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iPhone 4 Pre-Orders: Apple Store Down – Twitter Updates

Just like last year, it seems Apple are struggling to cope with the sheer demand for the new iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 had been available to pre-order for a few hours, but we can confirm that the Apple Store has crashed again.

This is obviously very frustrating for users who just want to place their order and resume with their daily activities. We imagine that thousands of users are trying to access the store at the same time, causing Apple’s servers to overload under pressure.

Did you manage to get your order in before the store went down again? If you did, consider yourself lucky. There are currently no signs from Apple when the store will be available again.

Thankfully, you’ll be able to see when the store is back by checking on Twitter. Thousands of users are in the same position here, so visit this page for the latest updates on the situation.

Or you could just keep pressing refresh if you really want to. Let us know your thoughts on this. Did you get your order in on time?



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