Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC – Map Packs on Xbox 360 first

By Jamie Pert - Jun 15, 2010

If you are a PS3 owner thinking of purchasing an Xbox 360 Slim we have some news which may make your decision for you, when Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC is released, it will be coming to Xbox Live first.

This has been the case with both of the map packs which have been released for Modern Warfare 2, the first map pack (Stimulus Package) was first available on Xbox Live on March 30th, whilst PS3 and PC owners had to wait until May 4th. The second map pack (Resurgence Package) arrived on Xbox Live on June 3rd, whilst PS3 and PC gamers had to wait until July 3rd.

Yesterday at E3 2010 Activision confirmed this news, apparently they have reached a new deal with Microsoft which will gives the Xbox 360 exclusivity with all Black Ops map packs (probably for a month or so), which will no-doubt leave PS3 and PC gamers frustrated.

If you missed Microsoft’s Keynote you will have missed Treyarch’s impressive gameplay footage videos from Black Ops, you can see these here and here.

Has this news made convinced you to by an Xbox 360 Slim?

Source: Xboxic

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