Sprint: Full Details Regarding Data Throttling and Unlimited Cap

By Jamie Pert - Jun 14, 2010

Earlier today we posted an article regarding Sprint throttling their data network, at the time of our last post it seemed as if Sprint could perhaps be planning to throttle all of their customers, however upon further inspection this is not the case.

The image which caused the confusion (seen here) was infact talking about options for business users, therefore was completely out of context.

This basically allows business to restrict employees data usage, which could save them a lot of money if employees are unrighteously using excessive amounts of data per month.

If you were worried that your HTC EVO 4G could be affected you do not need to worry (unless it is a business handset), a Sprint customer service representative recently reaffirmed that the current monthly cap is 5GB, and Sprint would only throttle you if you exceed this amount three months in a row.

If you have purchased the $10 add on there is no excessive usage plan, therefore Sprint will never throttle your speeds, which is great for HTC EVO 4G users who plan to use the WiMAX network to it’s full potential.

Sorry for the inaccuracies in our earlier post, I hope that this post has cleared things up.

Source: Engadget

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