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iPhone 4 Pre-Order Time: Only Black Available, White M.I.A

For those of you hoping to pre-order the white version of the Apple iPhone 4, look away now. We are hearing reports that the white version will not be available to buy until later on this Summer.

According to this report from BGR, a leaked internal document from AT&T has been obtained by It says that only the black version will be able to buy on June 24th, and the white version will be available some other time later.

Why didn’t Apple announce this at WWDC you say? – Your question is as good as ours. BGR has since updated their article to say that both AT&T and Apple has declined to comment on this, and that the claims have been backed up by another website here.

Are you disappointed with this? I have to admit that I prefer the white version over the black so this is pretty disappointing. I guess we’ll find out the truth once the Apple store comes back up.

Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • huhuhu

    im quite disappointed! looking at the website all the time ! i was waiting 2 weeks ago for today to pre order my phonee !! and they have not even explained any reason about why is not still available!! im going in 2 weeks time to spain and if the phone is still not here in london I will have to wait any longer, as is arriving later on spain !!!! 🙁

  • sbp_grafx

    Will wait for white also. In the meantime, I can update and use iOS4. Hopefully 'later' is sooner than later ….

  • Dwood

    I have to have the white one, I’ve always bought all their products white.

  • Jessica

    I really want white so I will wait. My 3G is still fine & I really want it in white

  • Rekcuf Yeh

    The last time I chose black was Obama. I really didn't want to make that mistake again.

    • Nathaniel

      He did more good in one year than Bush in eight. Stop being an idiot.

    • whoa

      what a dumb ass

  • anonymous

    wtf! apples wack for doing that

  • danielle

    Im mad! lol but when will the site be back up? ? ? ? i thought you could start to preorder at midnight pa time

  • ifan

    it sucks!!!

  • Daniel

    oh my gosh, that is really disappointing. what the fuck 🙁


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