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Donkey Kong Country Returns: Release Date and E3 Trailer

We have a treat for Nintendo fans now, as the company unveiled a brand new Donkey Kong game that is in development for the Nintendo Wii. This is the moment where retro gamers read on.

The game has been given the title Donkey Kong Country Returns and will be a 2D platformer, with 3D visuals in the background. Basically think of everything you loved about the SNES version and imagine it with Wii graphics. The game has been scheduled for a release sometime in November.

We even had that catchy DK theme tune as well playing in the background. The level shown saw Donkey Kong pair up with Diddy for some co-op action at the same time – similar to New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii.

The game looks very impressive, and a must buy for fans of the original game on SNES. Consider me sold for this one. Check out the debut E3 trailer below and let us know your reaction to the news.


  • This looks like a pretty awesome game.

  • esko

    its amazing!!! anyone who was even remotely interested in the donkey kong country on snes should get this!! made me blow some wind in my old wii thats been collecting dust for so long now. 5/5

  • Kongman

    ohman if this is as good as the originals its worth buying a wii just for this single game!

  • orange patato

    looks good there fo it is dont like that then SUCK IT

  • SandyCejvanovic

    I doubt its any better than the original donkey kong series. Its starting to turn into what happend to sonic the hedgehog. Sonic was a classic then sega improvised and everyone hates sonic now.

  • Taiko

    Been waiting for a new Donkey Kong Country game since DKC3.

  • noclist

    My entire childhood was spent playing DKC2, this looks like it could be close.

    • acejoker

      I wrap the game in a week. It took you a childhood?

  • Derian

    I have a Nintendo Power magazine that says it would be out Dec. 12 or Dec. 15

  • MP201

    I find it unlikely that this will be as good as the originals, but things like this rarely are. However, I am still greatly encouraged that Nintendo has taken this route.

  • jack

    donkey kong country looks to be one of the greateset games of the year

  • sabs

    DK 2 was incredible – I wish this one had the girl!

  • batman

    finally a new REAL donkey kong game, i would consider this to be the 5th donkey kong game after dkc1 dkc2 dkc3 and donkey kong 64, i doubt itll be better than dkc2, that was and probably will always be the best donkey kong game, but i still have high expectations for this game for sure, and from what ive seen on the demo it looks pretty sweet so far

  • Sam

    As shown in the trailer, the game looks and sounds good. However, I don't really think it looks SNES-like enough. Plus, the fancy, flowing graphics make the game look too easy; kind of like how "Yoshi Story" for the N-64 was too easy compared to "Yoshi's Island" on the SNES. Newer, fancier technology just can't beat the original DKC SNES trilogy.

    • babbeloetje

      wtf man you haven't even played it

  • Fiona

    OMG how exciting, so cant wait

  • iheartmariobros

    i'm excited. i hope they start making a super mario bros. wii2 soon!!

  • comment man

    it will be out november 31st of this year

    • pdub

      that'd be swell if it was a real date

    • Link

      its acyually novemeber 21st

    • idunno

      umm…. there's only 30 days in november

  • dreadgodshand

    i've been waiting fo an actual donkey kong game since donkey kong 64!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not those music want to be games!) i can't believe this is really happening! when is it coming out?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Linkallday

      thats what everyone is asking fool!!!

    • chan

      i love this game, Ites very fun 😀

  • hope it worth the money

  • Jack Beeby

    Man I Seriously Cannot Wait !!!!!!!

  • shana

    Ill be first i line !!!!cant wait

  • D.G.

    In an interview on G4 after the Nintendo press conference Reggie said it would be out in time for Christmas

  • stefan

    exactly! when?

  • but when will it come out


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