Xbox 360 Slim and PS3 Slim: Can we really call them Slim?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 14, 2010

First came the Xbox 360 then came the Sony PS3, then the PlayStation 3 Slim followed a few years later. Now in 2010 Microsoft has put its games console on a diet and we will soon have the Xbox 360 Slim – but can we really call them slim, as they are not as thin as we all assumed they would be.

We do now want to take it away from Sony or Microsoft; they have done a good job packing all that technology in a smaller case. We know that Sony improved its graphics chip to one that offers increased performance while keeping power consumption and heat to a minimum.

When I saw the Sony PS3 Slim for the first time I did not know what to think of it – I had a hard time coming round to its design. I am afraid that I still get that vibe; I love the fact that it is smaller but I hate the finish. I still like the glossy black and stainless steel finish of the original PS3.

However, I think the total opposite of the Xbox 360 Slim – the original console is just a big lump of plastic packed with some great hardware. The new slim version looks much slicker and will be shouting to you on the store shelf – buy me.

I will admit that I prefer the Sony PS3 for my gaming needs, but I find myself falling in love with the sexy design of the Xbox slim. Do you think that both these deserve to be called slim?

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  • ieightmyfriends

    ps3 has 802.11n wifi to you tards its not only xbox 360 that has it with there new slim model, and ps3 has always had it Microsoft is just some stupid company that cant come up with their own ideas so they copy all the other companies.

  • dujuan67

    the new 360 is way better than ps3

  • Oktave

    For all I care they should be black square boxes with no lacker, chrome, whatever finish they put on it. This is for "look at my setup" lovers who get most of their kicks by showing off they're stuff to others. If they made a cheaper "no fihisn" version of them, I'd be the firsts to get them. It would probably be a lot easier to open/service and most wouldn't feel so bad when they scratch it or somth'n like that.
    The slimmer PS3 version is quieter and consumes less eletricity. Let's see if it's as reliable as my previous one.

  • Kyler

    sorry i meant to post my last comment as a reply to Tristan but my computer got jacked up so anyways i figured that might help u guys figure out where i was coming from when i made that comment so it dosnt seem like a random comment lol

  • Kyler

    yea it seems that way espically with the motion controls ive heared some reviews about the playstaion move and they havnt been all to positive and u still have to use a control which is basicly ripping off the Wii. I feel that a completly controless kincet for the 360 will have much better reviews and better overall ratings but as seeing as im not a real bias guy i have to take in the fact that microsoft has had a lot longer time devloping there motion control system with the playstaion move it seems like sony rushed it trying to get there product out b4 microsoft and i think if they would have waited maybe a month or two and devloped the playstaion move a little more it would have been compareable to kiect maybe quite possiably better than kinect

  • Kyler

    Who gives a f*** how it looks as long as it plays good im happy I also have played both systems and like them both but i didnt bother getting a PS3 becase microsoft did a better job with getting my attention (plus halo 3 kinda helped make my descion to lol) so in my view both original version look good in terms of size compared to their original size counter parts i also like the sleek style of the 360 slim and the fact thats its a glossy black instead of their trademark white (i have the feeling they choose black as a throwback to the original xbox)i also like how the PS3 slim looks more well should i say…. refined and mordern i mean were are at a day and age were everythings gotten smaller and more easy to use so the real question is why didnt both sony and microsoft make there consoloes smaller in the first place?

  • JEN

    ps 3 is better overall i guess but xbox does have the better games, for sure….

    • anony

      Aww thats bullcrap, my ps3 games keep me satisfied, stfu

  • orsan

    does xbox 360 slim graphics better the ps3?

  • Tristan

    everything ps3 makes xbox makes a better version

  • diego

    i have a xbox and a ps3 i think 360 would be better than ps3 cause i love their online gold for the great stuff u get and better games better controller and especially better wwit the new 1.
    360 rules.

  • kartos

    xbox 360 slim (a) xbox 360s real bullshit

  • Adamostrong

    x-box 360 slim is better because it has 802.11N wifi, fastest of any consol, 250 GBHD standard, its been proven to last longer than the ps3 while both playing COD, LOOKS BETTER, better online , 5 USB ports, kinect is way better than move, way better online features such as ESPN in HD and exclusive map packs.

    • reddy random

      i highly disagree because they stole the camera idea from sony

      • SirKasperTheMagnificent

        And just because EyeToy existed, Kinect stole from them? Herp, Derp to you, sir Reddy.

  • Dmeeks512

    Each time ps3 came out with a system, it was for the most part well thought out. And get this, with the new 360 design, it only limits overheating. When it gets hot it will MANUALLY SHUT OFF. Who the hell would want that in a video game console?? That means you could be getting ready to get a nuke for the first time in MW2 and at 24 kills the system gets hot and turns off. Wow. With PS3, I can leave my system on the entire day. No red ring. No overheating. People can say what they want but as far as I’m concerned PS3 is the better thought out system and Microsoft is trying to make their system better by stealing Sony ideas. PS3 is so under rated. If PS3 ever gets the game titles that 360 has, Xbox will be dead. To me that’s the only PS3 flaw. Not once has Sony ever had to copy anything from Microsoft.

  • Dmeeks512

    For you Xbox 360 lovers out there, tell me, if Xbox 360 is so much better than PS3, why does Microsoft keep stealing ideas from Sony?? Go back to the earlier models. For the Xbox 360s that even came with hard drives, they were 20gigs. PS3 came with 60gig. So what did Microsoft do? Make Xbox’s with 60gig hard drives. I'll admit the Xbox 360 Slim is nice, but it is a huge copy cat of the original PS3 system. All that’s missing is Blu-Ray and free online game play. First off, the touch sensitive power and eject buttons. Next, wifi. Microsoft are the idiots who created a present day system without wifi. So what did they do? Copy ps3 and have wifi built into their systems. And last but not least, the shiny black susceptible to fingerprint plastic cover is a huge steal. Microsoft does a poor job of planning. Even in the controllers. PS3 has a built in battery which is a huge money saver in the long run, while 360 plagues you to buy batteries to put in the controllers. More Below……….

    • lol

      As is PSM a direct copy of Wii, putting them out of business. Kinect is an indirect copy of PS2 Camera, though.

  • Dmeeks512

    Each time ps3 came out with a system, it was for the most part well thought out. And get this, with the new 360 design it only limits overheating. When it gets hot it will MANUALLY SHUT OFF. Who the hell would what that in a video game?? That means you could be getting ready to get a nuke for the first time in MW2 and at 24 kills the system gets hot and turns off. Wow. With ps3, I leave my system on the entire day. No red ring. No overheating. People can say what they want but as far as Im concerned ps3 is the better thought out system and microsoft is trying to make their system better by stealing sony ideas. If ps3 had the game titles that 360 had, xbox will be dead. To me thats the only ps3 flaw. Not once has sony ever had to copy anything from microsoft.

    • Dozer235

      First off, to ruin your little "Sony is innocent": If Sony copied from anyone it would be from Nintendo. Nintendo was the FIRST gaming system that has been around since FOREVER. LONG before Sony even existed they created the NES. What you're trying to say is Microsoft copied Sony's controllers, look, and aspects/features of the PS. That is completely untrue. I don't see one similarity in design between the PS3 Slim and the 360 Slim. They're both black. BIG DEAL! So is the latest Wii that's out. Why aren't you complaining about that? You probably have never even TOUCHED a 360 Slim, so before you bash it, try it out. Kthx.

      ALSO: If you TRIED a 360 Slim (which indeed you haven't) you would know that it does NOT overheat unless you're dumb and place 50 towels or other obstacles to block all the ventilation. The same goes for the PS3 Slim. Also, I'm not trying to bash the PS3 in any way. Infact, I'd LOVE to buy one. It's a well designed piece of hardware, just like the 360.

    • reddy random

      dude you are so right

  • Dmeeks512

    If xbox 360 is so much better than ps3, why does microsoft continue to keep stealing ideas from sony?? Go back to the earlier models. For the 360s that even had hardrives in the first place, it came with a 20gig. PS3 came with 60gig. So what did microsoft do? Make 360's with 60gig hard drives. I'll admit the xbox 360 slim is nice. But it is a huge copy cat of the original ps3. All its missing is blu-ray and free online play. First of all the touch sensitive power and eject buttons. Wtf?? next, wifi. Microsoft are the idoits who created a present day console without wifi. So what did they do? Copy ps3 and have wifi built in. And last but not least, the shiny black plastic fingerprint susceptible design is another steal. Come on now. I mean if xbox 360 is supposed to be better, why do they keep stealing sony ideas?? Microsoft does a poor job of planning. Even in the controllers. Ps3 has a battery built in which is a huge money saver in a long run. While xbox plagues you to buy batteries to put in the controllers. More Below……

  • scottsummers31

    @this isnt going to change anything. Most people who have been holding off on a 360 purchase because of the reliability issues likely have a PS3, and a large number of buyers will likely be existing owners upgrading for whats supposedly a quieter console. I dont buy MS installed base numbers, a lot of people bought new 360s bc their old ones bricked out of warranty. My cousin has had 3 in less then two years, Im pretty sure MS is counting these numbers. Also, a big portion of Sonys recent numbers are people switching from PS3 fat to slim. Worldwide the gap between the consoles is closing. Sony is the leader by a small margin in Europe and its no contest in Japan. Personally, I dont care about the 360, i dont need COD content on day one bc i dont play COD. Other then Mass Effect and some interest in the recent splinter cell, all the console exclusives i want/wanted are or will be on PS3: God of War, LBP, MGS4, Uncharted 1 and 2, Infamous, now there are starting to be a lot more extras coming out on Ps3 versions because of the added disc space. I also, want the console war to continue, Nintendo is not involved, since they are doing their own thing (my wii wil gather dust till Zelda launches), but with competition: Sony and MS keep striving for stellar console exclusives, largely from first parties, while keeping costs down and pushing innovation. A win for gamers, the same way the SNES vs. Genesis war was.

  • ChocolateBadger

    Seriously…Microsoft have really stepped up its game with the Xbox slim…Unlike Sony, Misrosoft are trying to make the xbox future pruff and the xbox will never have a blu ray drive aslong as the ps is around…Blu ray is a sony trademark. I take it they they have kept the tray because the tray cover give the Xbox cleaner lines and a cleaner finish. Im sorry if you disagree but the ps3 slim was really an atempt to make easy money and give the customer crap. The finish and feel of a ps3 slim is CHEAP! Microsoft have done the opposite. Xbox slim is better in built quility and performance with the new chipset. Thank you AMD, ATI and Microsoft for providing a REAL gaming consol for us TRUE gamers. 😉

  • manfid

    XBOX 1.0
    XBOX 1.1 add hdmi
    XBOX 1.2 add HD movies (now dead HD DVD)
    XBOX 1.3 try to fix RROD
    XBOX 1.4 add new dashboard
    XBOX 1.5 add piano black gloss, wifi, touch buttons

    – blu ray
    – built in battery/wireless controllers
    – free play online
    – built in power supply

    someday the xbox 2.0 or 3.0 will be released, a true next generation console, like the ps3 had been since day one.

    • Ed

      xbox lve wont ever become because the xbox live servers are manned so there for u pay for people to watch over the servers to make them hopefully not crash (not very well i must admit) but obviously the ps3 hasnt got manned severs there for making their online free and they get less actual console updates and i am not sure on the reliability of ps3 servers as i have never been online with 1 but i do see people complaining it takes them ages to find a match on a game like cod

      • Daemon

        Are fanboys just getting more stupid these days?

        Ed…first of all, XBOX LIVE doesn't even have servers let alone have "manned servers." What you pay towards LIVE is 100% profit for Microsoft. MOST games on XBOX 360 work on Peer 2 Peer connections meaning 1 person hosts the game and everyone else uses the hosts console to play the game.

        Playstation 3 on the other hand DOES have dedicated servers for games such as Killzone 2 supporting 32 players and Resistance 2 64 players.

        Developers such as EA have their own servers for both consoles for their own games.

        Do some research next time!

        Now that being said, I am a proud owner of a XBOX 360 Slim. It fits in nicely with my 60gb PS3 and my HDTV which are all glossy black finish 😀

        • Anonymous

          FINALLY! Someone ELSE who can actually own both consoles without having a heart attack!

        • lol

          So hes rich and can afford both.
          Listen, the Xbox uss the Microsoft official dedicated servers. They do have hosts because not all servers can be manned, which is a problem on games like L4D2 when people go AFK, but they run much faster than PS3 free servers
          See, play L4D2 on xbox and it says 'official dedicated' on the Public games.

  • SWEDiiSH

    Xbox finally went back to their original xbox vents rather than the crappy holes on the 360. Congratz to an air flow advancement

  • Josh

    Sony slim is beautiful compared to xbox slim, and im sorry but sony have the edge.

    • John

      Yea, plus the only vents you see on the PS3 slim are on the back. Even with those vents, I still barely notice my PS3 Slim is on. But with the 360 Slim, Microsoft claims that its quieter, and more realiable… Plus, do you look at your system when your playing games? Sure I want it to look good, but I don't look at my console when I'm playing games… I just care about the performence and power, which is obviously the PS3…

      • Anonymous

        You can't really say the PS3 slim is better than the 360 Slim if you haven't tried a 360 Slim. Microsoft has majorly improved their new model of the 360, making it quieter, more reliable, and solving the RRoD issues.

  • bob

    the 360 slim stinks. Sony got rid of touch buttons and glossy finish and 360 is getting it now. What a tray. How old is that. Even WII does not have that.

    • SirKasperTheMagnificent

       The reason that they have Trays, is that it’s much more reliable. Have you never heard about the Wii’s automatic input is much more harmful to the disk?

  • Obviously, we can call them slim if we're just talking about its physical appearance. Although, one should realize that its weight is a bit heavier than the old xbox 360. Probably, because of the goodies inside of it. All questions answered on xbox 360 slim

  • tuksta

    finally microsoft have made the console that they could have many years ago, much higher build quality, nicer looking and hopefully improved reliability. How have they done this? By making it more like the original ps3! i think it shows that microsoft are admitting what everyone new all along. they rushed out a botched, under developed and low quality product just to make a quick buck. Its now an option for people who want a classy high end product!

  • kevin

    Sony slim is ugly I will definitely get xbox 360 slim version.

    • gangsta

      what are you talking about the ps3 slim dont look ugly

  • blain

    Xbox 360 again makes the day! Sony your a big loser

    • reddy random

      well xbox took a ps3 idea

  • alex

    sony ps3 be dead soon poor guys.

  • Waldo

    Loos like the 360 slim has been crashed into be an APC! Anyway It makes sense for Microsoft to make a slimmer unit, it makes the SKU much cheaper to produce. sony has done a good job of doing this, and Microsoft mean to follow suit. It's just good business practice. Additionally, the rumour is that the new 360 will contain a wireless N adapter, as will a new 500gb PS3 (if you believe the rumors)!

    • TopGearDog

      Not happening. Who needs 500gb?

  • YESS it's just amazingg i've got to get ittttt


    microsoft are coyping of sony now just because the ps3 slim came out

    • W E L S H Y x

      Oh Yes And Sony Has Never Tried Anything Like That ? FFS We All Knew That A Slim Was Coming Of Both Versions Sony Just Won The Race Like MS Did Back In 05 ! Look At Kinect(Project Natal) Thats Being Released Along With The New Slim Xbox Sony Didn't Do That Though Did They? Stop Being A Fan Boy.. They Play The Same Fucking Games Just They Have Different Components

      • John

        What probably happened is that when Sony unveiled its Slim, and Mircosoft saw that PS3 sales went up 300%, which eventually beat Mircosoft in monthly sales. So, Microsoft thinks that if they make a Slim version of Xbox, that they will see the same rise in sales.

      • Ed

        I have a 360 and love it and i am getting the slim when it comes out but just to point out that the ps2 had the eyetoy which is natal just a much crapyier version but that does mean xbox have copyed. but tbh if u wanna suceed u gotta take a good idea and take them further just like microsft have done with both the slim and natal

  • Yes they do deserve their Slim titles because they are Slimmer versions of what they used to be.

  • caos285

    360 slim is ugly it luks like it got melted and beat up

    • Anonymous

      Well there's something you have in common! 🙂

    • bob

      ur a twat