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E3 2010: DC Universe Online Trailer – Winner For Sony?

Sony seem to have been drowned out so far when it comes to big announcements at the E3 event, but we believe that they could be on to a winner here with DC Universe Online, scheduled to be released in November.

The MMO was recently shown at the beginning of the month at a special pre-E3-event, which was covered by IGN, but we have been taken aback by the stunning breathtaking trailer that has been shown at E3, and shows us exactly what we will be doing with the DC superstars.

In the DC Universe, we will have to power to create our very own hero or villain, carefully selecting our desired look and selection of super powers before battling the forces of evil (or good) deciding on your very own fate.

We can’t take it anymore, just watch the trailer below and tell us exactly how you will be experiencing DC Universe Online when it see’s a release this fall.

Source: Joystiq



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