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EA’s Gun Club: List of Rewards – Paradise for FPS fans

At their E3 keynote conference, EA announced a new platform for their community. It is called ‘Gun Club’ and the new system is aimed at FPS fans, offering members exclusive access to betas, unlocks and demos.

As reported from VG247, the Gun Club will operate by supporting a collection of games, some of which have already been confirmed. The two games which have been mentioned already are Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the upcoming Medal Of Honor game.

EA also reveal that the Gun Club will have support for an upcoming expansion pack to BFBC2 called Vietnam, which we will tell you about later.

The big news is that EA Gun Club members with a VIP code from BFBC2 will gain exclusive early access to the upcoming multiplayer beta for Medal of Honor which starts in a few days time. Furthermore, your code will also give you early access to a sniper rifle before everyone else – great!

We’ll bring you a full report on Gun Club soon. In the meantime, head to the website here to log in and see it for yourself. It says that I already qualify for the two rewards mentioned above.



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