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New iPhone 4 Pre-Order Problems

For all Apple fans and bloggers reporting new Apple product news, it’s been a fun few hours. Waiting and refreshing Apple’s “Store Down” page, looking for the store to come back up again, and then when it did you see new products.

The “New to the store” section showed a new iPhone 4, Mac mini, Apple iPhone 4 Bumpers, and new iPhone 4 dock. While looking at the details on these new products you may have had a few problems, we noticed pages with broken links that could not help but annoy us.

Finally you made your selection, to be met with page time outs and pre-order pages not there. One tip here Apple buyers just relax, the pages will come up soon and problems are to be expected with the amount of demand.

At the time of writing we are trying to push an order through but page load times are taking well over a minute, and the pages that were missing are now starting to appear. What problems have you had with your new iPhone 4 or Mac Mini order?

Have you managed to place an order for one of Apple’s new products? Let us know in the comments.



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