Blood Pressure Drug and Cancer: U.S. Researchers Show Concerns

It seems as if every day scientists and researchers have a new health concern surrounding medication, today is no exception as U.S. researchers are calling on the U.S. regulators to investigate a widely used class of blood pressure drugs.

The researchers have found that after analyzing data on angiotensin-receptor blockers they uncovered some pretty concerning results, apparently if you take these drugs you are 1.2 percent more likely to be diagnosed with a new cancer over four years.

One cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic seemed very concerned with these findings, he said that these findings were “disturbing and provocative, raising crucial drug safety questions for practitioners and the regulatory community”.

Boehringer Ingelheim are the pharmaceutical company responsible for the drug telmisartan, sold as Micardis, this is one of the drugs which the U.S. researchers are questioning. Boehringer Ingelheim’s own analysis of data (which is spread across three large trials of the drug) apparently showed no increased risk of cancer, therefore they directly appose the U.S. researcher’s concerns.

Do you think the U.S. regulators should investigate the drugs in question?

Source: Yahoo! News



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