Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC – Map Packs on Xbox 360 first

By Jamie Pert - Jun 15, 2010

If you are a PS3 owner thinking of purchasing an Xbox 360 Slim we have some news which may make your decision for you, when Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC is released, it will be coming to Xbox Live first.

This has been the case with both of the map packs which have been released for Modern Warfare 2, the first map pack (Stimulus Package) was first available on Xbox Live on March 30th, whilst PS3 and PC owners had to wait until May 4th. The second map pack (Resurgence Package) arrived on Xbox Live on June 3rd, whilst PS3 and PC gamers had to wait until July 3rd.

Yesterday at E3 2010 Activision confirmed this news, apparently they have reached a new deal with Microsoft which will gives the Xbox 360 exclusivity with all Black Ops map packs (probably for a month or so), which will no-doubt leave PS3 and PC gamers frustrated.

If you missed Microsoft’s Keynote you will have missed Treyarch’s impressive gameplay footage videos from Black Ops, you can see these here and here.

Has this news made convinced you to by an Xbox 360 Slim?

Source: Xboxic

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  • the ps3 is better becuse you dont have to pay twice as much for you internet  bill  becuse you pay for xbox live and also use your other internet connetion

  • Nathan Rartrin

    Keep in mind, the PS3 would have less video game freaks then xbox, not because of cost but because more people buy the Xbox then PS3.

    Plus how often do you actually use blue ray? You get blue ray just to pay extra money to get a disk with a quality that doesn’t make any difference unles you were to be using a screen the size of a movie theator.

  • inyourface

    ps3 works perfect, blue ray player which works amazing, no internet bill, and it doesn’t look as awfull as that xbox. therefor if you want class and don’t like to pay for something which is free elsewhere, you buy a playstation 3.

  • jorge

    wll the ps3 if you wanna lay it down sideways we have no worries about getting our disk fcked up and ruined like the xbox any ways the reason that xbox is getting it early maybe cuz they pay for the game plus for monthly internet bill plus gold and last the dlc’s ps3 jxt internet and games and dlc   seee the ps3 is for people that are not as much game freaks like the x box bcuz we dont have to pay gold so 1 month is worth wasting fck xbox i had 5 of them and all broke ive had the ps3 4 4 years no proble now dont say i didnt take care off the xboxes beacuse i jxt told yall i had a ps 4 4years so dont hate game freaks jxt masterbate

  • xbox is fo no lifes

    i really dnt care if ps3 gets it after 360 i own a ps3 and i think that xbox gets it earlier b/c they have more gamers with no life juss saying wile ps3 people arent jizzin there pants if a new map pack is being announced… 

  • Rartrin

    It sucks that PS3s don't get something similar to red rings cause I'll be laugh'in my but off when your house burns down due to overheating.

    Plus, I have had my Xbox 360 Elite for about 4 years now with no problems; after leaving my console on for 12 hours and playing it most the time, I felt the button of the consol and it was barely warm; my Gameboy games warmer then that thing!

    It all depends on location of the console; I have mine in an open area on a table and clean dust every few months and it is fine. Never had Red rings. A freind of mine has gone though 5 xboxs… 3 from red ring, 1 broke, and the most recent on (and this is my favor it that I saw) no disk drive!!!!! He leaves his console on the ground though and his room is messy… with nails sticking out of the floor… but only a few…

  • Ps3


    • Rartrin

      Epic Fail! PS3s cost way more! LOL!!!!! Plus when the PS3 network went down, what is there motivation to fix it soon? The customer isn't paying anymore or less and when the sames hackers tried to hack the xbox 360 network, they failed on the first or second firewall, and they were only trying to hack one game (COD Modern Warefare 2).

  • Another xbox owner

    Ive gone 3 years with an xbox and I havent gotten the red rings of death. Not a single one. Who gives a fuck about blu ray? Who really watches it? And for payed online? We do it for better servers. While ps3 has shitty ass servers.

  • Flash

    Not one of the consoles can be compared with pc. So who gives a shit about microsoft releasing First strike for xshit360. I bought the 360 about 3 months ago, 5 days later it made me sick

  • TrashyMcNasty

    I have a xbox 360 slim. I have never had any problems with it. My best friend has a ps3 and I play it almost as much as my 360 so we can play together. I prefer the xbox controller but thats just a personal preference. I do believe online game play is better on the xbox. I dont get kicked or have connection issues near as often as he does and i have less lag. He has his game on a 46" lcd and I have mine on a 26" lcd. And that could be why my xbox seems to have better graphics than his ps3. But for me xbox is better, I dont mind to pay $50 per year for better servers. And thats all it boils down to for me. If ps3 didnt have as many connection problems I would probly take ps3.

  • abe

    pc is better than both consoles and steam is better than both xbox live marketplace and playstation store

    • Rartrin

      yea, steam is better when you have internet LOL

  • cas

    I have both xbox 360 and the PS3. Will never go back to xbox 360. It serves as a paper weight on my entertainment center. I do wish they would bring out the map packs to both systems at the same time.

  • Adam

    What you Xbox fans don't understand is the Xbox is old high compressed 8 gig holding cds, a blue ray can hold over 50 gigs and the system came out over 1 year later with newer tec. In the electronic world 1 year is like 10 years so Xbox only can compete because the game makers do not make the game different on both systems, they just burn the crappy Xbox copy in blue ray so ps3 owners have to deal with crappy compressed games and small maps until the Xbox is a blue ray and has a cpu that can keep up with the ps3 ibm cell processor which is more than twice as fast so the blue ray is better just not yet because Xbox will continue to hold the better system back so thats the truth that why Xbox has to payoff the market place on the games they have to fight dirty because there system is old tec. So buy a system that is part of the future with a blue ray. Cd's are out dated just like the tape player so join the future and lets phase out the old crappy tec that is holding the gaming world back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brad EC

    if they want to put it on xbox first let them do it! Stop complaining bout it damn! And y would I want to buy and xbox slim after buying the first xbox 360 just so it can still not outmatched the PS3. but overall they the 360 and playstation r bout to the same so it just bout preference! And the map packs r kinda of expensive buy if ur gonna play them enough then it worth the money! All of y'all r just dumb

  • i agree with J-Dog34 i have owned an xbox and we had to turn it in 3 times in 1 year… my ps3 has givin me no problems except for with black ops always getting kicked out of rms and stupid crap like that… i dont have to pay to play online with my friends.. not everyone can afford all these monthly bills people keep trying to scrap out of everyones pocket… you dont get better internet service because your paying to play… u get stuff earlyer like the map pack.. ooo big whoop whoop for you

  • Guest 77077

    ok the reason microsoft gets the dlc first is cuz they pay extra because if it werent for them getting it earlier everyone would play ps3 because of its just a better system plain and simple and xbox is scared that thell get pwned if they dont pay extra to get things first

  • Niko

    Yup I'm just going to get an x box just cuz they have the map pack first lol who gives a sh!t like relly it's just a month and sorry but I'm paying 99$ for Internet a year plus ps3 has a bleu ray player boom the only thing x box has better then ps3 is there controller's but that's it ps3 is better!

  • BOZE

    ps3 fans are mad cuz they're losin the race! xbox kinect works for any xbox console. Kinect sold over 10 ten million in 2 months, wii sold over 5 million since its release, ps3 shipped over 4 million not sold but shipped! The wii sold more console then sony, xbox sells are higher than sony!!! the list can go on 4ever. payin for online we get better service and more exclusive gamin content than sony.RROD has been fix for years and ps3 prices are still 2 high. ITS EASIER FOR SONY 2 BEEN OVER AND JUST LET XBOX INSERT THY HARDDRIVE IN THE O OF SONY.

  • Joe

    Xbox is Better. built in wifi, avatar,and we get 2 play da maps b4 U!

    PS3 Sucks

  • tucanchu69

    comenting on conor’s talking out of his ass about shit he doesnt know about conor you cannot i repeat cannot recieve 1080p through VGA 1080i yes you can only get 1080p from 2 soarces in the electronics world and if you dont agree with me then do some research about it at at the video section those 2 soarces are 1 a Blueray disc Via hdmi 2.and HDMI there is only 2 Games that ever came out that are in 1080p resolution and guess what they are????? they are ps3 Exclusives any ideas i bet the ps3 owners know what im talking about Its UNCARTED 2 and GT5 and that is it if you dont agree then look it you you stupid ass and think before you speak.

    • tucanchu69

      here are some facts for some of you ignorant people this is a non biasd comparison of under the hood horsepower and specs on the newest versions enjoy reading facts for example

  • nintendo 13

    xbox sucks

  • whatsaxbox?

    Ps3 users shouldnt be mad that they get maps 1 month before us… if you think about its like they are being thrown a bone…i mean ps3 users have many more advantages over xbox….atleast let them have this one little advantage….they test it out for us like guinea pigs then its bettter updated for ps3 =)

  • EC06

    Who cares about the box getting the maps first as a old 360 owner and now a ps3 owner i can say id rather wait and get them a few months after than having to play on screwed up maps with bugs since no amount of testing can provide the results you want untill you stress test it aka send it live. Also those of the PS3 fanboy/girl club pissing on the 360 il tell you this now both the old versions of both consoles had a overheating problem call it RROD (360) or the YLOD (ps3) both systems had it and now its not so common on the newer slim models.

    • tucanchu69

      see what people dont realize abouy YLOD all it is is a fail safe to protect the ps3 and all you have to do is give it a reset and all is good and most of the YLOD are caused by those dumbasses buying that stupid intercooler that breaths less than the ps3 puts out so it is restricting and just cause you get the YLOD doesnt mean it is dead compleatly it just means it got too hot and kicked out and needs to be reset

  • EC06

    Who cares about the box getting the maps first as a old 360 owner and now a ps3 owner i can say id rather wait and get them a few months after than having to play on screwed up maps with bugs since no amount of testing can provide the results you want untill you stress test it aka send it live. Also those of the PS3 fanboy/girl club pissing on the 360 il tell you this now both the old versions of both consoles had a overheating problem call it RROD (360) or the YLOD (ps3) both systems had it and now its not so common on the newer slim models.

    Also id rather not pay to play my £40+ games on my £300 system but then again id rather not play with cheating/hacking americans who think spawn hacking,wall hacking/auto prestiging and aim botting is good or cool your only making fools of yourselves since you can not play a game without hacking it to death no wonder you all suck at everything and thats one thing about the 360 is there are alot less hackers compared to the ps3 player base form the states.

  • connor

    haha bill gates thought he could buy this contract with activision to get people to switch over to x box! BIG FAIL YOU FAGGOT!!! ps3 has better graphics, a blu – ray player built in and we do not need to pay for online, also there are more frequent problems with the xbox! so that was a waste of money bill gates thats why your not the richest man in the world anymore dickhead! and this topic is a fail does it convince me to buy an xbox slim? NOO!!! ive had xbox's and they are constantly breaking down and you have to pay almost double for your xbox live and the adapter which comes to £100 which is more than half of what you pay for an xbox!!!

  • cageuniverse

    I have a ps3 and BTW when all new maps come out There Shit on Xbox 360 because the bugs are not taken out and most people on Ps3 were sick and tired of COD 's shit that most player had their friends and them pitch in the 15 $$ 15 Divided by 6 is 2.50 so everyone paid 2 dollars and 50 F'in Cents thanks to game sharing while people on the XBOX paid 15 bucks for Laggy, Buggy Sh****** So thanks Treyarch you just helped many ps3 owners Save money and save their TV'S because of lag and Bugs PS3 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Modern Warfare 2 Any 1 ???

  • fhfmghfg

    its all about the wii phsych
    PS3 ftw

  • Joel

    Wow really? All bunch of you guys here are really pathetic. I have both the 360 and the PS3. While I prefer the PS3, it really doesn't matter, everyone has their preferences! Guys arguing about this over the internet? Seriously pathetic.

  • scott

    its called marketing ppl

  • Guest

    I am waiting for the map pack to download right now!:)

  • Rugersr9

    The game came out on same day for all systems,they should do any packs the same why piss off so many gamers for microsuck money.

  • Ki aka Kyle

    Finally the DLC comes on Xbox live first yeah okay no problem, Microsoft is wasting money because in about 3 hours after release there will be vids on youtube showing people how to glitch out of the map. Since MS own the contract for the PC aswell as Xbox Live it would seem there neglecting half of there income, which means there not as shít hot as the fan boys make them out to be. Sorry but switching consoles for the sake of a game is just pathetically sad! Get a grip of your sad little world. Oh and for fúck sake stop bítching on about which console is better instead see who's got the better scoring leaderboard between the two consoles or something.

    PSN: Ki-aka-Kyle
    Live: Zantenkai

  • Ki aka Kyle

    Lol listening to al this bítches moan on and on really gives me a kick. I own both Consoles multiple times and trust me PS3 has just as meny issues s the Xbox does, but while i'm here let me correct a few misunderstandings.

    1) The Xbox has RROD BUT the PS3 has YLOD. (Both caes practically fixed now)
    2) The xbox doesn't need Blu Ray Player as it still uses a HDMI cable. (Still HD)
    3) The Xbox controller is big but the layout is better in my opinion.
    4) Sony IS NOT making the users pay monthly. Instead it's optional PSN+ (£40PA)
    5) Both Consoles have so meny Fan Boys it's unreal. (Sad Fúckers imo)

  • karl

    buttholes smell

  • Dude

    Yeah well i owned an xbox once and i had hell with it had to send it in 4 times finally got rid of the P.O.S. but i dont understand why Activision is releasing on xbox first and not Ps3…. Ps3 has by far better graphics and presentations of their games and systems than microsoft. Sony makes you want to buy their systems/ merchandise. To me its pretty sh***y not to release at the same time. But the “Pro” for it is that by the time it comes out for Ps3 it will be a better debugged version than what released on xbox.

  • cole morgan

    this is gay why did microsoft pay treyarch to give them the new maps firts than ps3 i mean ps3 i better than the 360 cause better sound, image and all that so i am mad that it hapend to ps3 users.

  • fff

    i have a ps3 and an xbox 360 and me personally i think that xbox is alot better not only cuz you get the online map packs earleir but also cuz the online gameplay is alot more smoother so pretty much you pay for what you get with the xbox but you also pay for what you get with the ps3 cuz it doesnt cost to go online so you cant expect the online to be as great as the xbox's online


    i have a PS3 and iv played xbox 360 before it sucks compared to PS3 and the mw2 pap packs did NOT come out first on xbox 360 i went to school not knowing that their was a map pack out and my friend has an xbox 360 and he said he got on his xbox b4 he went to school and there was a pap pack that wasnt there the night before and when i got home i had the map pack in ps store same thing with both they came out on the same time

  • Adam

    Its the same game, releasing the same map pack… why does Xbox get it first? Is it because your fail rate is so high and you charge for network? But don't the Xbox users still have to pay the same amount of money that the ps3 users do for the pack? Did treyarch get a cut fof xbox live sales… i think not, so the fact that you pay for a network means jack shit!

  • MilitaCommander

    Isn't this product review supposed to be about the DLC for Black ops?! also the Xbox slim is better. Mabye not the Arcade or Elite but yes the slim is compared to the PS3.
    XBL GT is name.

  • alex

    Ps3 graphics arent any better than xbox 360s and if so then its hardly noticeable

  • Justin

    Hey i have a ps3 and a xbox 360 elite and ive had both for over 3 years and as happened nothen has happened to either of them.except the fact that sometimes my ps3 froze and i had to restart it that could be my internet I think its unfair for infinityward to make this contract due to the fact that if u bought black ops on xbox, pc or ps3 you paid the same amount and i feel bad for the people who dont have a xbox exspecially because xbox fans will be bragging like sht for no real reason. And i have really am pist off at microsoft because over half my freinds have a ps3 only and they gotta wait another month to play but ohnestly whats the big deal i mean 2 months after you buy the dlc its gona be boring as hell exspecially the the zombie map because most people will me playing that first probably.and guys wtf with insulting at each system ohnestly wtf.

    And i think because of microsofts decision to bribe infinityward i have lost alot of intrest in xbox maby not exactly what the were hopeing to have as a responce from some xbox gamers

  • josh

    i think its kind of retarded how microsoft gets treated better when now that the ps3 population is growing and catching up to xbox their still getting the exclusiveness i think it should have ended by now at least.

  • killaklankaze

    just another pathetic attempt by microsux 2 compete w Sony n how can u blame cod? microsux prob shelled out millions 4 the exclusive early release rts lol just 2 make their lesser quality product seem a tiny bit better but does sux-box have a cell processor? i dont think so lol. is it compatable w computer mouses keyboards external memory devices n so on n so on? NO. It simply sux n then they actually have the nerve 2 make u pay 2 play after youve already wasted ur $ on their system w a shelf life that burns rings into their crappy DVD games forcing u 2 spend more $ rebuying them just 2 continue playing?? i watched my room mates sux-box destroy 17 games b4 taking a sh*t on him 3x followed by buying another 1 that broke 2 months later. needless 2 say hes now a Sony customer after being a microsux fanboy 4 life.

  • URexWIFE

    I have both systems and they are both awesome in there own special ways. First would be the online experience is better on XBOX due to the better operating system and user friendly interface. Everytime I access the Playstation network and Dpad my way through the cross media platform I feel lost and never trully get anywhere. XBL strives to change and be as user friendly as a MAC computer ;D. I’d say that every year to year half they update and totally revampe there interface. Wherase PS3 I have never seen any improvement out of pure neglet or the no care for the consumers that would bring a trully immerse experience for them (maybe there to busy making 3D tv’s?). The main debate I hear is that XBL is $60 wherase PS3 is free for an online experience. Which is not entirly true XBL GOLD is $60 and silver is free. True to get any kind of experience with XBL you need gold so one up for PS3. Another debat is the graphics to me they all SHMELL the same as far as mult-platform games go. Exclusive game titles such as UNCHARTED (AWESOME) and HALO ( KILLAMANJARO) are tottaly different beast. Here is what you have to consider exclusive game titles push the boundrys for that certian game console over and beyond. Multi-platform games such BLACK OPS (OFF SUBJECT) do not for example lets say an explosion or nice scenic view of the ocean looks awesome on the PS3 but renderd on the XBOX looks horribly pixalated and looks like ur mom’s beef stew NASTY!!. The game producers will then decide wether are not to go back fix the coding sequence to fit nicely with the xbox. Which means millions of $ hours of which they do not have or to just delete the whole entire code altogether and put a cow in the way to block the view. Thats a ruff example. One thing I have to say about the PS3 is the BOOM A WRONG controller for the life of me i feel like i am not in control PS3 should highly invest in there R&D department to set the controller to higher standards. So thats my 2 cents I hope I did not offend anyone just my opinion.

  • yomomma187

    lolz…your all fucking stupid get a life i got all systems they both have seperate advantegas personally i prefur xbox for the servers and the controllers more comfy:0 that little ps3 controller is for lil bitch handseither way everybody go get some sunlight u fuckin lazy sacks of shit your all a waste of life:)

  • You Retarded Fanboys

    Ok fanboys listen up correction 1: both systems have 1080p and the blu ray in the ps3 has virtually no effect in the graphics because the games are the exact same format if there for both consoles. I have both and they are the exact same, very little difference. Correction 2: xbox live has many more features than psn, and is a richer online experience, xbox clearly wins here. Correction 3: the new xbox slim is a lot more durable and have a very low failure rate and also the ps3s disc drive tends to break down so in my opinion they are fairly similar in durability and failure rate. Correction 4: as far as dlc and downloads the ps3 takes much longer than the xbox and it has to install which takes some more clock too. The xbox is very fast when it comes to downloads and it normally gets dlc before ps3 for games such as Call of Duty as early as a month before so xbox overall is a clear winner and its number of players shows more people like it bcuz it has many more players online than the ps3 so number of online players shows which console is boss, the XBOX 360.

  • cory

    I bought a ps3 when it fist came out still runs never sent in like a xbox. And as for the map packs coming out first for the xbox is total bs I think they should drop the same day

  • ferrariops

    it makes me sad that does. microsoft are bullying ps3 and yeah, maybe xbox is better because its dlc ecslusive and it has more games but so what? ps3 is much better in other terms like cheapness. most people say that xbox is much cheaper. thats actually wrong though unless you dont get online. i want the new map pack, but it takes ages for it to come to ps3. i just dont know what ps3 has done to deserve this, as after all ps3 is the better console as you dont get faults (as much) free online and blu ray.
    it seems like all the new games are exclusive to xbox and i only know two games which are only exclusive to ps3.
    when online starts costing though, i will get an xbox.

  • MarkMark778

    I am awesome at black ops. Add me on Xbox Live: MarkMark778

    I feel sorry for the PS3 users u guys made the wrong choice.

  • da7ooooom

    well im a crazy on cod Especially on treyarch but im not gonna spent 200$ for only map pack thats a stupid move im gonna just open the youtube and watch every one playing it and im just Humiliated myself then 2 mounth past and ill buy it on ps3 activison u r the worst i really loved u in cod5 time but now u just caring for microsoft.. activsion ur the worst.. treyarch ur the best

  • Josh

    Haha love all of the arguments and can safely say that im xbox all the way, blu-ray is pointless and nothing WOW in terms of getting a gaming console as well as paying over £20 for a dvd with better quality beaucase the money will soon add up, about having little big planet, you bunch of stupid idiots it is a pathetic game with no difficulty just running around as a stupid ballsackboy climing over things and completing challenges and mini games, xbox has gears of war, mass effect 1, forza and fable. The playstation has more problems: online support, online gaming, losing memeory? plus the yellow light. The new xbox slim for instance has built in wi-fi so no need for an adapter and i do not mind paying £40 for a year because its awesome at only £3.33 a month BARGAIN.

  • mactavish

    xbox 360 rulessssss!!!!!!!!!! I mean ps3 is good but Xbox 360 is better@@@@!!!!!!

  • Raymond

    I am never buying a Xbox360 again, my 360 got broked within a week! didnt get a new one from the store i bought it from so, I bought the Ps3 and I am so much more satisfyed whit Ps3. Btw Ps3's design is so much more nicer then the ugly design of the 360.

  • Liberator

    I'm tired of all these people hating on paying for DLC, and not wanting to wait on maps for PS3 and PC. I keep hearing you say that it will cause Treyarch to lose customers, when, in reality, you all know you will get the map pack no matter if you must buy or wait for it. This is just the way it is, and your complaining about it won't change anything. Get it if you want it, or don't. I, for one, am getting it the first day on the 360, no matter the cost. If I buy a game for $60 and can spend $15 or so to keep my attention on that game for a while longer, I'll do it.

  • NativeAmerikila

    How the hell are they gonna give xbox the maps first if anything they should give it to the pc because thats where fps' got their fame. Im gonna be buying the maps for ps3 but still fuck microsoft!

  • 333

    Its stupid to be released for one console before all others. I stoppped playing modern warfare with all their repeat map releases trying to get me to waste money and now ill stop playing call of duty because theyre just gonna do the same B!S! Its time to put the CoD and MW franchise to rest and then there ya go…. no more worries about who gets the stupid waste of money game from a money hungry company first.

  • keeron

    i got all the consoles and have gotta say free online gaming rocks only thing that worrys me are the jailbreaking cheats im all for jail breaking a machine but not for using cheat apps in online services i think psn will be a bitch if they cant control the psn jailbreak cheats. as for graphics mate how a**l are you they are both great consoles and unless you are a scientist doing the numbers you couldnt really tell based on the fact seeing is subjective and colour is also subjective now the wii version graphics suck but that is actually the surprising winner in this one if not for the wii version i wouldnt have bothered with ps3 after spending 350 on xbox premium only for it to be made to look like a relic so i wasnt in a hurry to buy microsoft consoles again after rrod i had xbox 1 and was great but 360 in terms of durablity it has defo frightened me away from the 720 lets see how my ps3 gets on after reading about ylod these might be the last console i buy and i been consoling since the days of atari 2600 bitch now thats what i call whack graphics great gameplay (in its time) nes bitched it clean and master system and the console war rages on 🙂

  • ps3, xbox360 owner

    Yes the ps3 does have a bluray, but how good is that quality???? I have compared, its not all that good of quality with picture and sound.. My blu ray blows my ps3 away in every catagory you can think of when watching movies, I never use it for movies and if your useing yours for movies, then you just dont care about quality so you may as well use the first playstation and play some mario..

  • ps3

    well xbox sucks….all my friends who has a xbox either hate it or has red rings…….soooo ps3 is a way much better system then xbox

    • hrfueh

      maybe ur friends suck and are bad at taking care of a console cause everyone who plays ps3 and have call of duty suck and camp

  • Kieran


  • eddie

    well thats hard to belive that that the ps3 broke in 2 hours unless ur so stupid u tried to take a shower with it or watching porn cuz ur a fuckin loner
    cuz iv already owned 3 xbox and they all broke within a month and ive hade the same ps3 for about 3 years already with no problem

  • SzFatalxp

    I never understood why people talked about consoles like their were defending their dignity/self esteem. Either you're all 12-year olds discovering the internet or you nerds have nothing better to fight over.

  • Marcus

    HAHAAHAHA its hilarious to see you fanboys argue about witch console is the greatest! HAHAHA omg! xD in my opinion, you get what you pay for when you use xbox live and with playstation network it's like a crappy freeware

  • ps3 beast

    x-box faggs shut up ps3 is the bst for life face it!!!!!

  • Reidy

    Also it's a bit retarted the ps3 users that are going OH PS3 IS BETTER BECAUSE IT HAS A BLU-RAY PLAYER.

    You're argueing over which is the better console, nobody cares about the fact that it can play slightly-better-definition movies.

    Thats like me saying my oven is better than yours because it has pictures of cats printed on it.

  • The OnE

    Japaniese electronics are simple better then junk from the "United" Sates. microsoft should of stayed with juat computers. Never had a problam with PS3 online n the blu ray player is juat an add on why have an xbox and blu ray player? juat takes up space

  • Botty

    Most people with xbox 360’s are people who had ps2’s and wanted to get a ps3 but did not have enough money for one so were left with xbox. They were then jelouse of people with ps3’s so they started to become xbox fans. Online services for ps3 are not as good as xbox but the difference is not worth the money you need to pay for xbox live.

    • PS3 is better

      You are stupid and wrong, they are the same price but PS3 is built better with better graphics, bigger hard drive and came out with the wifi in system first so shut up and learn your facts.

  • will

    why would i want to waste my money on a stupid xbox for a dlc that is 1 month earlier than the ps3 and pc, ill stay with my ps3 and not listen to these people that are being biased


    XBOX is total shit, thats right microsoft keep dumping hoards of money into activison in attempts to get more customers on your side. Ps3 still has free online play! whats that xbox you make your customers pay for that shit?? Cant wait to see yet another XBOX be discontiuned!!!!!! PS3 for life bitches!!

  • poor but happy

    All I have is the super nintendo.

  • Knight kid

    I have a PS3 and My girl frend has a XBOX i play both of them because i have some friend that only have xbox. but the standed graphic on the xbox is so bad to compare to PS3 i need to find some way to make it better i know that HDMI cabel would sort it out but my plasma dont have it. so im not a big fan of xbox plus you have to pay extra £40 a year to go to xbox live that really do my head in. and when xbox say that they are going to release black ops new maps first that is a lie before they have also said that black ops was going to be release first on xbox but they came out as time as PS3 so dont post some crap next time…. learn little boy …….

  • OmegaCenobyte

    You are argueing over different opinions. People expect and appreciate different things relating to both machines. They both have strong points and weaknesses (nothing is perfect). It is a matter of personal taste and experience, neither of which can be called wrong or right. To tell someone that their personal taste in something is wrong, is futile and will be met by defence. People are different and it is better to embrace this, rather than argue and hate someone because of it.

  • You Guys Are The real Idiots here

    Grow up you dick heads there just consoles who fights over which is the better console it’s a console not a god there both good consoles so stop fighting like little kids and GROW UP

  • Sean

    Seriously? I used to be a play station fan but there games… SUCK !!!! I guess thats just a matter of opinion. I must agree on the fact of Xbox over pricing and charging their customers for rediculous things but none the less i still choose xbox over playstation. I played a PS3 and to be honest i didn't like it. Just for the record to i didn't notice that much of a difference in graphics. Besides i heard (whether true or not) that with blu ray discs once scratched cost heaps to repair or they just don't work.

  • Darkened echo

    I have an XB 360, and a PS3. Kinect is *OK* youll disconnect from its camera every few hours, and the XB 360 overheats, there graphics are nice though.
    PS3 has just amazing graphics, and amazing CoD players. ive seen Xbox live hate mail on vids, you can't do that on the PS3. they have a mod that censors things… so as a PS3 gamer: Microsoft, **** you.

  • phil

    i once was too a PS fanboy until i got in depth with the 360.. now i love them both pretty closely but for the most part the 360 does have better graphics for most multi platform games and the online game play varies between the time and day and most of all your internet connection.. it sucks that xbox charges but to me its worth it for what i do and the amount of people i talk to.. unlike the PS u can only text unless ur playing the same game and even then some PS games dont allow chat which is horrible and PS needs to upgrade a bit to equal the tech for todays date..

  • PooPooFace

    I wonder why xbox get everything early? and PC and PS3 have to get it a few months later. Is microsoft paying Treyarch?

  • bob

    i'll let you ps3 owners know how the new maps are 🙂

  • domenic


    Xbox is way better than a fucking piece of shit ps3 i have both including wii and wii is shit too but who really gives a shit about a fucking bluray player i still play dvds on my xbox anyways because it doesnt matter and ps3 graphics arnt better are fucking high and for all u poor ps3 asian prods afraid to pay 7$ for xbox live then take a better look at ur games fucking retards you have to pay for so much shit on psn like fifa and a bunch of other games so shut the fuck up and red rings? really you fucking stupid ps3 licking whores you get a free xbox if u get them and u bearly get them anymore and u ps3 prods are probaly so fucking stupid that you don't realize that ps3 gets yellow rings fucking retards and its not free repairs i got yellow rings and had to take the shitty ps3 to a repair shop to get it fixed 40$ and when my xbox got the red rings booooooom call microsoft bring 360 to ups and get a free 1 a week later so shut the fuck up ps3 is shit worst thing i ever bought not literaly but all fucking most! and we get map packs sooner way sooner ha ha fuck yea fucking eat that fucking ps3 prods watcha gonna do ay bitch ps3 is shit watcha gonna do, and the only people who buy ps3s are fucking asians and poor americans that cant afford a 360 and xbox live quality service but instead they buy cheaply made ps3 shit from chinese slaves and ps3 people usally have a low self of steam and small dicks and there usally between 10-17 years old with no life and playstation move really wtf is that im not even buying that shit loooks so fucking gay instead im buying kinect cause its fucking awsome and im not a cheap faggot scared to buy xbox live

    and guess what PS3 IS SHIT and what are you going to do stupid fucking piece of shit ps3 prods. buy a dam xbox

  • fayt

    sony charging for psn and online gaming is jus a rumor as of now. as far as i know you pay for the premium thingy for demos and stuff. and the host migration thing is the same on ps3. that damn patch screwed things for both systems and i know this because i watch my bro in law play on his 360 slim and it does the same thing on his that it does on my ps3. i haven't had any problems on my psn that my bro in law hasn't had on his 360 slim

  • fayt

    y is everyone getting so defensive over both consoles? lol some games come out earlier for a particular system probly because that company shelled out a bunch of extra money. i think it only makes sense to argue over who gets what map packs first is if ps3 and xbox players could play eachother. if xbox gets it first it's not like ps3 users log on and you pick'em off every chance you get while they learn the map. and you can't really say things like "on paper ps3 is better because of this" and then come up with this whole arguement about y u think the software on xbox is better (someone a few pages up mentioned this). certain games come out earlier for a particular console and other come out at the same time (ie black ops)

  • PopsMcKraken

    All I know from reading just two pages is that PS3 people do not know how to spell worth a damn and the XB360 people do know how to spell. I'm a PC Gamer so i get the map packs later than EVERYONE but I know my PC is better than your PS3 Or Xbox.

  • Nic

    It's really sad how quickly people get defensive over a console when they both do the same thing… I own both, however I get on my 360 more due to friends. Maybe seeing that little blade of grass outside the map because you have a blue ray player makes the PS3 better can be your arguement for the fanboys of the Ps3. And the 360 fanboys can say that you pay for a better service. I'm just saying in my opinion they both do the same shit.

  • Ryonical311

    I would like to mention that Microsoft have made a solution to the red ring of death, by giving the motherboard more space to expand in the heat.