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New Apple iPhone 4 Bumpers: Live on UK Apple Store

If you have your eyes set on the soon-to-be released Apple iPhone 4 you are probably looking to pre-order your handset today, if so you may want to consider purchasing the Apple iPhone 4 bumper, this could perhaps stop your iPhone 4 from smashing if it is dropped.

Pretty much everything about the iPhone 4 is impressive, however there are some concerns over the handset’s ruggedness, obviously being a smartphone you don’t expect it to extremely resilient to drops, however you wouldn’t want it to shatter like it did during a recent drop test.

The bumpers are currently live on the Apple UK store, there are six colors to choose from, these are black, white, pink, orange, blue and green. They are all priced at £25 each and simply fit around the outer edge of the iPhone 4.

These particular bumpers are only designed for the iPhone 4 and will not fit any other iPhone model, they are made out of rubber and plastic and feature metal buttons for volume and power.

Will you buy an iPhone 4 bumper? If so, what color will you choose?

UK citizens can buy your iPhone 4 bumper here.


  • gavin

    just under 30 quid with shipping.

    on a seperate note – just heard the white iphones wont be available at launch in the UK


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