Xbox 360’s Kinect vs. Wii: Would you leave Nintendo for Microsoft?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 14, 2010

E3 2010 has gotten off to a great start with Microsoft renaming its Xbox 360 motion-sensing device Kinect – formally Project Natal. We were shown a brief glimpse of this latest gaming device last year, which is aimed at the Nintendo Wii – we have to wonder if you would consider leaving Nintendo for Microsoft?

Alan Ng has covered so many aspects of Kinect, but we are certain that he will offer a greater insight once Microsoft begins their keynote today. The company will need much more than a huge Cirque De Soleil performance like it did at Kinect’s launch if it hopes to derail the Wii.

OK, so lets look at the two; we have the Xbox 360 motion-sensing device that is aimed at providing fun for gamers, as does the Wii – but where the two will differ is in the quality of the graphics and titles available.

Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360 will have superior graphics compared to that of the Nintendo Wii, but the former will lose out to the latter because of the huge amount of titles that it has available.

You will not have long to choose between the two – with a release date thought to be in November, which we discussed in a recent post.

Would you leave Nintendo for Microsoft?

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  • Nirnay

    can we play xbox games in xbox kinect? please answer my question……..

  • Confused Mom

    We r trying to decide between the two too. I am a mother of girls-ages 8 & 10. My main goal wld b exercise for all of us plus lots of fun! Pls help!

  • undecided

    ughhhhhhhhhhhhh, v r 3 sibling, one is 7 and the other two r 16 and 18…. so my family is having a really hard time deciding between the wii and the kinect….PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • degrassi

    i beilive that the wii is better because the kinect doesnt always sense you movements but the wii does without fail

  • lglf

    I beilive that

  • a fan

    As a Nintendo die hard I am sad to say that Nintendo has dropped the ball on this one. I cracked under intense pressure from my wife to get a Kinect and Dance Central. Nintendo has just not kept up. Mario Galaxy 2 is amazing, but the innovation is stalling for the Wii as Nintendo is now focused on the 3DS.

  • Lolosoccer91

    What if I like the Mario games better than the shooting games…and my friends are saying to get the XBOX 360 Kinect instead of the Wii because the Wii gets boring…then what do I do…I don't think the kinect has mario games or fun Fitness games like the Wii is probably because the only game system that i have played is the Wii…so I don't really know what other things the kinect can do…bye

  • Mind your business

  • sumataya

    I got X box 360 with Kinect. my daughter 4 years old love it. especially Bowlin game and sport game. I think it is good enough for this age. which I use Xbox for purpose to exercise… I agreed that Wii has many kids friends games. my daughter wanted those game. I dont' think kids who are younger than 6 years old should play games often. .. I limited time to allow her to play only one hour during weekend. so that through week we can do other things. I love it so far.

  • Catherine

    Well it is kinda cool but my brother has castle crashers

  • MamaBear

    I have had a wii for about 2 years now, and I rarely play it because its boring. The wii fit, you pretty much stand in place on a board.. which makes the exercises ineffective. I had been doing the wii fit for 3 months, and felt I was getting a good work out. I tried the Kinect on my vacation this year. All I did was the test to measure where you are in your workout, and the TEST kicked my butt! I Loved it. My 3 year old bowled and had a blast! She even did Track and Field and loved it. She was also able to do the Adventures games (most of them). However, she has never understood the wii. I have tried buying games for her, all she does is swing the remote and hope it works. Whereas the Kinect, she Loves seeing herself, and feels like she is actually doing what the character on TV is doing. There are only a few games, But they are completely worth it. Just make sure the room you put the Kinect in has a lot of space!!!! I got home yesterday from vacation, and am going to trade my Wii in today for the Kinect!!!!

  • vanessa

    Hi I'm a 14 yr old teen with 2 smaller siblings a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old
    We really wanted to buy either a XBOX 360 or a NINTENDO WII.
    I really want to get the XBOX 360 KINECT but then there are more"family friendly"
    games for smaller children in WII…….Anyways Were really confused and could use your help
    What do you think is more suitable for us?
    thanks! :]

  • Jamie

    The xbox360 is the best gaming console on the market today. The games are better, the graphics are better, the controllers are better, and xbox live is the best. Kinect now makes it the best motion controlled gaming console on the market. I keep reading people saying that WII has way more games, though this may be true, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. WII is limited to only ONE MOTION. Back and forth is all you can do with the controller. Tennis, ping pong, bowling, etc., the only other thing is the fitness programs. Kinect on the other hand is limitless in what it can do. The games are coming out, being patient will pay off. You can run, jump, sway side to side, kick, punch (WII can only punch). The motion sensor sees your entire body. Believe me, after having WII for 3 months, you will have swung your arm way too often and will be so bored with the games repetitiveness that you will have it up for sale in no time.

    • Anyonoumus

      you are sooooo wrong. Now there is motion plus. Its astounding. put your hands behind your head. it works. spin around. it works. I LOVE WII!!!!

  • Belinda

    I bought a Wii ($279 with 5 games included) for my kids a month before Xmas but then changed my mind & exchanged it for a 250gb Xbox 360 with Kinect ($549 with two games).

    My kids are ranging in ages from 3-17. I have found that my older kids prefer the non-Kinect games (ie Black Ops) on the 360 and the games are too difficult & the body controls too finicky for younger kids. There are also hardly any games for it & some of the games are downright crap so now the frustrating wait until more are released. Plus some of the titles that have been released (Fighters Uncaged & Sonic) have been well & truly bagged.

    I have now (just two weeks later) decided that I made the decision – I really regret buying it & am kicking myself for getting sucked in. I have now bought a Wii as there are zillions of suitable games for all ages (particularly the younger kids – 10 & 3) to play.

    My two cents worth – don't bother with the Xbox Kinect – it's a lot of hype for not a very thrilling product.

  • Gabriel

    Dear Community.

    If you are considering buying a console, with children in mind. I would recommend the "Wii". The game library is huge. There is a mix of good and bad games. The bad games are really bad…but the good ones are amazing. The Wii seems to be more family friendly, with a lot of good games for young children. The graphic is not HD…but it won't bother you, unless your a geek for graphics. I would buy the Wii, and when the Kinect has all the flaws ironed out…you can buy the next generation Nintendo 🙂

    I could write 10 pages about why I would recommend the "Wii". But the conclusion would be the same. Buy the "Wii", and wait for the next gen motion consoles.

  • Please Help!

    Am having a hard decission on deciding the wii or Xbox Kinect for my 11 year old and my 4 year old….I know the wii has alot more games for a 4 year old am having a hard time to decide please Help………….

  • travelyn

    Darn it – i had a Wii on layby for my family for months before Kinect was released! Husband started ogling the Kinect but i have bad news for him…….At least the price of the Kinect and the game availability may come down before the Wii gets gifted entirely to the kids 🙂

  • yqs

    I got myself the Kinect bundle on the 4th day it was lauched in my country and I still love both.

    I can never give up Wii – when you swing the tennis racket / controller you can feel the vibration – I love that, whereas Kinect can't do this.

  • Artemis

    Definitely purchase the Kinect for XBOX. I have both systems and have had the chance to play the Wii extensively as i had purchased it during its initial release. I have owned the Kinect for about 2 weeks now and have had more fun playing the Kinect in this short time than I ever had with the Wii. The camera sensors react much more freely to your movement and you aren't bound by movement of a controller like you are with the Wii (Cheating games on the Wii, way to easy). More importantly, if you want your children to receive a healthier gaming experience the Kinect offers more movement in its games. I literally feel exhausted after some games such as the sports release. My fiancée loves it and she has also played the Wii as well. Even if that information isn't enough to convince you, we recently got my fiancées grandmother to play and she has a blast. So its fun for everyone and easy to use!

  • Daddy1

    Would also like to know which is best for a 6 and 3 yr old.


  • alsoamummy

    I'm wondering the same thing. I have young twin boys, and decided to go for the xbox 360 kinect over the wii. 🙂

    • mummy

      Alsoamummy, I haven't had much advice off here, done more research and ended up getting the Wii. There seems to be more games available for the young age group and I thought that once they are older and want something more advanced, there will probably be something newer and better on the market anyway. It is so hard when there are pros and cons with both.

      • Eric208963

        yeah it has a better variety

  • mummy2

    someone please answer mummy's question above. please….

  • mummy

    I am wanting to buy either a Wii or Xbox and Kinect for Chrismtas. I have a 5yr old and a 7yr old. what do you think would be the best for this age group (plus for myself with the fitness). My son loves Mariokart on his DS but I am thinking the Kinect is more up to date technology. Do you think there are enough games for the kinect for this young age group…. Thanks so much. I am a mum who has never had a game console and am so confused . Thanks


    I broke down and got the Kinect and to say its great is an understatement. I can move around alot more and not worry about controllers flying out of my hand. Just like wii it started off slow but wait I am sure they will come out with tons.

  • Para Noid

    I'm still doing a slow seethe @ Microsoft, who (it felt like) burnt me by coming out with 360 only months after I'd finally saved up to get original XBox 🙁
    can't help but wonder about the PRIVACY ISSUE – what if I'm at home playing my Kinect in the nude… (everybody bowls in the nude, don't they?) can someone hack into the camera's pointed at me??? (whether it be the perv up the road or someone at microsoft?)

  • Paul C

    Well I for one will definitely be purchasing a KINECT before Christmas. I think it has so much more to offer than a WII, better graphics, better gameplay, improved maneuverability.

    Imagine the fun you could have playing the master chief in Halo if Microsoft ever decide to release a version designed specifically for the KINECT !

    • stephen

      Oh? Well if your body is the remote and controls movement, how are you gonna shoot? Point at rhe acreen and go pew pew?

  • XBOX4Ever

    I mabey will get KINECT to my 360, bu tit isn't a Rip-off. I mean Wii uses a controler that can fly around if you dont have the band around your arm, but KINECT ueses cameras so you
    don't need to hold anything, but i still think you will break some things (but not so much).
    PS3 Move is absolutely a Rip-off, with a controler like a will but it's on ps3.

    This is only a opinion

  • Plain and simple. Sony and MS are running low on ideas, and decide to copy Nintendo’s awesome work. Nintendo should sue them both, but especially Sony. It’s basiclly the same thing, but with a different name, different look yet same general idea. Just watch, soon MS and Sony will copy 3D, because that’s all they can do. Nintendo will always be one step ahead of them both.

  • trasouley

    wiii is a pioneer in the motion control part. They were techincally the first to make motion control sucessful. Kinect will be a sucess, however, with a limited amount of games vs almost every system with motion control support , is going to be a real challege. Plus, how the hell are you going to play fps? wii's THE CONDUIT had proven how fps is possible on the wii ch cha

  • Klatu

    Move will FAIL as it is essentially a copy of the Wiimote. No ingenuity, no new features, just a carbon-copy ripoff. At least the Kinect manages some new functionality, like voice and facial recognition and a 3d camera as opposed to a 2d camera (a la the eyetoy and MS visioncam). While similar, the ingenuity clearly lies with M$. People will not flock to buy a PS3 for a Wiimote (move), unless they already own a PS3. Plus, sooo many people already have Wiis, the market is saturated. People may however buy a 360 for Kinect, as it offers more than just another Wii. That said, MS is charging way too much for the product, and has no launch titles aimed at their core demographic (20's to 30's). So in short, both will probably FAIL, do to lack of ingenuity (Sony) and failing to market to their bread and butter constituency (MS).

  • felipe vargas


  • William Gates

    Kinect is and always will be a massive…wait for it…FAIL.

    Move FTW

  • len mulaski

    um….I'm sorry…Ninten-WHO? 😉 I'm going to Gamestop tomorrow to ditch my Wiifit Balance Board before they don't accept them anymore! The Kinect is shaping up to be everything the Wii's motion control system has, and far more! No more will I have to literally balance on a balance board in order to exercise or play certain games! Why should you be confined to an area not much bigger than a college textbook when you can have an entire ROOM to move around in? Also, no longer will my wife, who I found out recently actually LIKES video games, be intimidated by the "too many buttons" aspect of conventional gaming. Those days will soon be gone as well.

    As far as the Wii itself goes, I think I'll be keeping that for a while, but I highly doubt that I'll be buying any more games for it. I think the cash will be better spent on saving up for some of the launch titles for Kinect. I already have an xbox 360 that I play more than the Wii anyway, so once the Kinect arrives the Wii will be placed in my "archive", along with my Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and Sony PS1 and 2.

    RIP Nintendo, the bell has tolled for you. Granted you'll live on for a while for the reason mentioned in this article…a larger library of titles (I'm not getting into the opinion here that quite a few of those have been termed "shovelware" for various reasons…take it for what you will). In time though, gamers at large that have not yet been exposed to the wonder that is the Xbox will realize that there is only ONE choice to be made, and many will do as I will. I finally broke down and purchased an xbox this past November…mostly to take advantage of the RPGs that were xbox-exclusive. I quickly came to realize that the xbox is superior in SO many more genres than RPGs, and am now the proud owner of over 50 xbox titles.

    In closing, I must ask MYSELF a question: "Will I miss Mario and Zelda? In a way, yes. But that's why I'll be keeping the Wii in storage. I won't mind buying 1 or 2 games every few years for it, but that sadly will be the extent of it. Nintendo, a few words of advice…stick to the DS, the only place where you don't have Microsoft to contend with (Windows phones excluded). WAIT, perhaps I spoke too soon…E3 2K11 is now less than a year away…it wouldn't surprise me in the least…hehehe…