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New iPhone 4 Pre-Order: Problems with White model?

We have just posted an article informing everyone about some problems that users are experiencing, since pre-orders began for the new iPhone 4 handset, but it seems the biggest problem is that customers cannot choose the white model.

If you head to the Apple store now, you’ll see that the device is now available to pre-order, priced at $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model.

However, under the listing for the white version, Apple states the following message: ”White iPhone currently unavailable for pre-order or in-store pickup.”

We told you that this would be happening, prior to Apple updating their store – but it still doesnt explain why customers can’t order the device.

Is there a last minute stock issue with the device, or has Apple ran into a more serious problem that they would rather not tell us about? Hopefully the answer will be revealed soon.

So there we have it. The new iPhone 4 is only available in black at the moment. Are you angry, disappointed? Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • Swainey

    I'm hanging on for the white! It will look cool and no dirty finger prints!

  • Bob

    Im angry how could apple do this to us no white iPhone 4

    whaaaat;;;;;) ???? Not faair white is more hot than black!

  • whitemya–

    apple more like rotten apple. i can wait for the white not that big of deal and not the point. i have purchased every model iphone made and this is how apple treats loyal customers. lets show apple and boycott the iphone 4 . EVO here i come.i am in sales and this is the worst way to treat customers is false advertisement , i have my master in marketing and believe me when i say apple has know the whole time even before the wwdc with jobs annonce ment with white and black. they knew the white wasnt going to be available but didnt want to release the info. trust me it is a marketing trick. they pump up the product to get the customer excited so when the bad news comes out they will purchase anyway.notice you didnt know white was not available the day preorders started. hello!!!!!!i dont know about you guys but after i have given them alot of money and to treat me that way . take the iphone steve and shove it up your a–.

    • spamusubi

      you said it whitemya!!! I, also am in disbelief at how we all keep giving our hard earned dollars to apple after continuously being treated this way! Steve Jobs can go to hell with his manipulation and lies. thanks for the info! I will also purchase the EVO. Hear that APPLE?!?!?!?

  • nfnnln

    be happy that you atleast getting black order, some people can't even order one!!!!

  • jeepgrl

    TOTALLY STINKS! Holding out for white!!

  • Mox

    * for a few months

  • Mox

    I really want the white one, but I also don’t want to wait or a few mints while other people have the black one.

  • JC

    For a company that makes over 3 billion a quarter even when the economy was at its worst, you would think that at@t would be able to avoid issues like this. Should’nt this be considered false advertisement?

  • Brian

    I can understand not having white available on June 24, but at least let us preorder it and then we get it when we get it.

  • Howie

    @Jack, you tell me that’s not not true you f*cking wanker. 🙁 🙁 I wanted the white iPhone 4 so bad, now I can’t have…

  • Kjristos

    I’ll wait for the white one. 🙂

  • Bob

    Can’t even order the black one. Apple’s website keeps having problems. Unreal that they didn’t prepare their servers for the demand. I’ve been trying to pre order for the last three hours.


  • Scott

    Must have been really hard to be upfront about that before the Pre-Order date. Not the end of the world but simple courtesy toa loyal customer base would have been appreciated in steand of this last second notice.

  • Jim

    you all sound like a bunch of whingeing children. So what if you have to wait a few weeks to get a white one?! Its hardly the end of the world is it?

  • Drew

    I sold my 3g ive had never had a white phone except when Cingular had the D807 then i try to get another white one because i like white an then they pull this i think im done with apple i wasnt to happy with the 3g because the back was cracking an the black one jus looks cheap white is the best! If they dont come out with white by the launch date i will just purchase i white iphone 3Gs or break down an buy the ugly cheap black!

  • Sub

    Can anyone order anything yet? The darn shopping site keeps crashing…I can’t finalize any Iphone 4 orders… argh!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    Stores in the UK have the whie one, i have a mate who works for carphone warehouse and they got there stock last week, they have both white and black and claims that white is unavailable to pre order as its the more popular one so they are selling it on a first come first served basis.

  • Adrian

    What the story then Apple? I really want the white 32GB, looks like i'll have to wait, the white alot cooler than the black and won't be such a fingerprint magnet.

  • sharon

    Bleh, wanted a white one. I will wait, but Apple REALLY?

  • George

    Interestingly enough, AT&T lists the white version as an option when you upgrade a line…

    • sharon

      Only an option as "coming soon" I tried trust me.

    • Steve

      yea but it says "not available" after you click on it……black is what I got…my order confirmation went through and everything…FYI…good luck on Apple's site….but At&t's worked.

  • Jack

    Fucking pissed, I have sent away my 3GS to get money for it and now I can't order the phone they said would be available, apple you dirty twits.

    • gigglesjenni550i

      lmao thts sux! im pissed as well!

  • 121_xoxo

    urghhh i wanted the white 1 and i was looking foward to pre ordering it today (sad face)!!! will the white iphone 4 be avalible on june 24th?

  • miguel

    very dissapointed by apple not having the white iphone i read in another forum that the white iphone will be coming out sometime before september

  • enZo

    such bs! i cant believe they would do this and not even tell us when and if they will be available on the release date. my first instinct was the whites were ugly, but ive always had the white so i wanted to keep it that way. now i cant even choose it.. wow decisions.

  • wass hammoud

    Im angry because i said that I would go ahead and get black even though i wanted white and now Apple store keeps crashing ahh :[

  • shrimpy21

    Ugh! Really? I really wanted the white one! Hopefully they will fix it and let us pre-order the white one ASAP!


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