E3: Sony’s PS3 keynote was disappointing – Reasons Why

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2010

I’m not sure about you, but I felt a little bit disappointed with what Sony brought to the table at their E3 keynote conference in Los Angeles. We didn’t see any new hardware in action, or confirmations on a few rumors we which tipped would definitely happen. Why?

Firstly, what happened to those two new PS3 models that were revealed a few days prior to the event? It seemed certain to happen after reading Engadget’s scoop – were the FCC incorrect then?

Then there was the matter of the PSP2. While Microsoft added the slimmer Xbox 360 console to their hardware lineup, Sony failed to produce any new hardware which made us jump out of our seat. What happened to Kaz Hirai taking the PSP2 out of his back pocket?

Of course, a release date for GT5 was great, and Twisted Metal looked pretty awesome, but I still felt a sense of anticlimax once Mr. Tretton wrapped things up at the end. At least we got a solid release date for Playstation Move, as well as pricing details -which Microsoft failed to provide. It will also be out in September, compared to November for Kinect.

Do you feel the same way, or have I got this totally wrong? I’m a Sony fan dont get me wrong, I just expected more of the ‘wow’ factor, that’s all.

Give us your thoughts on this.

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    Sony has captured my heart before. They made me agitated before as well. I will continue to use my ps3 and my comments about the new PS plus are false i believe that PSN is in desperate need of money so they don't want to get rid of free gaming just like that they need a way to get newer products and newer games member anything that has to be created now a says takes money something Sony is very low on that is why i believe Sony is in there bad days srry if i went of subject


    Alan i absolutely agree with you. Ps3 was to be really the one who put xbox360 in its place but in this age right now im starting to miss the ps2 online all the new things you have to do now a days. I think the real major fail i know this is going of subject was the erase of BD or backwards computability and now when OS was removed that really ignited lots of hate in me. Now this new special members crap is bull now people are getting unfair advantages just because people are feeding PSN money i think that PSN in the upcoming months are going to loos lots of players mark my words reply to my e-mail newyorkeminem@aol.com if you have any thoughts on my comments and please nothing rude also feel free to write me on my psn acc cavemanbam2

  • levent

    very dissapointed indeed. no new ps3 colors no psp2 no resident evil portable……think sony is beaten on the handheld market????

  • xbox

    their conference is completely sh*t. they had no real games demoed and that move bullsh*t is another sh*t device. the only real game there is portal 2 and it's multiplatform too. i thought that laser tag bullsh*t that happened in ubisoft's presentation was sh*t but this is the biggest sh*t i've seen. what a piece of sh*t.

    • MexicanSpice

      its funny how 3 biggest blockbusters for xbox are Halo Reach, Gears of war 3 and Call of duty Black ops

      Halo Reach – Who the hell wants to shoot up little monsters with a green blob gun
      Gears of war 3 – They are just milking it now, the game doesn't look special any more and it looks outdated
      Call of duty black ops – Hello…. ps3 is getting it as well. Who cares about the extra content that you gona get before us………

      So really you only have 2 exclusive block busters that have been announced….

      PS3: KillZone3 – GT5 – Medal of honor (limited edition) – Final Fantasy 14 online – Twisted Metal – Little Big Planet 2 and loads more

      Stop looking at rumours, I herd a rumour that the ps3 might be getting a cross game chat….. if they didnt announce it, i could care less really, use a phone you geek, that wat real people use to comunicate, im just gona go and enjoy my ps3 wkd graphics and amazing content that they provide.

      No facebook integration: who cares we got a web browser

      Dont microsoft do operating systems…….. they should at least add a browser to their console, then again everything that microsoft does breaks, like my mates xbox360 broke 3 times…. he had to buy another one, then another one, then another one… work it out, you spend more money on xbox360 that sounds like a hoover and looks like a white dell PC.

      Add the prices up:
      -XBOX360 Console (around £200) 3D that only works on LG (Passive 3D)
      -Wireless Card (£60)
      -Batteries (£5 every two weeks)
      -Live Gold (£40)
      -New xbox every year (£200)

      Now add up PS3:
      -PS3 Console (£200) and it has blueray and FULL 3D

  • tarbis

    I think you went to the wrong conference. You should go to the rumor conference instead of E3. And if you're looking for new hardware presentation, you should wait for TGS. Sony is a Japanese company not an american company. Anything new that comes up should be announced first in Japan.
    And yes, you got this wrong in all angles. You were riding on the rumor train instead of the reality train.

  • Skeptical

    Ha ha ha!!! I laugh at all of you….or I should say…all of us! Sony's conference was excellent, great showing, amazing games, everything we needed. I'm laughing because every year, due to leaks, all of Sony's surprises get revealed early. Now with soo much rumor and speculation going around about PSP2 and new console versions, everyone's disappointed.

  • Skeptical

    Ha ha ha!!! I laugh at all of you….or I should say…all of us! Sony's conference was excellent, great showing, amazing games, everything we needed. I'm laughing because every year, due to leaks, all of Sony's surprises get revealed early. Now with soo much rumor and speculation going around about PSP2 and new console versions, everyone's disappointed.
    I should say, I don't believe those rumors are false though. With soo many big announcements, they had to save something for TGS………..

  • dean42

    I was really hoping for some Last Guardian gameplay! Idk why but Sorcery got me a little more excited about the move.

  • mike

    Sony is disappointing. I’ll hang onto my PSP because it is a great console and I’m actually happy there’s no PSP2. Nintendo shoves too much hardware at us for handhelds. Sony is like a breath of fresh air.

    I’m not interested at all in PS3.

  • Sony a bit Tame

    The sony conference was rather Tame IMO.

    Thought they would be something about the psp2 as well… but nothing! No really big games on display ethier :(. OK, gt5 date annouced is great… but I felt like I needed some ‘WOW!’ but didn’t get any 🙁

    What the hell are you playing at Sony, I thoguht you was going to blow Microsoft out of the water… atleast they showed us some new hardware.

  • JFK

    You cant just ask the a company to make a console revision every year, , as far as i remember, Slim didnt even make its first birthday…

  • Commodore

    I just wish I got a Resistance 3 teaser

    Other than that I can't complain.

  • xino

    Sony were confident they will win because of Twisted Metal and GT5.
    But WTF man!?

    they only did the show for ps3fanboys! but not for consumers and PS3 gamers!

    Last Guardian 2
    Team ICO HD
    all were missing!

    PSN Plus was great to hear but what does "you need to be a subscriber to keep the content" means?

    To me Nintendo was the best because they truly shocked us with those hardcore title line ups!
    Microsoft was a joke! they deserve it, next time they should plagiarise too much.

  • Radon

    So basically your disappointed at sony's conference because you found out the RUMOURS wernt true?? i was happy with sony's conference. granted it had a slow start and uncessary bullshit to please investors, but they came out with some amazing exclusives, kevin butler made everyone wet themselves (with help from a new VP for PSP) and they finished on a high which didnt involve a bribe. the only thing that disappointed me was the lack of resistance 3 and the last guardian.

  • Overall I felt it was a good conference I would give Nintendo and Sony a B and Microsoft a C-. While it's hard to believe I'm saying this myself but EA's conference would get a solid B the same company I comment time and time again gives you that Hate/Love relationship. From my POV the problem has to do with all the garbage good and bad from the internet of the expectations of E3 from the big guns. Each year when my associates and I attended E3 we did not get into all the hype and glory of what the internet said to expect. If it did not come from the horses mouth directly then it was shovelware to us. Plus you have to remember this was not a console launch year even though it would have been nice to see another PSP or Slim configuration as the internet spoke about or some titles Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft have in the wings. I was looking forward to info about Agent exclusive to PS3, Starhawk, wishing on a next gen Battle Arena Toshinden, even Jet Motto, at least we got Twisted Metal out of it. On the side of Ubisoft where was the Beyond Good & Evil, I am alive, R.U.S.E. yet nothing new of their status. What can we expect from Rare for the 360 what happen to the diversity the original Xbox use to bombard itself onto the market. Excuse my grammar on this comment I just want to add my two cents to this article love it or hate….


  • aun1

    the fact that there was no new psp announced was a huge disappointment because i was going to get the big boss psp bundle, then i thought it could be a waste if a psp2 was on the way. thanks for nothing sony.

  • Parapraxis

    WTF is a confirmed rumour anyways?
    Sony never CONFIRMED your stupid PSP2 or PS3+ (whatever) rumour.
    The only thing that you should be disappointed by is you inability to comprehend the difference between fact and rumour.

  • Ashk

    Nope, you're totally wrong, they BLEW US OUT OF THE WATER.

    What happened with Portal 2 with exclusive Steamworks addition? And why do you think any Hardware would be good? They've introduced SLIM last year, do you expect a revision every year now? But anyways, a bigger harddrive or better wi-fi would not be such big hussle as there are already 120gb and 250gb and every ps3 has built in wi-fi since launch in 2006 (with HDMI), microsoft revision was just for catching up with the PS3, don't be bothered by that….

    We had a HUGE lineup of great titles that blew my mind like Sorcery, did you see that? That WAS WAAAAAAAAY unexpected! It felt really awesome to play. On top of that we have PSN+ with FREE FREAKING GAMES EVERY MONTH! You what, pay 50 for a year, and every month you get a free game? You DO know that that mathematically makes the subscription free, right?

    Well, very well, on with your opinions.

  • Harvey

    Portal 2 announcement?


  • dan

    Well the portal announcement was quite the shocker for me anyway i was expecting to hear some boos when gabe came on stage but it was unexpected.
    the lack of new hardware was a let down but they might save the psp2 for tgs or somethin. After microsoft giving away free 360s sony cant top that really. Was an entertaining show

  • Some-Random-Guy

    I did think it was anti-climatic, it would've wrapped up nicely just before Twisted Metal though, maybe they should've brought that out earlier. Besides this, I think it was the best press conference at E3 this year!

  • zodiac909


  • dogmanx23

    I feel the 1st hour was alright. KZ3 was fn amazing but then all the Move talk started to bore me a little. Ill give them credit for showing 2 games instead of 5 like MS did.

    The last hour was simply amazing.. We saw Sony / EA partnership, Heroes On The Move, Imfamous 2, GT5, LBP2, Portal 2 coming to PS3 and valve eating their words, Twisted Metal announcement and game play.

    Best part was Kevin Butler and Jack taking shots at MS.

  • Aaron

    How about not focusing on rumors and crap that is posted on the internet, as most of the time you'll end up setting your expectations WAY too high and then you'll end up disappointed, leading you to write stupid articles like this one.

    Sony had one thing that I was waiting for this whole time: Twisted Metal, and that was enough for me.

    • steven velazquez

      what happened to cross game chat? 4 yrs and still waiting. I must confess that he lack of this feature is driving me to the xbox360

      • Radon


        Its comfirmed, it just wasnt in the conference (which i think was a mistake on sonys part)

      • Crudii

        It was announced and will be in the psn+ package. Also you can cross chat with ppl even if they DON'T have Psn+ just as long as you do.

      • Jediirnbru

        I have to agree with you here. I have hardly played online on the ps3 because of the lack of easy chat with my mates. Don't get me wrong, I freaking love my ps3 but this just kills my online experience. Kills it to the point I don't even bother

      • athomas

        its coming this week…i heard by an update

      • Jose

        That was a rumor too… sure playstation made a poll of what we wanted to c but it did not mean we were going to get it

      • rick

        wow. you're not hurting anyone but yourself. buy the inferior and less future proof system just because of that. talk to your boyfriend buddies on the phone if you want to chat with them while playing a different game at the same time.

    • rucky

      They just announce cross game chat so I suggest you think of a better excuse.

  • anonymous

    Portal 2 announcement?


  • Brian S

    Hmm, I understand what your saying, but I think we feel this way because of the amount of information that poured out of Sony before E3. That info probably made you believe they were saving the time for something epic, which of course everyone would think is hardware. But overall it was the best conference I saw out of the big three.

  • rancho

    what if killzone 3 and lbp werent revealed before the show how would you feel then?