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Xbox 360 Slim and PS3 Slim: Can we really call them Slim?

First came the Xbox 360 then came the Sony PS3, then the PlayStation 3 Slim followed a few years later. Now in 2010 Microsoft has put its games console on a diet and we will soon have the Xbox 360 Slim – but can we really call them slim, as they are not as thin as we all assumed they would be.

We do now want to take it away from Sony or Microsoft; they have done a good job packing all that technology in a smaller case. We know that Sony improved its graphics chip to one that offers increased performance while keeping power consumption and heat to a minimum.

When I saw the Sony PS3 Slim for the first time I did not know what to think of it – I had a hard time coming round to its design. I am afraid that I still get that vibe; I love the fact that it is smaller but I hate the finish. I still like the glossy black and stainless steel finish of the original PS3.

However, I think the total opposite of the Xbox 360 Slim – the original console is just a big lump of plastic packed with some great hardware. The new slim version looks much slicker and will be shouting to you on the store shelf – buy me.

I will admit that I prefer the Sony PS3 for my gaming needs, but I find myself falling in love with the sexy design of the Xbox slim. Do you think that both these deserve to be called slim?



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