iPhone 4 Pre-Order Time: Apple Store Live Soon

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2010

It seems we are just moments away from being able to pre-order Apple’s new iPhone 4 handset, as we can confirm that the Apple Store is down for maintenance at the moment.

When it comes back up, you’ll be able to pre-order the device and confirm your order for June 24th. As with previous years, the Apple Store is set to come under immense traffic – so you better start refreshing that page if you want to be one of the first users to see the updates.

Visiting the store now will greet you with the familiar ‘we are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly’ message. That message has been on the site for a while now, so it shouldn’t be too long before the store is live with the new updates.

Will you be pre-ordering?

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