing…My Contract ends towards the end of the year..Whats up with this Crap.

  • John

    where is it at on AT&T All I see are the old iphones???

  • Frank

    I am trying to have a phone shipped — keeps telling me I am not eligible for upgrade? Anyone know what that means or what you are supposed to do?

  • Annoyed

    Store is back and running. I was able to order mine, but it did not allow me to ship it to my house. I have to pick it up in the store… what a bunch of shit

  • jkb

    Two horrific hours of struggling, ordering for delivery a no go but finally managed to reserve one for pickup at my local apple store, already got the reservation email. No luck on AT&T site, just shows me the 3G options. Now the Apple online store is down again. Really?? Knowing what a flood of pre-orders there would be, this is the best Apple and AT&T could do??

  • Tommy

    Store is closed again "We'll be back soon"

  • Susan

    Now…Apple states…"we'll be back soon" after 2 hours

  • i hate at&t

    fuck AT&T and fuck Apple complete bullshit

  • kris

    how? I can't get ATT to work? I start with the preorder now on front page, then i get a list of devices an the iphone 4 isnt there?

  • Madgreek

    I keep getting an “Oops! an error occurred” and I’ve been trying for well over an hour starting at 3 a.m. PAT.

  • Walter

    This is crazy, I am going back to bed!

  • Steve

    just got my order confirmation on At&t!….16gb Black

    • Steve

      maybe one of the first to get through!….kept refreshing and refreshing….that processing message never seems to go through on Apple's site…so I just went to At&t instead..took about 30 mins of trying…but it went through!

  • Eric

    Even though apple claimed I could get the discounted price if my contract ends in 2010, both and will not allow me to purchase at the discounted price.

    • NewYork

      Im getting the same shit..It keeps telling me in July I can get the discounted price..What is this Bullshit..My Contract with Att deff ends this year..They gotta fix this crap.

  • Kellon

    Go to the At&t Wireless website i tried and tried on apple but at&t worked fast no problems, and took my visa check card, and are shipping it to my house.

  • Ernie

    Succeeded: 32GB Black iPhone 4. Had to try repeatedly, kept getting failures and timeouts, etc. Note that I just got the confirmation email 20 minutes after the order was accepted, so don't get too worried if your order goes through but the email takes a bit.

    Thanks for reserving your iPhone for pickup at the Apple Retail Store on June 24 starting at 7:00 a.m. You’ll receive an email confirmation shortly and we’ll have your iPhone ready and waiting for you when you come in to the store to pick up and pay.

    When:Thursday, June 24
    Where: (My store location)
    What:IPHONE 4 BLACK 32GB-USA $299.00

  • Chris

    I too am getting the error time out message. I was able to enter my account info and get through the 1st spinning wheel and the 2nd as well. But after I tried to add it to my cart, my session timed out at the 3rd loading page. I'm hoping eventually my order will go through. Best of luck to everyone else too!

  • Linda

    Mine has been checking eligibility for at least 20 mins…do I wait or start a new session?

  • Randy

    I got kicked out over 10 times at different points as I tried to pre order. I have gotten to the authorization point on about four different occasions. At this point, it seems to hang up with the spinning wheel. It is very frustrating, and I am thinking that I might need to pre order directly at an Apple Store or ATT store — but I do not want to wait in line to pre order! I am glad that this at least worked for someone because it definitely is not for me.

  • kristin

    made it all the way thru after 5 boots, but didn't acknowledge elegibility, so my preorder is for full price. cannot edit or cancel reservation- keeps timing out. now what?

  • Chris

    I stayed up for this? What a joke. Can't say I am surprised. I actually have a life…going back to bed….FML

  • Bridget

    I had to order one through apple and one through at&t’s site. 🙁 and no white ones either. Very disappointed about that.

  • Tunis

    Ughhh!!!! made it through to add to Cart, twice and then kicked off due to inactivity!!! How horrible

  • Walter

    Get up early to do this thing and they cant even get the early people in what will they do when everyone wakes up and hits this system?

  • acie

    this is BS im going to bed

  • Mike

    I got mine to go through a few times on apple, but every time at the end it says unable to process online, pick a store to complete process. Store is 100 miles from here.

  • Matt

    Spinning wheel of death…..AT&T I am leaving you as soon as another carrier gets the iPhone, I've been up over 24 hours, been trying to preorder for 54 minutes and NOTHING!!!!!!

  • Walter

    Same here it gets me almost there on a few occasions then Times Out

  • Jeff

    AT&T did was to blame on the original iPhone launch as well. remember all those unusable phones waiting for activation. Here we go again only 5x worse. I too am getting the spinning gear waiting for account verification. Made it though once but then got kicked out due to inactivity.

  • helen

    iv ordered mine about 20mins ago. just keep trying you'll get there eventually

    • Linda

      Did it check eligibility for a while…like over 20 mins? Not sure if I should wait or start a new session?

  • jon

    since 4am waiting on this processing thing.ugh att!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian

    two times i got to the point when I can add the phone to my cart and it says error.. and sends me back to the homepage of the apple store 🙁

  • Susan

    45 minutes processing eligibility and counting

    • wass hammoud

      LMAO freaking at&t. same on my end.

  • Matt

    on my first attempt it went all the way through to the check out process but i wanted to add one more phone to my cart for my wifes line, at that point it said that my session had ended. maybe i should have been selfish and just ordered mine! this sucks now i have nothing but error messages

    • Titus

      Jerk i was tryin to get one lol stupid evo 4g youll never get this much demand

  • Arun

    its hung at the stage where its checking upgrade eligibility with ATT. like 20 fucking minutes now.

    how horrid.
    my nightmares are made of ATT.

  • angry at at&t

    nope, It's 4:39am EDT and I cannot process the pre-order. when i enter my phone number, billing zip, and ssn, it freezes once it tries to contact AT&T to lookup my account. Of course it's stupid AT&T that is effing up everything.

    • Bruce Wayne

      its not AT&T. It's the Apple site. They're updating it.

  • Arun

    its hung at the stage where its checking upgrade eligibility with ATT. like 20 fucking minutes now.
    how horrid.

    my nightmares are made of ATT.