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E3: Sony’s PS3 keynote was disappointing – Reasons Why

I’m not sure about you, but I felt a little bit disappointed with what Sony brought to the table at their E3 keynote conference in Los Angeles. We didn’t see any new hardware in action, or confirmations on a few rumors we which tipped would definitely happen. Why?

Firstly, what happened to those two new PS3 models that were revealed a few days prior to the event? It seemed certain to happen after reading Engadget’s scoop – were the FCC incorrect then?

Then there was the matter of the PSP2. While Microsoft added the slimmer Xbox 360 console to their hardware lineup, Sony failed to produce any new hardware which made us jump out of our seat. What happened to Kaz Hirai taking the PSP2 out of his back pocket?

Of course, a release date for GT5 was great, and Twisted Metal looked pretty awesome, but I still felt a sense of anticlimax once Mr. Tretton wrapped things up at the end. At least we got a solid release date for Playstation Move, as well as pricing details -which Microsoft failed to provide. It will also be out in September, compared to November for Kinect.

Do you feel the same way, or have I got this totally wrong? I’m a Sony fan dont get me wrong, I just expected more of the ‘wow’ factor, that’s all.

Give us your thoughts on this.



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