Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – E3 Trailer and First Details

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2010

Following on from our earlier report, which confirmed the new title for the upcoming Zelda title on the Wii, we now have some details on the game, along with the E3 trailer for Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

As we mentioned earlier, the game will be compatible with both the Wii Mote and MotionPlus accessory and controlling Link is a completely new experience thanks to the added sensitivity within MotionPlus.

For example, you’ll now be able to roll and throw bombs using body gestures with the Wii Mote, and the MotionPlus also brings new capabilities to the Slingshot weapon and Whip.

Nintendo also gave us a look at the new menu system featured in the game, as you’ll now find it easy to scroll between weapons using Wii MotionPlus.

Check out the E3 teaser trailer below and let us know your thoughts on the game. Are you impressed with Skyward Sword or not?

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  • Zelda girl

    thanks illea, oh and legendfan thats not true twilight princess rocks! i mostly like it because th music is so magnificent and the story is so tragic
    and its so cool i thought that zelda was the twilight princess but it was midna and that was because TP was the first zelda game i played zelda is awesome i mean when you play it each of the parts of the game has a different feeling . You know i got the magic armor its awesome and i got three bottles and three bombs and i got a quiver that holds one hundred arrows, here is how you get it. in castle town there is this magic ball game in a tent that looks like a carnival, go in it and the guy will tell you to play this game for ten rupees.after that you migh think catching the magic balls is hard but it isn't , you just have to have a clawshot(its best to have two , you get two when you pass city in the sky)get the magic balls with the clawshot and there, they give you a quiver that holds seventy arrows then you have to do that again but its more harder and you get a quiver with a hundred arrows,

  • illea

    in twilight princess if you go nto the celler of links house and use the lantern there is a chest w/ a purple ruppee in it next 2 i there is a mirror go into 1st person and lo and behold there s links reflection but if you dowse the lantern yu will see that the master sword glows in the dark also links eyes

  • Legendfan

    you people make me laugh , "i sure hope i wont have to move my oversized ass more than pushing a few buttons, sitting in my couch". Im a fan of that serie from the very first legend of zelda on nes and i welcome the new challenge the wii will give us. Try to at least give the damn game a chance .Also one important thing : the zelda serie always been colorfull and cartoony , not all game have to be perfectly realistic like call of redundance and other marvelous repetitive and boring title game compagnies shit on the market each years only giving 10 or so hours of actual gameplay for 60 bucks and up .Its nice to see a new zelda and to be honest , i dont understand why people think twilight princess was the best , yeah it has pretty graphic and all but , did you see how much they scrapped the last boss? i think i never were disapointed in ganon before: he was in the previous games actually pretty challenging the first time you played. In that one i nearly lost no heart knew what to do without really thinking ( not like in ocarina of time) and beat him in less than 10 minute. not counting all the portable shitload of "zelda" we had this is seriously not the best they gave us . Wind waker was awesome . if you people only think of graphic then go back to your gears of wars….lol

    • midna

      look buddy i do not have a wii i do have a gamecube my opinion is that the twilight princess was the best i really enjoyed it

  • lianna

    hey what i want to know is what its rated, how good the graphics are, is it on gamecube (i doubt it) and seriously he has to be cute

  • Link

    yeah, Link should wear tights :O but btw, minish cap and twilight princess were the best <3

  • suzie

    why is Link wearing pants instead of tights ?! D:

    I'm still hyped that this one is coming out though, cause LOZ started to drop after Wind Waker. Twilight Princess saved it from dropping all the way. (thats just my opinion) * OOT was the best. EVER. 😀

  • jamie laskyah

    why cant he just stay 3d. why cant link ever be a bad guy. oh right too many would probably miss his cuteness. I wish they would come out with a limited addition zelda where he gets down and dirty *Shadow Link?* and gets some blood going….i know it wont happen but….

  • Anonymous Dragon

    The graphics look worse than Twilight Princess. But this game hasn't even come out yet, so they're probably working on improving the graphics right now.

  • Brian

    Wiii ruined Zelda games for me cause they think I wanna feel like im the one doing all the motions when all I want is the same feel as oot. So Fuck the wii thanks for ruining my favorite series of games. Ps I miss gamecube

  • Danielle

    i think a link to the past had the best graphics … 😉

  • jesse

    this one looks way to kidish…they were goin in the right direction with twilight princess..every zelda iv played is fun..but windwaker was to kid ish…i was waiting for one to come out to match ocarina of time and majoros masks' awesmeness..and i think twilight did just that..and i was really hoping this new one would be even more epic and maybe even up the graphics and gore a little bit..but it looks like there fuckin that up..my opinion though..sure it will still be a fun game…

    • U know I think the game would be a whole lot harder if the boss weak point was not his eye in every game

  • savanna

    Twilight princess graphics definitely lookd better..this ones a lil cartoonier.. but the bitmapings a lil smoother on this one..I’m gona hate playin the game with the dam wii remote

  • calebhall

    I think this games is going to be better then any other game I played.

  • SwordBoyEric

    This game looks awesome and cannot what until it comes out and this game looks good but it could look more epic.:D

  • GanonForever

    Hm. Its awfully cartoony….but still looks cool :D. Hopefully it'll be pretty epic. I was pretty disappointed with the graphics in Windwaker, phantom hourglass and Spirit tracks, tho they were fun. Twlight princess was the best in my opinion. It really brought out link's epic heroism. Lets hope they don't ''kid-ify'' the new one. But either way, I'm excited! And….why was link right handed? Wasnt he supposed to be left handed…? Boo..

    • Yah now that he is right handed his fightig style looks weird but in the game I think u can make him left handed witch would be better in my oppinnon and he does look a little cartoony

  • Mason

    I hope its not a 'lighthearted' sequel… It needs some chaos and dark moments!!!

  • Charlie Jackson


    seriously did anyone notice that.
    The windwaker style knocked the series down a few notches not because of the graphics but because it was WAY to easy for a Zelda game.

    I mean come on


    • starmaster1998

      link used his right hand whenever he attacked like this —–> in ocorina of time using the
      biggoron sword. but he was awsome as left handed. HOWEVER most people are right handed so since they are using the wii motion plus it would be more fun for more people. GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD!

      • Henkmans

        So like why not make it optional..??

    • I mean really are the nintendo creaters even thinking anymore it’s just like saying that gannondorf turns good and and link after countless times of saving Zelda and not one hug he finally gets laid but I think he is left handed in skyword sword I’m not sure

    • mpenguin101

      does it really matter if he's left handed or not? I mean, really? Its not that big of a deal. Plus, I think it depends if the person who's playing him if he'll be left handed or not…

  • Guest

    This looks really cool! Can't wait until it is released so I can get it!

  • Guest

    What I am worried about are the controls.

    • Mack Brown

      I feel exactly the same way because in the wii resort the wii motion plus controls werent that great at all so im just hoping the controls are a lot better for this game than wii resort.

  • Jesus F

    people often bashed the aesthetic style of windwaker, yet i never understood why. I felt that it gave the series a new, actually better look . It allowed the characters to be more expressive, gave the game a certain charm, introduced certain concepts and ideas that simply would not have worked without the cartoon graphics and I give nintendo kudos for giving a great big "FU" to the naysayers. I love both twilight princess and windwaker, but I think that the cell shading is worthy of being reutilized. I am personally in favor of seeing both styles in future zelda games respectively.

    • U know what I don’t under stand why are all the stories. Of how the triforce got. Reared is diffrent in all the games????

  • asdfghjkl

    I think twilight princess looked better.

    • They got really lazy with game but it still looks cool and fun