Twitter: Piers Morgan vs. Larry King today and in one-year

There are those of you who will be wondering why we would be talking about Piers Morgan and Larry King, well it has something to do with the fact that the ratings of the 76-year-old broadcaster could be replaced by the younger Morgan. If this were to happen then we could see an affect on both men’s Twitter followers.

Currently Piers Morgan has just 29,464, while King has 1,642,359. If this rumor turn out to be true then we could see Piers Morgan’s followers jump at an alarming rate – although he has started to gain more lately because he has been active over this past year. However, it is the next year that could make Morgan a household name in the U.S.

The Daily Star has learned that sources told The Daily mail that bosses at the CNN studio have been looking for someone to revamp the Larry King Show, due to a decline in ratings year-on-year.

If this does happen it will be a gradual thing, King will be moved to a weekend slot then replaced altogether. Do you think that Pier Morgan should replace Larry King? Will you follow Morgan on Twitter if he does?

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  • Susan

    Ask Mr.Trump what would he do about all the elligal working in Vegas & the border.

  • Piers morgan kissed oprahs ass- lets see what he does with howard stern

  • Marie

    Is this true? If so, I will miss him but I think his family really needs him home.


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