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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam – Release Date, No Price Yet

We have some exciting news for Battlefield fans now, as EA announced the first multiplayer expansion pack to Bad Company 2 at their E3 keynote conference yesterday.

As reported from VG247, the pack is simply called ‘Vietnam’ and will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC sometime this Winter.

Full details are not known about the pack yet, but EA confirmed that the new content will allow you to play as a U.S. Marine or a North Vietnamese solider – in jungle environments we’re guessing.

We don’t have any word on pricing yet, but EA said to wait for further announcements on the pack. The first trailer for Vietnam is available to view below.

It seems like EA is keeping BFBC2 owners very busy with updates for the game. We love to see that, so hopefully they keep it up!

Let us know your initial impressions of Vietnam.


  • andreas

    i love it allredy battlefield bc2 vietnam rules:-)

  • COw

    this only for online play

  • danny

    yeah he is in the store and not with a date its coming yeah XDXDXDXD

  • Roy

    Misleading title!! Wont come back. But I already Pre-Ordered BC2 VIETNAM from ea-store for only 89,10 $

  • Lol

    its Q42010 so it means it's Oct. to Dec.
    i mean Q4 is 4th Quarter of the Year : ]

  • Psyco

    Onslaught sucks there is a glitch so you carnt kill enemies at all even point blank with a shotgun in the face 🙂 looking forward to the new map pack 7 and Vietnam love this game hopefully doesn’t have any bugs. Think Vietnam is out on the 30 of December.

  • dishonest

    Misleading title. Won't come back here

  • The Black Guy

    Y'all niggas bout ta be killt in dis new game.

    • Tj

      Nigger fucking cocksucker

  • Steve

    "Release Date" is there because it made them #1 for SEO and they got banner ad revenue from my (very disapointed) hit.

  • 10euros for nothing

    @ Swindler since i downloaded onslaught i could play normally the first week, now all enemies r invincible,youtube is full of bc2 fail videos. you can stab ,mortar,c4,end ur ammo on a enemy and wont die.. update fix is something unknown for dice and ea

  • Mike

    MOH sucks! (like Modern Warfare) I cant wait for BF2BC Vietnam!!!

  • Swindler

    @ TRAP

    Myself as well as around 40 of my clan members have never had problems killing A.I. on onslought, not even problems with the knife. Maybe you just suck?

  • Veloxin


    As reported from VG247, the pack is simply called ‘Vietnam’ and will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC sometime this Winter.

    • Thx4playing

      Sometime this Winter is not a release date. Not in any way, shape or form.

  • StevenBullen

    Why mention ‘release date’ in the title?

    Looking forward to it though.

  • Trap

    The fact they keep updating isn't so bad…..but the fact that they ignore issues with said updates is concerning. Example….onslaught mode repeatedly prevents team mates from killing enemies….kind of defeats the purpose of racing the clock if half your team can't kill anybody even with a knife. Whether it's lag or purely their shoddy work is anyone's guess. but you actually see the body damage but they just turn around and kill you instead regardless of the distance. This Vietnam package could be brilliant……but if they ignore any potentially damaging problems it will just be a waste of time and money on their behalf. It is a brilliant game when the gremlins are at bay long enough to enjoy it fully.

  • JMC

    YESSSSSSS cant wait gonna be sweet

  • Going to be awesome!


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